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=== New timeline ===
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* [[Timeline of contact tracing in the COVID-19 pandemic]] (Return if want more content)
** I don't see launch events for the contact tracing apps in South Korea and Vietnam; the first events I see are for things happening well after launch. Can you check on launch dates?✔
** I would love to see more events under "Userbase"✔, "Education"✔, and "Performance"✔ -- in particular "Performance"; in particular wherever possible, when we sort/group by country, we should be able to get a mini-timeline starting with mobile app launch / protocol integration, then going on to userbase and performance. Or something similar.
** I'm wondering if instead of a summary by year we should use smaller time periods over which to have rows? There's probably two or three periods within 2020 (initial surge, then second half of the year before vaccines) and then 2021 is the vaccine rollout period.✔
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