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Timeline of wild-animal suffering

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| 1487–1501 || || Publication || {{w|Leonardo da Vinci}} || Leonardo da Vinci laments the suffering experienced by wild animals due to predation and reproduction.<ref>{{Cite book|last=da Vinci|first=Leonardo|url=|title=The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci — Complete|date=2004-01-01|publisher=|year=|isbn=|location=1888|pages=|at=folio 1219|language=English|translator-last=Richter|translator-first=Jean Paul|quote=Why did nature not ordain that one animal should not live by the death of another? Nature, being inconstant and taking pleasure in creating and making constantly new lives and forms, because she knows that her terrestrial materials become thereby augmented, is more ready and more swift in her creating, than time in his destruction; and so she has ordained that many animals shall be food for others. Nay, this not satisfying her desire, to the same end she frequently sends forth certain poisonous and pestilential vapours upon the vast increase and congregation of animals; and most of all upon men, who increase vastly because other animals do not feed upon them; and, the causes being removed, the effects would not follow. This earth therefore seeks to lose its life, desiring only continual reproduction; and as, by the argument you bring forward and demonstrate, like effects always follow like causes, animals are the image of the world.}}</ref>

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