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This is a timeline of Amazon, an American electronic commerce and cloud computing company with headquarters in Seattle, Washington. For events related to Amazon Web Services, see Timeline of Amazon Web Services.


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Big picture

Key developments

Time period Key developments at Amazon
1994–1998 Amazon starts off as an online bookstore selling books, primarily competing with local booksellers and Barnes & Noble. It IPOs in 1997.
1998–2004 Amazon starts to expand its services beyond books. It also starts offering convenience services, such as Free Super Saver Shipping.
2005–2011 Amazon begins this period by offering Amazon Prime, an annual membership service that allows for free rapid delivery; this would be a game-changer for consumers over the next decade. The company also moves into the cloud computing area with Amazon Web Services, as well as the crowdsourcing area with Amazon Mechanical Turk. By being an early player, it eventually dominates the cloud computing scene, allowing it to control much of the physical infrastructure of the Internet.[1] Amazon also offers the Amazon Kindle for people to purchase their books as eBooks, and by 2010, more people buy ebooks than physical books off of Amazon.
2011–2015 Amazon starts offering streaming services like Amazon Music and Amazon Video, and enters the tablet and smartphone markets with the Amazon Fire and Fire Phone. By 2015, its market capitalization surpasses that of Walmart.
2016 onward Amazon maintains its status as the world's most valuable retailer, while growing its cloud computing division (Amazon Web Services) rapidly. It also enters the physical retail space more with the launch of Amazon Go and the acquisition of Whole Foods. The COVID-19 pandemic further cements Amazon's position, as people shift from physical retail toward ordering online.

Summary by year

Year Key developments a
1994 Amazon is founded.
1995 Amazon officially opens as an online bookseller.[2]
1996 Amazon reincorporates in Delaware.[3]
1997 Amazon has its initial public offering.[2]
1998 Amazon starts selling music CDs.[2]
1999 Amazon adds more product categories, such as toys, electronics and tools. Jeff Bezos is named Time Person of the Year.[2]
2000 Amazon introduces a service allowing individual sellers and other outside merchants to sell their products alongside Amazon’s own items.[2]
2001 Amazon enables its users to buy and sell used and new products.[4]
2002 Amazon introduces a service whereby people can sell second-hand books through the company’s website.[5] In this year, the company also starts venturing into clothing, partnering with several clothing companies and offering more than 400 brands online.[6]
2003 Amazon adds health and personal care items, sporting goods, and gourmet food.[7] "first full-year profit"[2]
2004 Amazon launches its search engine, Also in this year, Amazon enters the Chinese market by buying Joyo, the largest online seller of electronics and books in China.[6]
2005 Amazon Prime launches.[6]
2006 Amazon Simple Storage Service launches, and begins selling data storage.[4]
2007 Amazon launches its digital music service.[4] The company also debuts its Kindle e-reader in this year.[2]
2008 Amazon expands into film production, producing the film The Stolen Child with 20th Century Fox. The company acquires audiobooks company Audible.[6]
2009 Amazon launches Amazon Encore, its publishing line.[6]
2010 Amazon Studios launches.[3]
2011 Amazon launches a streaming service like Netflix as a part of its Prime package.[6]
2012 Amazon starts opening its internal computer servers to external clients.[8]
2013 Amazon announces plans for drone deliveries,[5] creating a delivery network.[9] The company also announces Amazon Prime Air, an initiative to develop a fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to digitize and automate its last-mile delivery process.[10] The first online shopping site in India by the company launches.[11]
2014 Amazon releases the Fire Phone, entering the smartphone market.[5]
2015 Amazon surpasses Walmart as the world’s most valuable retailer.[2] Also in this year Amazon Web Services becomes the world’s leading provider of Cloud infrastructure services.[5]
2016 Amazon introduces its Prime membership service in India.[12]
2017 Amazon acquires Whole Foods, entering the world of grocery and physical retail.[6] Jeff Bezos is named the richest man in the world.[2]
2018 Amazon market capitalization crosses the US$1 trillion mark.[6]
2019 Amazon grows to become a digital giant with over US$233 billion in annual sales.[13]

Visual data

The image below illustrates the evolution of Amazon daily stock price in United States Dollars, from May 15, 1997 to November 25, 2020.[14]

Amazon stock price.png

The image below illustrates the evolution of Amazon daily stock price in United States Dollars, from May 15, 1997 to November 25, 2020, in logarithmic scale.[15]

Amazon stock price logarithmic.png

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The image below shows Google Trends data for "" from January 2004 to November 2020, as well as interest by region.[16] Google Trends.png

The image below shows Google Trends data for "Amazon Prime" from January 2004 to November 2020, as well as interest by region.[17]

Amazon Prime Google Trends.png

The image below shows Google Trends data for "Amazon Prime Video" from January 2004 to November 2020, as well as interest by region.[18]

