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=== Returned with feedback ===
* [[Timeline of contact tracing in the COVID-19 pandemic]]
** Vipul: Please use consistent capitalization for COVID-19 (it appears as Covid-19 a lot of the places) and also for Exposure Notification (it appears with different capitalization styles).
** Vipul: Do a careful read-through for spelling, grammar, and other issues. I fixed a few as I read along but I noticed a few more while reading that I didn't get around to fixing.
* [[Timeline of cognitive biases]] (Requested on January 6, 2020)
** Issa: "1753: the anthropomorphism row has "availability bias" in the bias type column. Is that because anthropomorphism is a kind of availability bias (human-like models come to mind more easily?) or should that instead say anthropomorphism?"✔ (Sebastian:I removed the bias type till I'm certain)