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=== New timeline ===
* [[Timeline of Y Combinator]] ('''tentative payment accepted''') ('''I only included three accelerators as competitors. I'm planning to go deeper in the subject in the [[Timeline of startup accelerators]]. Let me know if you want more discussion on competition on this timeline''').
* [[Timeline of Médecins Sans Frontières]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of pollution]] (tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of online food delivery]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of OpenAI]] (Tentative payment accepted)
== Not ready ==
* [[Timeline of pollution8chan]] ** Add a row on 2ch (expansion2chan): the very original inspiration for 4chan ✔** Add more on tort law references/details to the discussion and media coverage around August 5 after Cloudflare shut the site down, and make clear that Frederick Brennan explicitly thinks the site should be shut down (there's a tweet by him but that tweet doesn't say everything) ✔** Coverage of the Epik/BitMitigate/Voxility controversy after Cloudflare stopped serving 8chan ✔** Coverage of Tucows as domain registrar for 8chan ✔** Is there more we can say about the role kinds of torts boards and topics that are covered in controlling pollution (this includes both general development 8chan, and how they differ from 4chan? In particular, it would be good to have more coverage of the aspects of 8chan that aren't the law and its application most controversial ('''8chan more controversial character in individual legal jurisdictionscomparison to 4chan is explained, departing from their similar nature''')* [[Timeline of Y Combinatorstartup accelerators]]*[[Timeline of CloudFlare]]* Maybe a few rows on the pre-YC life [[Timeline of the key partners, esp. Paul Graham and Jessica LivingstonTumblr]]*[[Timeline of 5G]]* Row for Sam Altman joining as a YC partner? ✔[[Timeline of Pinterest]] (expansion)* [[Timeline of Airbnb]] (expansion)*[[Timeline of Slack]] (expansion)* The launch [[Timeline of Hacker News Reddit]] (newsExpansion.ycombinator.comAsk Issa for feedback) and more information on its role in the Y Combinator ecosystem ✔** Row for Y Combinator batch that had Reddit ✔[[Timeline of WikiLeaks]]** Row There are two rows from 2010 for Quora being a late YC joiner ✔Thai government blocking WikiLeaks access to the country (August 18 and November 29). Did this happen twice? Or is one of the dates wrong?** You It seems like Julian Assange is the only prominent person you mention that ACLU is a YC consultant but not that ALCU joined at WikiLeaks -- are there other people? Probably, more on the YC batch as team at WikiLeaks may be worth mentioning. It probably isn't all a nonprofit too ✔one-man show, right?** More on nonprofits that joined YC (80The domain censorship,000 Hours, Centre for Effective Altruism) ✔and the switch from to✔ should be discussed ** Imagine K12Switch to HTTPS should also be mentioned** Rows for competitionWhat was the software stack they were using, and how is it changing over time? i.e., other startup accelerators that have similar models, or models that are different in some key ways** Y Combinator's release Some of application videos ✔ at https://wwwyour leaks only reference org, and thereit's also a fuller list at https://mittalrohitprobably better to reference the actual leak files as well as third-party coverage rather than just* [[Timeline * There should probably be some discussion of Wikileaks]]Assange's dead man's switch for WikiLeaks? ✔
* [[Timeline of bicycle transportation]]
* [[Timeline of food and nutrition in India]]
** Voice over IP calling ✔
** Wi-Fi calling (for both timelines) ✔
** The nature of mobile phone voice and data plans, and how these have evolved over time - . ** Cellular connectivity in underground areas, such as subways (see some example events in - ) ✔ ** Move to IPv6 - ** tethering and hotspots created by mobile phones are worth mentioning, maybe in both timelines )** tethering and hotspots created by mobile phones are worth mentioning, maybe in both timelines '''Expansion started on 25 June 2019'''‎
* [[Timeline of Wi-Fi]] (expand):
** Wi-Fi calling (for both timelines) ✔
** Google Wi-Fi ✔, e.g., Starbucks moving from AT&T to Google Wi-FI ✔
** tethering and hotspots created by mobile phones are worth mentioning, maybe in both timelines ) ✔ ** '''Expansion started on 23 July 2019'''
* [[Timeline of Neuralink]]
* [[Timeline of food and nutrition in Netherlands]]
* [[Timeline of Delhi metro]]
* [[Timeline of Reliance Industries]]* [[Timeline of Docomo]]* [[Timeline of Infosys]]* [[Timeline of Tata Group]]
* [[Timeline of Cochrane]]
* [[Timeline of Helen Keller International]]
== Pending timeline ==
* [[Timeline of Huawei]]
* [[Timeline of mycology]] (Agreed on 30 April 2018) []
* [[Timeline of private health insurance]]
Note: Vipul use ✘ for works you are not interested in (quicker than using strikes).
* [[Timeline of desktop computers]]?* [[Timeline of Apple]]?* [[Timeline of TMall]]? ([ Among the Top 10 Most Popular Sites of 2019] Also "the world's second biggest e-commerce website after Taobao, it has over 500 million monthly active users, as of February 2018. It is the world's seventh most visited website according to Alexa")* [[Timeline of Baidu]]? ([ Among the Top 10 Most Popular Sites of 2019])* [[Timeline of Tencent QQ]] ([ is among the Top 10 Most Popular Sites of 2019])* [[Timeline of Taobao]] ([ Among the Top 10 Most Popular Sites of 2019])* [[Timeline of Youtube]]?* [[Timeline of the Indian Space Research Organisation]]?* [[Timeline of the China National Space Administration]]?* [[Timeline of Blue Origins]]?* [[Timeline of clinical trials]]?* [[Timeline of neurotechnology]]?* [[Timeline of fintech]] or [[Timeline of financial technology]]?
* [[Timeline of ecological economics]]?
* [[Timeline of sustainability]]?
* [[Timeline of telemedicine]]? (or telehealth)
* [[Timeline of Google Brain]]? (expansion)
* [[Timeline of WhatsApp]]? (expansion)
* [[Timeline of CERN]]?
* [[Timeline of The Boring Company]]?
* [[Timeline of human nutrition]]?
* [[Timeline of the World Food Programme]]?
* [[Timeline of startup accelerators]]? ([], [], [], [], [])
* [[Timeline of Wikipedia]]?
* [[Timeline of Google X]]

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