Amazon Prime Video Google Trends.png

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Full timeline

Year Month and date (approximately) Category Event type Details
1962 Jeff Bezos biography Miguel (Mike) Bezos arrives in the United States from Cuba as teenager traveling by himself, sent by his parents who tried to protect him from Cuba’s new regime under leader Fidel Castro.[21]
1964 January 12 Jeff Bezos biography Jeffrey Preston Jorgensen is born to 17-year-old high school student Jacklyn Gise and Ted Jorgensen in Albuquerque, New Mexico.[21][22]
Jeff Bezos in 2016
1965 Jeff Bezos biography Jacklyn Gise divorces Ted Jorgensen.[21]
1968 Jeff Bezos biography Jacklyn Gise marries Mike Bezos, who shortly after adopts Jeffrey whose surname changes to Bezos.[21]
1986 Jeff Bezos biography Jeff Bezos earns an undergraduate degree in computer science and electrical engineering from Princeton University.[2]
1990 Jeff Bezos biography Jeff Bezos joins D. E. Shaw & Co, a newly founded hedge fund, where he would work until 1994.[23][24]
1992 Jeff Bezos biography Jeff Bezos meets MacKenzie Tuttle, a co-worker at D. E. Shaw & Co, also graduated from Princeton University with a bachelor's degree in English.[25][26]
1993 Jeff Bezos biography Jeff Bezos marries MacKenzie Tuttle. The couple would have three male children and later adopt a girl from China.[27]
1993 Late year Early development After realizing the commercial potential of the Internet and determining that books might sell well online, Jeff Bezos decides to establish an online bookstore.[2]
1994 Early development Jeff Bezos (30) and MacKenzie Bezos (24) decide to leave their apartment in Manhattan and begin a road-trip across the United States in search of a new home for their new business. MacKenzie would drive with Bezos devising the business plan and revenue projections in the passenger seat. The couple finally settle in the Seattle area.[28][29]
1994 July 5 Early development Jeff Bezos incorporates Cadabra, Inc. in Bellevue, Washington. Often misheard as "cadaver", the company would be renamed a few months later.[30][3][31]
1994 September Early development Jeff Bezos purchases the domain name and briefly considers naming his online store Relentless. However, he would be discouraged by his friends who tell him the name sound a bit sinister. However, is still owned by Bezos and still redirects to the retailer as of 2020.[23]
1995 Spring Early development Jeff Bezos invites a small group of friends and former colleagues to check out a beta version of Amazon’s website.[2]
1995 April 3 Early development The first-ever order is placed, for a science book titled Fluid Concepts and Creative Analogies.[2]
1995 July 16 Early development officially goes live for business as an online bookseller. By this time, the company boldly bills itself as “Earth’s biggest bookstore.”[2]
1996 End of year Financial Amazon amounts US$15.7 million in revenue.[2]
1997 May 15 Financial Amazon launches its initial public offering at US$18.00/share, raising $54 million.[30] The stock is listed on the Nasdaq Global Select Market under the symbol AMZN.[3]
1997 August Leadership Rick Dalzell joins Amazon as vice president and chief information officer.[32][33]
1997 Year round Financial Amazon annual revenue surpasses US$148 million.[6]
1998 April 27 Internet Movie Database Acquisition Amazon acquires the Internet Movie Database, a comprehensive repository for movie information on the Internet.[34]
1999 August 2 MercadoLibre Competition Online marketplace MercadoLibre is founded in Argentina.[35] Over the years, this company would become leader in Latin America.[36]
1998 August 5 Business model Amazon announces that it will move beyond books.[37]
1998 December Alibaba Group Competition Jack Ma launches Alibaba in China, which would later grow to dominate the Chinese online retail market, and provide an obstacle to Amazon's attempts to expand in China.[38][39]
1999 March Auctions Service Amazon launches Auctions, a web auctions service.[40]
1999 June Alexa Internet Acquisition Amazon acquires Alexa Internet, a San Francisco-based web traffic analysis company.[41]
Screenshots of Alexa internet.PNG
1999 September 28 1-Click Intellectual property The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) grants Amazon patent for its 1-Click, a technique that allows customers to make purchases with the payment information needed to complete the purchase having been entered by the user previously.[42]
1999 End of year International expansion By this time, Amazon has shipped to around 150 countries around the globe, turning into a global online store.[6]
2000 September 8 Blue Origin Jeff Bezos biography Jeff Bezos founds Blue Origin, a human spaceflight startup company.[43]
Blue Origin production facilities near the Kennedy Space Center, Florida
2001 April 11 Borders Group Partnership Amazon enters into an agreement with book and music retailer Borders Group, under which Amazon would comanage as a co-branded service.[44] Borders would pull out of the arrangement in 2007, with plans to also launch its own online store.[45]
2002 January Free Super Saver Shipping Product launch Amazon launches Free Super Saver Shipping, which allows customers to get free shipping for orders above US$99.[30] In the span of a few months, that number would drop to $49, and then to $25, with this service setting the stage for a variety of new initiatives in the years ahead, including Amazon Prime.[46]
2002 March Barnes & Noble Intellectual property Amazon settles its October 1999 patent infringement suit against Barnes & Noble (over its 1-Click checkout system, which it received a patent for in September 1999). It originally charged that Barnes& had essentially copied Amazon's 1-Click technology.[47]
