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This is a '''timeline of {{w|5G}}''', the fifth generation {{w|cellular network}} technology.
This is a '''timeline of {{w|5G}}''', the fifth generation {{w|cellular network}} technology.
== Sample questions ==
The following are some interesting questions that can be answered by reading this timeline:
==Big picture==
==Big picture==

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This is a timeline of 5G, the fifth generation cellular network technology.

Sample questions

The following are some interesting questions that can be answered by reading this timeline:

Big picture

Time period Cellular network generation Development summary
1979–1991 1G Exclusive period of the first generation of wireless cellular technology.
1991–1998 2G
1998–2009 3G
2009–2019 4G
2019 onwards 5G 5G is first deployed in SouthKorea.

Full timeline

Year Month and date Event type Details Country/location
2008 April NASA partners with Geoff Brown and Machine-to-Machine Intelligence (M2Mi) Corp to develop 5G communications technology.[1] United States
2012 August New York University founds NYU WIRELESS, a multi-disciplinary academic research center that has conducted pioneering work in 5G wireless communications.[2][3][4] United States
2012 October 8 The UK's University of Surrey secures £35million for a new 5G research center, jointly funded by the British government's UK Research Partnership Investment Fund (UKRPIF) and a consortium of key international mobile operators and infrastructure providers, including Huawei, Samsung, Telefonica Europe, Fujitsu Laboratories Europe, Rohde & Schwarz, and Aircom International. It aims at offering testing facilities to mobile operators keen to develop a mobile standard that uses less energy and less radio spectrum while delivering speeds faster than current 4G with aspirations for the new technology to be ready within a decade.[5][6][7][8] United Kingdom
2012 November 1 The EU project "Mobile and wireless communications Enablers for the Twenty-twenty Information Society" (METIS) starts its activity towards the definition of 5G. METIS achieves an early global consensus on these systems. In this sense, METIS plays an important role of building consensus among other external major stakeholders prior to global standardization activities. This is done by initiating and addressing work in relevant global fora (e.g. ITU-R), as well as in national and regional regulatory bodies.[9] European Union
2012 November The iJOIN EU project is launched, focusing on "small cell" technology, which is of key importance for taking advantage of limited and strategic resources, such as the radio wave spectrum. According to Günther Oettinger, the European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society (2014–2019), "an innovative utilization of spectrum" is one of the key factors at the heart of 5G success. Oettinger further describes it as "the essential resource for the wireless connectivity of which 5G will be the main driver".[10] European Union
2013 May 12 Samsung Electronics announces development of a "5G" system. The core technology has a maximum speed of tens of Gbit/s (gigabits per second). In testing, the transfer speeds for the "5G" network sends data at 1.056 Gbit/s to a distance of up to 2 kilometers with the use of an 8*8 MIMO.[11][12] South Korea
2013 July India and Israel agree to work jointly on development of fifth generation (5G) telecom technologies.[13] India, Israel
2013 October 1 NTT (Nippon Telegraph and Telephone), the same company to launch world's first 5G network in Japan, wins Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award at CEATEC for 5G R&D efforts[14] Japan
2013 November 6 Huawei announces plans to invest a minimum of $600 million into R&D for next generation 5G networks capable of speeds 100 times faster than modern LTE networks.[15] China
2016 July The United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC) frees up vast amounts of bandwidth in underused high-band spectrum for 5G. The Spectrum Frontiers Proposal (SFP) doubles the amount of millimeter-wave unlicensed spectrum to 14GHz and creates four times the amount of flexible, mobile-use spectrum the FCC has licensed to date.[16] In March 2018, European Union lawmakers agreed to open up the 3.6 and 26 GHz bands by 2020.[17] United States
2018 May STC Group launches its first live 5G network in Saudi Arabia (The first in the MENA region) after completing the testing and trial phase.[18] Saudi Arabia
