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Timeline of Google Cloud Platform

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== Timeline ==
* '''April 2008''' – [[Google App Engine]] was released as a preview.<ref>{{cite web|url=|title=Introducing Google App Engine + our new blog |publisher=Google Developer Blog |date=2008-04-07 |accessdate=2014-04-05}}</ref>
* '''October 18, 2016''' - [[Nomulus]] announced
* '''February 2017''' -
==Full timeline==
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| 2000 || || Prelude || [[|]], the parent company of the as yet nonexistent AWS, begins work on, an e-commerce platform intended for use by other large retailers such as [[wikipedia:Target Corporation|Target Corporation]]. In the process, Amazon's team realizes that they need to decouple their code better, with cleaner interfaces and access APIs. Around the same time, the company also realizes the need to build infrastructure-as-a-service internally, to improve the speed of development and not have it bottlenecked by infrastructure availability. All these changes help pave the way for AWS.<ref>{{cite web|url =|title = How AWS came to be|date = July 2, 2016|accessdate = December 4, 2016|publisher = ''[[wikipedia:TechCrunch|TechCrunch]]''|last = Miller|first = Ron}}</ref><ref name=medium-jassy>{{cite web|url =|title = Exclusive: The Story of AWS and Andy Jassy’s Trillion Dollar Baby. As the late Stuart Scott would say "AWS has created so much value it’s ridiculous".|last = Furrier|first = John|date = January 29, 2015|accessdate = December 4, 2016}}</ref>