2003 October Subsidiary launch Amazon launches, a subsidiary of based in Palo Alto, California that develops search and advertising technology.[48]
2004 August 19 Joyo Acquisition Amazon acquires Joyo, an online bookstore in China, for $75 million, which then becomes the 7th regional website of joyo later becomes Amazon China.[49]
2004 October Amazon Lab126 Subsidiary launch Amazon Lab126 is founded. It is a research and development and computer hardware company subsidiary of Amazon. It is known for developing the Kindle line of e-readers and tablets.[50][51]
Amazon Lab126 headquarters in Sunnyvale
2005 February Amazon Prime Product Amazon launches Amazon Prime, a membership offering free two-day shipping within the contiguous United States on all eligible purchases for a flat annual fee of $79.[30] Over the years, Amazon Prime would become one of the most successful membership programs in the retail world.[52]
Amazon Prime delivery trucks
2005 August Pinzon Service Amazon begins selling products under its own private label, Pinzon.[40]
2005 November Amazon Mechanical Turk Product Amazon launches Amazon Mechanical Turk, an application programming interface (API) allowing any Internet user to perform "human-intelligence" tasks such as transcribing podcasts, often at very low wages.[30]
2005 December 11 CreateSpace Acquisition Amazon acquires CreateSpace, a company that allows for individuals to publish and distribute books, music, and films to thousands of online retailers.[53]
2006 February 27 Shopbop Acquisition Amazon acquires fashion-forward apparel Shopbop.[54][55][56]
2006 March Amazon Web Services Product Amazon Web Services launches by releasing Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3), which allows other websites/developers to store computer files on Amazon's servers.[30][57] AWS would become the world's largest and most popular public cloud.[58]
2006 August 25 Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Product Amazon launches Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), a virtual site farm allowing users to use the Amazon infrastructure to run applications ranging from running simulations to web hosting.[59]
2006 September 7 Amazon Prime Video Service Amazon Prime Instant Video is launched. It would be later renamed Prime Video.[60]
Amazon Prime Video's logo since 2018
2006 September 19 Fulfillment by Amazon Product Amazon launches Fulfillment by Amazon, giving small businesses to use's own order fulfillment and customer service infrastructure - and customers of shipping offers when buying from 3rd-party sellers.[61]
2006 Toys R Us Legal Amazon agrees to settle a legal dispute with Toys R Us (over a partnership that gave Toys R Us exclusive rights to supply some toy products on Amazon's website) and pays $51 million.[62]
2007 January 25 Amapedia Online community Amazon launches Amapedia, a wiki for user-generated content.[40][63]
2007 March Amazon Mechanical Turk Service As of date, there are reportedly more than 100,000 registered workers from over 100 countries hired through Amazon Mechanical Turk service.[64]
2007 May 14 Digital Photography Review Acquisition Amazon announces acquisition of London-based Digital Photography Review, also known as, which specializes in reviews, information, news and discussion forums related to the digital-camera market.[65]
2007 August 3 Amazon Vine Service Amazon announces Amazon Vine, an internal service that allows manufacturers and publishers to receive reviews for their products on Amazon.[66]
2007 August CreateSpace Service Amazon-owned CreateSpace announces launch of Books on Demand service, which makes it easy for authors who want to self-publish their books to distribute them on[67]
2007 August Amazon Fresh Product Amazon launches Ammazon Fresh, a grocery service offering perishable and nonperishable foods.[68]
2007 September 25 Amazon Music Product Amazon launches Amazon Music, an online music store and music locker.[69]
2007 November 19 Amazon Kindle Product Amazon launches Amazon Kindle, a series of e-readers that enable users to browse, buy, download, and read e-books, newspapers, magazines and other digital media via wireless networking to the Kindle Store. Amazon Kindle would span into ten generations of models.[70]
Amazon Kindle - Wikipedia.jpg
2007 December Service is created by Amazon as its first separate e-commerce brand. It would be closed in September 2012, directing its customers to[71] logo.png
2008 January 28 Service Amazon begins distributing its MP3 service to subsidiary websites worldwide.[72]
2008 September 12 Leadership Amazon hires Lisa Utzschneider, a former senior Microsoft executive, to become senior vice president of national ad sales for Amazon.[73][74]
2008 September Domain registration Amazon files to have its name registered.[40]
2008 October 21 Reflexive Entertainment Acquisition Amazon acquires game developer and distributor Reflexive Entertainment.[75]
2009 May Amazon Encore Service Amazon launches its publishing line Amazon Encore.[6]
2009 July 22 Zappos Acquisition Amazon acquires Zappos for US$850 million.[76]
The Zappos fulfillment center in Kentucky
2009 September 20 AmazonBasics Service introduces AmazonBasics, a new private-label line aimed at offering consumer electronics at lower prices.[77]
2009 October 20 Barnes & Noble Competition Barnes & Noble announces the Nook, an eReader.[78]
2010 January Apple Inc. Competition Apple introduces its own virtual bookstore, called iBooks, and then partners with five major book publishers.[79] It later convinces them to raise the price of ebooks (using the agency pricing model that gives publishers full control over ebook prices).
2010 February 1 Amazon Web Services Competition Microsoft launches Microsoft Azure, a cloud computing platform that will compete with Amazon AWS over cloud services.[80][81]
2010 June Amapedia Shut down Amapedia is shut down.