2019 February A team of doctors at Hospital Clinic Barcelona carries out the world’s first 5G-powered telementored operation (removal of a cancerous tumor from a patient's colon), with surgeon overseeing the procedure at over three miles away.[19][20] Spain
2019 March The Global Mobile Suppliers Association releases the industry's first database tracking worldwide 5G device launches.[21]
2019 March 30 Deployment Shanghai starts both 5G coverage and broadband gigabit network trial runs, backed by Chinese telecom giant China Mobile.[22][23] China
2019 April 3 South Korea becomes the first country to adopt 5G.[24] Just hours later, Verizon launches its 5G services in the United States.[25] Back in South Korea, the three main telecommunication companies (SK Telecom, KT and LG Uplus) add more than 40,000 users to their 5G network on the launch day.[26] South Korea
2019 April Samsung announces having started mass production for its 5G chips. Among the new chip offerings is the Exynos Modem 5100, which contains a 5G multi-mode chipset.[27] South Korea
2019 May 24 Australian network operator Telstra launches limited 5G services in ther country with a device that customers can use to connect other devices.[28] Australia
2019 May 30 Deployment Mobile network operator EE Limited launches first 5G consumer mobile network in the United Kingdom in select locations in London, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester.[29][30][31][32] United Kingdom
2019 May 30 Emirati multinational Etisalat launches 5G commercial service in the United Arab Emirates, along with ZTE 5G smartphone.[33][34][35] United Arab Emirates
2019 June 5 Batelco becomes the first to launch a commercial 5G network in Bahrain.[36][37][38] Bahrain
2019 June 6 Huawei signs a deal with Russian network provider MTS to develop a 5G network in the country over the next year.[39][40][41] China, Russia
2019 June 15 Deployment Huawei and Vodafone roll out in collaboration the first commercial 5G mobile services in Spain, making it one of the first European countries with the ultrafast mobile network in Europe.[42][43] Spain
2019 June 19 Deployment STC Group becomes the first operator to launch 5G commercial services in Saudi Arabia, making it available to customers in a number of cities in the Kingdom.[44] The service uses Ericsson commercial hardware.[45][46] Saudi Arabia
2019 June 27 Ericsson and Romanian operator RCS & RDS launch Romania’s first 5G commercial service in the busiest parts of Bucharest.[47] Romania
2019 June South Korea has over one million 5G subscribers.[48] South Korea
2019 June American tech company Qualcomm starts construction on a 5G center in Taipei.[49] 5G service is expected to be available in Taiwan by January 2020, according to Vice Premier Chen Chi-mai.[50] Taiwan
2019 July 9 Deployment Monaco Telecom launches its 5G network covering the entire city area in conjunction with the presentation of the commercial offer.[51][52] Monaco
2019 July 16 SK Telecom and Swisscom launch 5G roaming services for Koreans visiting Switzerland.[53][54][55] Switzerland
2019 July 18 Verizon announces 5G hotspot, the Inseego 5G MiFi M1000, at a cost of around US$600.[56][57]
2019 July 26 Telecom Italia and Vodafone agree to merge their mobile tower infrastructure and to jointly roll out 5G in Italy.[58][59] Italy
2019 August 5 ZTE releases the first 5G phone in China with the launch of the Axon 10 Pro 5G t, which comes equipped with a 6.47-inch 1080p AMOLED display, and will use one of Qualcomm’s first generation X50 5G modems to connect to China’s upcoming 5G wireless network.[60][61] China
2019 August 5 Ericsson and Vodafone launch in Germany a commercial 5G network using Ericsson products and solutions, with their sights set on bringing 5G to 20 million people in the country by the end of 2021.[62] Germany
2019 August 6 Deployment AT&T rolls out limited 5G in parts of New York City, but only accessible to business customers and developers. As of date, AT&T lags behind Verizon, which offers 5G services in nine cities.[63][64][65][66] United States
2019 August 8 Deployment Ericsson and Tele2 launch Russia's first 5G zone in central Moscow. Ericsson provides the equipment for the network, which is run by Tele2.[67][68][69] Russia
2019 September 1 Deployment Huawei deploys 5G In Russia.[70] Russia
2019 September 2 French telecommunications provider Iliad SA announces partnership with Nokia as for 5G network deployments in France and Italy.[71][72][73] France, Italy
