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** Domain names: When talking about the original registration of and, you should mention that these are different organizations than the GiveWell of this page✔
** compare [ this] and [ this] it looks like GiveWell acquired the domain between April 23 and May 25, 2010; I can't pinpoint a more precise date, but it would be worth adding this row even with the imprecise time range✘(both links lead to no information).
** Similarly, see if you can use the Wayback Machine to find out when GiveWell acquired and set it to redirect to I asked for help to the GiveWell Community group on Facebook[])
** For the 2019 board membership changes it would be good to have a single, consolidated row that describes the controversy around the board membership changes, and discussion of it
** For other board membership and staff changes, my suggestion would be to only keep changes for which something more can be said than just the name of the person joining. For instance, if GiveWell did a blog post about the role and filling it in. Or if the person would later do something significant, or would end up staying at GiveWell for a long time period. '''I also suggest labeling all these rows "Team"✔ instead of "Staff" so that they fit well for both staff and board changes.''' And include more details on why and how it's significant, in the timeline row itself. By the way, it is better to point readers to [ Org Watch] for a complete, systematic list of who joined when.✔