2010 June 30 Woot Acquisition Amazon acquires Dallas-based internet retailer Woot, for US$110 million.[82][83]
Woot Logo.svg
2010 July Amazon Kindle Product Amazon announces that e-book sales for its Kindle reader outnumbered sales of hardcover books for the first time ever.[84]
Amazon Kindle logo.svg
2010 July Amazon Prime Service Amazon Student launches in the United States as an Amazon Prime membership program created especially for college students, offering a six month free trial, "free two day shipping for most items, e-mail alerts for exclusive student discounts and promotions, free Kindle book borrowing, and free access to a library of more than 41,000 streamable movies and television programs". This service would later expand to several countries, including Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom.[85][86]
2010 November 8 Quidsi, Inc. Acquisition Amazon announces the acquisition of Quidsi, Inc., a company operating ecommerce sites, and[87][88][89]
2010 November 17 Amazon Studios Subsidiary launch Amazon Studios launches as a television and film producer and distributor. It specializes in developing television series and distributing and producing films.[90]
Amazon Studios logo.svg
2011 January Lovefilm Acquisition Amazon acquires Lovefilm, a DVD rental service known as the Netflix of Europe.[91]
LOVEFiLM By Post logo.jpg
2011 January 26 Amazon Mechanical Turk Service As of date, there are reportedly more than 500,000 registered workers from over 190 countries hired through Amazon Mechanical Turk service.[92]
2011 February 16 Borders Group Competition Borders Group, outcompeted by Amazon, applies for Chapter 11 bankruptcy.[93]
2011 February 22 Amazon Video Product Amazon rebrands its Amazon Video service as Amazon Instant Video and adds access to 5,000 movies and TV shows for Amazon Prime members.[94][95]
2011 March 22 Amazon Appstore Product Amazon launches the Amazon Appstore for Android devices and the service is made available in over 200 countries.[96]
2011 March 29 Amazon Cloud Drive Service Amazon launches cloud storage application Amazon Cloud Drive (later renamed Amazon Drive).[97][98]
Amazon Drive logo.png
2011 May 19 Product By this time, Amazon sells more eBooks than print books.[99][100]
2011 July 1 Legal California starts collecting sales taxes on purchases.[101]
2011 July 4 Book Depository Acquisition Amazon reaches an agreement to acquire Book Depository, a UK-based online book seller founded in 2004 by a former Amazon employee.[102]
The Book Depository.svg
2011 September Amazon Locker Product Amazon launches Amazon Locker, a delivery locker system that allows users to get items delivered at specially-designed lockers.[103]
An Amazon Locker near a supermarket in Fano, Italy
2011 September 19 Amazon Kindle Recognition The Economist gives Jeff Bezos and Gregg Zehr an Innovation Award for the Amazon Kindle.[104]
2011 September 28 Amazon Fire Product Amazon announces the Kindle Fire, a tablet computer that takes aim at Apple's iPad with a smaller device that sells at $199, compared with the $499 value of Apple's cheapest iPad.[105]
First generation Kindle Fire;'s fist tablet computer.
2011 November 15 Amazon Silk Service Amazon Silk, a web browser developed by Amazon, launches for Kindle Fire and Fire Phone.[106]
2012 April Apple Inc Competition The Department of Justice files suit against Apple Inc and five major publishing houses (the "Big Five"), alleging that they colluded in 2010 to raise the price of ebooks (using the agency pricing model that gives publishers full control over ebook prices).[107] Amazon had originally set the price of ebooks at $9.99 (using the wholescale pricing model giving Amazon full control over ebook prices).
2012 March 19 Amazon Robotics Acquisition Amazon acquires Kiva Systems (later renamed Amazon Robotics) for US$775 million, a robotics company that creates robots that can move items around warehouses.[108]
2012 April 23 Service Amazon launches, a supply site for businesses offering more than 500,000 items.[109][110][111]
2012 April Legal Amazon agrees to allow collection of sales taxes in both Nevada and Texas (starting on July 1), and agrees to create 2,500 jobs and invest $200 million in new distribution centers in Texas.[112]
2012 August 2 Amazon Instant Video Product (software) Amazon launches Instant Video, a video application for iPad, letting users stream or download movies and TV shows bought or rented from Amazon on their iPads.[113]
2012 August 6 Amazon Game Studios Subsidiary launch Amazon announces it would be adding a gaming department to its company titled Amazon Game Studios. Amazon states that it would introduce "innovative, fun and well-crafted games" to consumers.[114]
Amazon Game Studios Logo.svg
2012 August 20 Amazon Glacier Service Amazon announces Amazon Glacier, a low-cost online file storage web service that provides reliable data archiving, storage, and backup.[115]
2012 August 23 Amazon Kindle International expansion Amazon launches the India Kindle Store, helping consumers to buy e-books in rupees.[116][117][118]
2012 September 6 Amazon Fire Product Amazon announces the Kindle Fire HD series of touchscreen tablet computers.[119]
Fire HD 8.9" (2012)
2012 November 8 Service Amazon starts selling wine online in several U.S. states, with direct shipping from wineries.[120][121][122]
2012 November 20 Amazon Pages Service Amazon launches Amazon Pages, an advertising feature which lets companies set up their own pages on as “custom destinations”.[123]
2012 December 6 International expansion Amazon launches online bookstore in Brazil, giving Brazilian consumers access to publications from top local authors.[124][125][126]
2013 January 9 Policy Amazon deletes negative feedback, but only for its own shipping service. According to its terms of service, Amazon reserves the right to remove negative feedback about a shipping-related issue.[127]
