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** {{w|California Electronic Waste Recycling Act}} has no explanation -- fix that!
** The current big picture mixes multiple levels of granularity -- maybe separate into highlights by century and highlights by decade? Similar to what I did for [[timeline of AI safety]].
** Sebastian: Add from {{w|List of waste disposal incidents}} and {{w|Category:Waste disposal incidents}}.
* [[Timeline of OpenAI]] (started February 23, 2020)
** For the staff changes, '''I also suggest labeling all these rows "Team"✔ instead of "Staff" so that they fit well for both staff and board changes.''' (Please also update the guidance in the sample questions section accordingly). Also, please keep only those rows for which there is more context or information beyond just a person joining or leaving. And include more details on why and how it's significant, in the timeline row itself. By the way, it is better to point readers to [ Org Watch] for a complete, systematic list of who joined when.

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