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Timeline of Tata Group

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| 1958 || || Subsidiary launch || [[w:TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited|Tata Refractories Limited]] is founded.<ref>{{cite web |title=TRL KROSAKI Refractories Limited |url= | |accessdate=20 September 2019}}</ref> || {{w|Refractories}} || [[w:TRL Krosaki Refractories Limited|Tata Refractories Limited]]
| 1961 || || {{w|Joint venture}} || {{w|Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery}} is founded as a {{w|joint venture}} company between Tata Motors Ltd and {{w|Hitachi Construction Machinery}} of Japan.<ref>{{cite web |title=Tata Hitachi |url= | |accessdate=20 September 2019}}</ref> Its product lineup includes a range Table of excavators.<ref>{{Cite webContents for Industry Focus - Excavators |url=|title=Construction Opportunities %20Opportunities%20- Tata Hitachi Excavators|last=|first=|date=%20Tata%20Hitachi%excavators |website=Construction |url-status=live|archive-url=|archive-date=|access-dateaccessdate=30 November 8 December 2019}}</ref> || Construction || {{w|Tata Hitachi Construction Machinery}}
| 1962 || || Subsidiary launch || {{w|Tata Tea}} is incorporated as Tata Finlay Ltd with technical and financial collaboration with James Finlay & Co. Ltd. from {{w|Glasgow}}, a leading Scottish trading company in the {{w|British Empire}}.<ref name="The Complete Story"/><ref name="Tata Group"/><ref name="Tata Global Beverages Ltd.">{{cite web |title=Tata Global Beverages Ltd. |url= | |accessdate=18 October 2019}}</ref> || ||

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