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  • * <b id="csdoc_url">url</b>: URL of an online location where the {{#if:{{{media|}}}|media|text of the public ...ed in a physical medium). Note that '''access-date''' is the date that the URL was checked to not just be working, but to support the assertion being cite
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  • ...original 'for _, val in pairs do' and a similar version that used ipairs. With the pairs version the order of evaluation could not be guaranteed. With the ipairs version, a nil value would terminate
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  • ...andbox', '/[Tt]estcases'}; -- list of Lua patterns found in page names of pages we should not categorize ['interview'] = 'Interview with $1',
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  • {{For|help with citation templates|Help:Citation Style 1}} ...ote (typography)|footnotes]]. This how-to does not cover the formatting of citations within the Footnotes section, which is reviewed in [[Wikipedia:Citing sourc
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  • ...ommercial use of the internet was lifted in 1991.<ref name=":2">{{Cite web|url=|title=NSFNET - The Internet L ...with Overture/, in the context of search), ad exchanges (starting with OpenX), popup ads (by Ethan Zuckerman of, and behavioral target
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  • ;To cite a press release with a credited author <code><nowiki>{{cite press release |last= |first= |date= |title= |url= |location= |publisher= |agency= |access-date=</nowiki>{{CURRENTYEAR}}-{{CU
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  • ...actsheets/2003/fs211/en/| archivedate= 5 May 2009 <!--DASHBot-->| deadurl= no}}</ref> ** Sort the full timeline by "Event type" and look for the group of rows with value "{{w|Epidemic}}".
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  • ...ns. If an article is already using a reasonably consistent type of inline citations, and you want to change the style (either ''to'' or ''from'' this type), th {{#ifeq:{{{1}}}|sfn|In a section for citations, usually under the heading '''Notes''':
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  • ...ra|archiveurl}} parameters for linking to an archive copy. Non-{{tl|cite}} citations can use {{tl|webarchive}}. ...e a note by the URL and add the article to one of the [[:Category:Articles with dead external links]] categories.
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  • ...a|Lua]] code as [[help:Citation Style 1|citation style 1 (CS1)]] templates with parameters to change the displayed format to [[help:Citation Style 2|citati ...default; either type of template can use periods (full stops) or commas by using an optional parameter. Also, this template by default generates anchors for
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