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** Issa: 1979, ultimate attribution error: I am a little confused by the "first established", since there is already an earlier row talking about it. Was it just a formalization before that was "not established" in some sense?✔ Sebastian: The row in 1976 describes an event prior to Pettigrew's formalization (1979) of the bias.
** Issa: 1979, planning fallacy probably should have a "Belief, decision-making and behavioral" in the second column?✔
** Issa: This is probably going to take a whole bunch of work, but eventually it would be nice if the rows containing specific studies that were conducted could mention whether the study has been replicated or not. ✘ (Sebastian: Can we leave this for a further expansion round?. I can leave this feedback on the What the timeline is still missing section of the timeline in the meantime.)
** Issa: I haven't gotten there yet in the timeline, but eventually talking about how the heuristics and biases literature became more mainstream would be good (through popular nonfiction books for lay audiences, blog posts, etc). For example I was introduced to this stuff via LessWrong, and I remember that a few years later my dad bought and showed me the book "Brain Bugs" which covers similar territory. Maybe this topic deserves a separate timeline though.
** Issa: 1986, bizarreness effect: I'm confused by this row because the two columns on the right seem to be saying opposite things. ✔ (Sebastian: The bizarreness effect has been disproved several times).