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Timeline of Tata Group

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| 1917 || || Subsidiary launch || {{w|Tata Sons}} is registered as a private limited company.<ref name="A brief history of the Tata Group"/> It is the {{w|holding company}} of the {{w|Tata Group}} and holds the bulk of shareholding in the Tata group of companies including their land holdings across India, tea estates and steel plants.<ref>{{cite news |last1=Subramanian |first1=N |title=Trusting the family: a short history of Tata sons ownership |url= |accessdate=19 November 2019|publisher=Business Standard}}</ref> || || {{w|Tata Sons}}
| 1918 || || Trust launch || The Sir Ratan Tata Trust is established in accordance with directives of Sir Ratan Tata's will. The trust operates in five areas: basic and advanced (postgraduate) education, primary and preventive health, rural livelihoods and communities, arts and culture, and public initiatives.<ref name="The Tata Trusts"/> || {{w|Philanthropy}} ||
| 1919 || || Leadership || Sir {{w|Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata}} dies, and the first of the Tata Trusts, the Sir Ratanji Tata Trust & Allied Trusts, is set up in accordance with his will.<ref name="The Complete Story"/> || ||

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