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| 2020 || May || || "In May 2020, {{w|Serco}} accidentally shared the personal email addresses of nearly 300 trainee [[COVID-19]] [[contact tracing|contact tracer]]s."<ref>{{cite news |work =BBC News|title=Coronavirus: Serco apologises for sharing contact tracers' email addresses|url=|first =Ross|last =Hawkins|date =20 May 2020}}</ref> ||
| 2020 || June 1 || || {{w|Immuni}}<ref>{{cite web |title=IMMUNI APP available for downloading on the APPLE and GOOGLE stores |url= | |access-date=6 December 2020}}</ref> “Italy launches COVID-19 contact-tracing app amid privacy concerns”<ref name="Streita">{{cite web |last1=Staff |first1=Reuters |title=Italy launches COVID-19 contact-tracing app amid privacy concerns |url= |website=Reuters |access-date=20 January 2021 |language=en |date=1 June 2020}}</ref> || {{w|Italy}}
| 2020 || June 5 || || "The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has revealed that it has developed a Covid-19 contact-tracing application that will be deployed in all its locations across the country”<ref name="lppnopsco">{{cite web |title=NNPC Develops Covid-19 Contact Tracing App |url= | |access-date=20 January 2021 |language=en}}</ref> ||