2013 January 17 Service Amazon optimizes its MP3 store for iOS devices. This means that for the first time ever, customers can purchase music from Amazon's catalog directly from an iPhone or iPod touch.[128]
2013 February 19 Entertainment Collectibles Store Service Amazon announces the Entertainment Collectibles Store, which offers more than 350,000 collectibles, including memorabilia from Academy Award and Grammy winning artists and honorees.[129]
2013 March GoodReads Acquisition Amazon acquires social reading and book-review site GoodReads.[130]
Goodreads logo.svg
2013 June 5 International expansion Amazon launches its India marketplace at, offering books, movies and television shows for sale.[131] Amazon launches in India.[132][133]
2013 July 29 Amazon Web Services Partnership Amazon partners With Cloud vLab with the purpose to teach developers how to use Amazon Web Services.[134]
2013 August 5 The Washington Post Jeff Bezos biography Jeff Bezos announces his purchase of The Washington Post for US$250 million in cash.[135]
The Logo of The Washington Post Newspaper.svg
2013 August 6 Amazon Art Store Service Amazon Launches Art Store, after having partnered with more than 150 galleries and dealers across the United States to sell fine art.[136][137][138]
2013 August 7 Amazon Digital Game Store Service Amazon Digital Game Store, a digital video game distribution service, is launched in the United Kingdom.[139]
2013 August 27 Amazon Associates Program launch Amazon announces expansion of its long-running Amazon Associates program to mobile app developers. The affiliate program, which allows members to advertise and link to Amazon products for percentage of the sales, is made available to participating developers through a newly launched Mobile Associates API.[140]
2013 October Literature Brad Stone publishes The Everything Store, which documents the rise of Amazon.[141] On the book's Amazon page, MacKenzie Bezos gives the rate of one-star, disputing the book’s accuracy, and emphasizing her own role at the company.[142]
2013 October 22 Free Super Saver Shipping Service Amazon increases the threshold for scoring free Super Saver Shipping from US$25 to $35.[143][144]
2013 October 30 AmazonSmile Charity launches AmazonSmile, a new program aiming to facilitate for customers to support their favorite charitable organizations every time they shop.[145][146][147][148]
2013 November 25 Staff A BBC investigation into an Amazon warehouse in Britain finds workers facing "increased risk of mental illness".[149][150][151]
2014 January 13 Recognition YouGov’s annual BrandIndex Year in Review ranks Amazon first among the most favored brands in the United States, according to a survey of more than 2.5 million participants.[152][153]
2014 February 5 Double Helix Games Acquisition Amazon acquires video game developer Double Helix Games, as part of its plan to "build innovative games for customers".[154][155][156]
2014 March 13 Amazon Prime Pricing Amazon Prime membership cost increases from US$79 to $99 per year, seeking to offset rising costs of fuel and transportation.[157][158][159]
2014 April 2 Amazon Fire TV Product Amazon announces its US$99 Amazon Fire TV set-top box, competing with Apple and Roku.[160]
Amazon Fire TV with remote (first generation)
2014 April Amazon Dash Product The Amazon Dash Wand is announced as a Wi-Fi connected barcode scanner and voice command device, used to reorder consumer goods around the house. It integrates with Amazon Fresh.[161]
An Amazon Dash Button for Tide laundry detergent
2014 April 10 ComiXology Acquisition Amazon acquires New York-based digital comics company ComiXology, which distributes digital comics on behalf of more than 75 publishers, including Marvel and DC Comics.[162][163][164]
WonderCon 2012 - ComiXology booth (7019133891).jpg
2014 April 16 Amazon Kindle Service Amazon merges Kindle personal documents with Amazon Cloud Drive, and announces that all personal documents archived in the users' Kindle e-reader libraries are also now made available from Cloud Drive with files being placed in a new folder called “My Send-to-Kindle Docs”.[165][166][167]
2014 April 24 Infrastructure Amazon tests its own delivery network, which would offer an alternative to shippers like FedEx and the United Parcel Service.[168]
2014 April 25 Amazon Prime Pantry Service Amazon launches Prime Pantry grocery box service in the United States, a home-delivery service available for Amazon Prime members that packages everyday (non-bulk) non-perishable food grocery store items into a single box for delivery for a flat fee.[169][170]
2014 May 5 Service Amazon introduces a new feature letting Twitter users add items to their Amazon carts by including a hashtag within a tweet.[171]
2014 May 9 Intellectual property The United States Patent and Trademark Office awards Amazon the intellectual rights to taking pictures of people against seamless white backgrounds.[172][173][174]
2014 May 22 Leadership Jeff Bezos is voted the "worst boss" on the planet at the 3rd International Trade Union Confederation World Congress in Berlin.[175][176][177]
2014 May 28 Amazon Collectible Coins Store Service Amazon launches Collectible Coins Store, a marketplace that gives customers direct access to a wide variety of professionally graded and authenticated U.S. coins.[178][179][180]
2014 June 9 Service Amazon announces introduction of a new payments service, aimed at being adopted by startup companies and others offering subscription-based or recurring payments. The service allows these businesses to "tap into Amazon’s over 240 million monthly active users who currently store their credit card information on, then pay for things ranging from music subscriptions to monthly phone bills."[181][182][183]