2019 September 3 Samsung announces the launch of its first SoC that integrates 5G connectivity. The device, called Exynos 980, combines a 5G modem and mobile application processor into one chip, thus increasing power efficiency and occupying less space within smartphones compared to older generation SoCs.[74][75][76][77]
2019 September 5 Verizon launches 5G in National Football League stadiums across the United States, with 13 expected to be live by the start of the 2019-20 football season. Attendees would still need to have a 5G compatible phone to access the 5G networks, which can download data 10 to 100 times faster than the average 4G LTE connection.[78][79][80][81][82] United States
2019 September 6 American company Qualcomm announces expansion of its 5G modems across its Snapdragon 8 series, 7 series and 6 series processors.[83][84] United States
2019 September 9 Several hundred people demonstrate in The Hague against the arrival of 5G mobile phone networks in the Netherlands, and call for the government to reduce the level of permitted radiation from the new generation mobile phones, improve privacy regulations and assess the effect on the climate.[85] Netherlands
2019 September 9 Samsung announces partnership with SK Telecom to develop and commercialize the world's first 8K-5G TV. The device is expected to offer ultra-high resolution screen that is also capable of extremely fast connection speeds, enabling users to download VR and other data-heavy content.[86][87] South Korea
2019 September 16 Qualcomm announces full acquisition of RF360 (a joint venture between TDK and Qualcomm) in order to boost content in 5G smartphones.[88][89][90][91]
2019 September 18 Deployment South African data-only operator Rain launches a commercial 5G wireless home broadband service in parts of Johannesburg and Tshwane, the first 5G network in the country.[92][93][94] South Africa
2019 September 19 Handset launch Huawei launches a new 5G flagship smartphone lineup without pre-installed Google-licensed apps.[95][96] China
2019 October 8 Contract Ericsson is selected by service provider Telia as its sole 5G radio access network (RAN) vendor for Telia's next-generation nationwide network in Norway. 5G rollouts are expected to start in 2020 and extend through 2023.[97][98] Norway
2019 October Deployment Irish broadband telecommunications company Eir launches 5G in Ireland with help from Ericsson’s 5G core. The network is expected to cover up to 110 towns and cities around the country in a number of weeks.[99] Ireland
2019 November 1 Deployment China state carriers China Mobile (CHL), China Telecom (CHA) and China Unicom (CHU) formally announce the rollout of 5G service, laying out their price plans and data speeds. All three offer 5G plans that start at 128 yuan (US$18) for 30 GB of data per month.[100][101][102] China
2019 November 11 Contract Kuwaiti mobile telecommunications company Zain Group announces having selected Ericsson to build its 5G network in Bahrain, with the first commercial 5G services expected to go live before the end of 2019.[103] Bahrain
2019 November 14 Contract MTN South Africa selects Ericsson as a 5G network modernization vendor. Ericsson would supply 5G products and solutions from its Radio Access Network (RAN), transport and Core portfolios, with commercial rollout expected to start in 2020.[104] South Africa
2019 November 15 Samsung Electronics, Hewlett Packard Enterprise and software vendor Openet announce the successful integration of a cloud-native 5G standalone (SA) Core with multivendor interoperability. The test features the integration of Samsung’s control, user plane network function, and orchestrator with HPE’s shared data environment and network functions, and Openet’s cloud-native network functions software. A 5G SA core would allow operators to offer many of the new services considered paramount to 5G, including network slicing, mobile edge computing, analytics driven by artificial intelligence, and ultra-low latency networks.[105][106][107] South Korea
2020 July Deployment NTT DOCOMO plans to have 5G base stations in all 47 Japanese prefectures by this time.[108] Japan
2021 Spring Deployment NTT DOCOMO plans to reach a total of 10,000 5G base stations by this time.[108] Japan
2024 5G subscriptions are expected to reach 1.5 billion by this time, with US$301 billion in revenue, driven predominantly by high demand for faster speeds, according to September 2019 research from GlobalData. The Asia Pacific region is expected to be the biggest market.[109][110]

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