2014 June 18 Amazon Fire Product Amazon unveils the Fire Phone, a 3D-enabled smartphone featuring a screen with holographic images, hands-free scrolling and software that can recognize merchandise and art through its camera lens.[184][185][186]
Amazon Fire Phone: unboxed 32gb British market full set, 2015
2014 June 27 Infosys Partnership Amazon and Infosys formalize an e-commerce joint venture with the purpose to offer services to help offline sellers and small and medium-sized enterprises in India to get online and to take advantage of the fast-growing online customer base in the country.[187][188][189]
2014 July 25 Amazon Fire Product Amazon launches the Amazon Fire, a line of tablet computers.[190]
2014 August 25 Acquisition Amazon announces its intent to acquire the video game streaming website for US$970 million.[191]
Twitch logo 2019.svg
2014 September 18 Alibaba Group Competition Alibaba Group overtakes Amazon as the world's largest online retailer by market capitalization.[192]
2014 September 22 Staff About two-thousand workers at four Amazon warehouses in Germany go on strike in a dispute over pay and working conditions, stating that Amazon pays wages which are lower than wages for staff in the retail or mail order trade in Germany.[193]
Amazon shipping center in Leipzig
2014 October Simon & Schuster Partnership Amazon reaches agreement with Simon & Schuster, allowing the publisher to adopt the agency pricing model and set prices on its books sold on Amazon.[194]
2014 November 6 (announcement), actual rollout occurs through 2015 Amazon Echo Product Amazon unveils Amazon Echo, a wireless speaker and voice command device that can take commands and queries, and be used to add items to the shopping cart, among other things.[195][196] The Alexa Voice Service that is built into Amazon Echo can also be added to other Amazon devices.[197]
The first-generation Amazon Echo
2014 November Hachette Legal Amazon resolves dispute with Hachette, allowing the latter to adopt the agency-pricing model and set prices on Hachette books sold on Amazon.[198]
2014 December 3 Takeout & Delivery Service Amazon launches Takeout & Delivery feature, a restaurant takeout and delivery service rivaling GrubHub. The service can be accessed within the Amazon Local app and website.[199][200]
2014 December Prime Now Service Prime Now first launches in parts of New York City. It would later expand to cities across the United States and European cities including London, Berlin, Paris, Milan and Madrid. Available to Prime members through a mobile app, the service allows customers to get products like paper towels, shampoo, books, toys, big-screen televisions and batteries delivered to their location in an hour or less.[201]
Amazon Prime Now logo.png
2014 December 30 Recognition Amazon is named the most popular company in the United States.[202]
2015 January 22 Annapurna Labs Acquisition Amazon acquires Israeli semiconductor development firm Annapurna Labs, which develops networking chips and designs to make data centers run efficiently.[203][204][205]
2015 January 22 Amazon Kindle Product Amazon launches the Kindle Textbook, a platform enabling users to create and publish digital textbooks.[206][207][208]
2015 February 4 Service Amazon opens its first brick-and-mortar store on the campus of Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana.[209]
2015 February 4 Alibaba Group Competition Alibaba begins drone delivery trials in an attempt to adopt remote-controlled quadcopters to carry items to customers who live near distribution centers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.[210][211][212]
2015 February 18 Amazon Web Services Market penetration By this time, Amazon Web Services dominates cloud survey, with 57 percent of technical professionals saying in a survey that they run applications on AWS.[213]
AWS Loft in SoHo, New York City
2015 February 27 Partnership The Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) partners with Amazon with the purpose to provide convenient online shopping experience to customers in India, with customers who access the IRCTC portal having the possibility to buy a range of products at the click of a button and benefit from[214][215][216]
2015 March 4 Alibaba Group Competition Alibaba Group anounces it would open a data center in Silicon Valley, in an attempt to rival Amazon in the field of cloud computing.[217]
2015 March 12 2lemetry Acquisition Amazon quietly acquires Denver-based startup 2lemetry with the purpose to expand its internet of things strategy. 2lemetry developed an enterprise-focused platform to track and manage IP-enabled machines and other connected devices.[218][219][220]
2015 March 30 Amazon Home Services Service Amazon Home Services is officially introduced, allowing users find someone to install and service items like water heaters or TV wall mounts in their home.[221][222][223]
2015 April 17 Amazon Appstore Shut down Amazon shuts down TestDrive, a function that allows users to get a real-time preview of an application in Amazon Appstore earlier than purchasing them.[224][225][226]
2015 April 28 AmazonSupply Service Amazon launches AmazonSupply, a marketplace strictly operating in the business-to-business sector.[227][228][229]
2015 April Amazon Destinations Service Amazon enters into the hotel-booking business with the launch of Amazon Destinations, a travel reservation service focusing on weekend retreats and getaways at some locations across the United States. The service would be shut down a few months later.[230][231][232]
2015 June 16 The Washington Post Controversy American businessman Donald Trump launches his 2016 presidential campaign. Since then, he would repeatedly rail against the Washington Post on his Twitter account, tweeting or retweeting criticism of the paper, and tying it to Amazon multiple times.[233]
2015 June 25 Amazon Alexa Program launch Amazon introduces the Alexa Fund, consisting in up to US$100 million in investments to support developers, manufacturers, and start-ups utilizing the Alexa Skills Kit and Alexa Voice Service.[234][235][236]
2015 June 25 Treasure Truck Service Amazon launches in Seattle the Treasure Truck, a service offered to users of the app, which offers users a discounted daily deal.[237]
An Amazon Treasure Truck in Baltimore
2015 June 30 International expansion Amazon announces its physical goods store on, launching full retail operations in Mexico.[238][239]
2015 July 15 Amazon Prime Retailing To commemorate its 20th birthday, Amazon celebrates "Amazon Prime Day", which Amazon announces would feature deals for prime members rivaling those on Black Friday.[240]
2015 July Alibaba Group Competition Alibaba announces that it will invest US$1 billion into its Aliyun cloud computing arm, some of which would go into new Aliyun international data centers. This would allow Aliyun to compete with Amazon Web Services outside of China.[241]
2015 August 26 Amazon Underground Product Amazon launches Amazon Underground, an Android app through which users can get gaming and other apps for free that they would otherwise have to pay for, and also get in-app purchases for free. App creator participation is voluntary. App creators are paid $0.002 for every minute a user spends in the app.[242][243][244]
2015 September 8 Amazon Restaurants Product Amazon launches its Amazon Restaurants service that delivers food from nearby restaurants, for Amazon Prime customers in Seattle.[245][246] The service would subsequently be roled out to many other cities.
2015 September 30 Merch by Amazon Service Amazon announces Merch, a self-service program designed to help users increase revenue through the sale of branded t-shirts designed them and produced, sold and shipped by Amazon.[247][248]
2015 October 8 Service Amazon opens an arts-and-crafts bazaar online, competing with e-commerce website Etsy.[249]
1015 October 14 Amazon Destinations Shut down Amazon shuts down Amazon Destinations, its hotel booking site.[250]
2015 November 2 Amazon Books Service Amazon Books launches, opening its first physical retail store, a bookstore in the University Village shopping center in Seattle. The store, known as Amazon Books, has prices matched to those found on the Amazon website and integrate online reviews into the store's shelves.[251]
The first Amazon Books store, in Seattle, Washington
2015 December 14 Infrastructure Amazon begins moving into their new headquarters campus in the Denny Triangle neighborhood of Seattle, beginning with the 38-story Amazon Tower I (nicknamed "Doppler" after the codename for Amazon Echo).[252] The three towers are scheduled to be completed by 2020.
Amazon Tower I nearing completion in June 2015
2015 December 16 Market penetration A study by Survata finds that 44% of respondents searching for products went directly to[253]
2015 December 18 Amazon Air Service Amazon announces plans to start its own airline, later called Amazon Air.[254]
Prime Air.png
2016 January 13 Colis Privé Acquisition Amazon finalizes acquisition of French shipping company Colis Privé.[255]
2016 January 26 Amazon Prime Market penetration By this time, Amazon Prime reaches nearly half of households in the United States, with 54 million memberships.[256]
2016 March 3 Amazon Echo Product Amazon announces Echo Dot, a system offering Siri-like voice controls from an independent bluetooth speaker.[257] The company also announces Amazon Tap, a device using Alexa voice commands when connected to Wi-Fi or a mobile hotspot to play music, read the news, get weather reports, and most of the things the full Echo does.[258][259]
2016 March 29 Recognition According to a report by the Reputation Institute, Amazon is considered the "most reputable" company in the United States.[260][261]
2016 April 4 Amazon Pay Service Amazon expands its Amazon Payments service as the company takes on other payment methods, including PayPal and Apple Pay.[262][263][264]
2016 April 14 Subscribe & Save International expansion Amazon launches Subscribe and Save Store in India, covering daily household essentials in a subscription program with monthly automatic delivery, free standard shipping, and savings of up to 10 percent.[265]
2016 April 18 Amazon Prime Service Amazon begins offering Prime membership for an alternative monthly, instead of yearly fee, of US$10.99 per month.[266]
2016 May 5 Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings Partnership Amazon partners with Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings for provision of air cargo services to the former.[267][268][269]
2016 May 10 Amazon Video Direct Service Amazon launches a video service called Amazon Video Direct, which allows users to place videos available to rent or own, to view free with ads, or to be bundled together, and offers as an ad-on subscription.[270]
2016 May 11 Deep Scalable Sparse Tensor Network Engine Policy Amazon open-sources its own deep learning software, Deep Scalable Sparse Tensor Network Engine (DSSTNE) making it available on GitHub under the Apache 2.0 license.[271][272][273]
2016 May 12 Walmart Competition Walmart trims its free-shipping pilot program from three days to two for members, and decreases the membership price.[274]
2016 May 20 Market penetration By this time, Amazon is the second-most downloaded app in India.[275]
2016 May 27 Amazon Alexa Product Amazon introduces, a browser-based interface to Alexa. With this tool, after logging in with an Amazon account, anyone can start asking Alexa questions by clicking and holding on the mic button.[276][277]
2016 June 8 Investment Amazon announces addition of US$3 billion investment in India.[278]
2016 June 9 Amazon Prime International expansion Amazon launches a full online supermarket service in the United Kindom, with Amazon Prime giving customers in the London area the ability order a full weekly shop and get it delivered the same day.[279]
2016 June 29 Walmart Competition Walmart offers a free one-month trial of “ShippingPass”, the competition of online rival Amazon Prime subscription plan.[280]
2016 July 26 Amazon Prime International expansion Amazon launches its Prime subscription service in India, initially without Prime Video. The Prime subscription service is launched in over a 100 cities to enable free one-day and two-day deliveries to its customers.[281][282][283]
2016 July 28 Amazon Alexa Partnership Amazon announces partnership with San Francisco-based hardware startup August to allow Alexa to control August door locks.[284][285][286]
2016 August 4 Amazon Prime Air Infrastructure The first Amazon Prime airplane debuts in a flight from New York to Seattle.[287][288]
Amazon air.png
2016 August 24 Amazon Kindle Program launch Amazon launches with a few associate companies the Kindle Reading Fund, a program aimed at expanding digital reading around the world. The fund has the purpose to donate various Kindle e-readers, fireplace pills in addition to e-books to communities around the world.[289][290]
2016 September 12 Amazon Echo Service Amazon announces plan to launch a streaming music service, expecting to offer a US$5-a-month streaming option to owners of its Echo speaker. At the same time, Pandora Media announces plan to launch its own streaming music service.[291][292]
2016 September 13 Amazon Prime Service Amazon adds more benefits to its subscription service Amazon Prime, giving members unlimited access to podcasts and audio from Amazon-owned Audible.[293]
2016 September 30 Amazon Prime Service Amazon subsidiary Twitch announces premium features that are exclusive to users who have an active Amazon Prime subscription (Twitch Prime), including advertising-free access to the service, and monthly offers of video games and add-on content.[294]
2016 October 12 Expansion Amazon announces plans to introduce convenience stores as well as curbside pickup locations.[295]
2016 October 19 Amazon Kindle Product Amazon launches the Kindle Paperwhite 32GB Manga Model, an e-book reader designed for the Japanese market, specifically for manga aficionados.[296][297]
2016 October 28 Amazon Prime International expansion Amazon Prime launches in China. The Prime membership program offers Chinese customers free, cross-border shipping from the Amazon Global Store as well as no minimum free domestic shipping.[298][299][300]
2016 November 1 Amazon Books Pricing Amazon Books begins charging non-Amazon Prime members a separate price for books and other non-electronic products, while Amazon Prime members retain the online price-matched rate.[301]
Amazon Books at Washington Square - Tigard, Oregon (2017).jpg
2016 November 7 Infrastructure Day 1, also known as Amazon Tower II and Rufus 2.0 Block 19, opens in Seattle.[302][303]
Day 1 Tower Seattle WA Jan 17.jpg
2016 November 18 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Partnership Italian/American Fiat Chrysler Automobiles partners with Amazon to start selling cars online offering an additional discount.[304][305][306]
2016 December 5 Amazon Go Service The first Amazon Go store, located in the company's Day 1 building, opens to employees.[307]
The first Amazon Go location, at Day 1 in Seattle
2016 December 7 Amazon Prime Air Service Amazon Prime Air (Amazon's drone-based delivery system) makes its first delivery in Cambridge in the United Kingdom. The successful delivery is announced a week later, on December 14, along with video.[308][309]
2016 December 14 Infrastructure Amazon announces having completed its first successful drone delivery in Cambridge in flat 13 minutes of placing the order.[310][311][312]
2016 December 14 Amazon Prime Video International expansion By this time, Amazon Prime Video is available in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.[313][314][315]
2016 December 30 Intellectual property Amazon is awarded a patent for its "airborne fulfillment center", a giant flying warehouse that acts as a launchpad for drones to deliver items within minutes.[316][317][318]
2017 January 6 Financial By this time, Amazon worths more than Sears, Macy's and Target Corportation combined.[319]
2017 January 9 Acquisition Amazon quietly acquires AI security startup for around US$20 million, in order to boost cyber security.[320][321][322]
2017 January 20 Apple Inc. Partnership Amazon and Apple Inc. end exclusive deal on audio books, which restricted the sale of digital audiobooks, and ensured that Apple would only source Audible releases and that Audible would only sell its work via iTunes. With the end of the deal, publishers become free to seek their own deals with Apple.[323][324][325]
2017 January 23 Amazon Kindle Recognition (by Amazon) Amazon UK announces the Kindle Storyteller Award, a literary prize for new work by authors releasing their work on Amazon Kindle’s self-publishing platform.[326][327][328]
2017 January 24 STEM Club Service Amazon launches STEM Club, a subscription service that delivers curated STEM toys at a cost of US$19.99 per month.[329][330][331]
2017 February 3 Market penetration By this time, Amazon accounts for 43% of online retail sales in the United States.[332][333][334]
2017 March 7 Amazon Echo Consumer privacy Amazon agrees to release audio recordings originating from an Echo device, for a murder trial in Arkansas, after having spent months pushing back against a warrant for the information.[335][336][337]
2017 March 16 Amazon Alexa Service Amazon announces integration of Alexa into its main shopping app on iPhone.[338]
2017 March 28 Acquisition Amazon acquires Dubai-based e-commerce company, the biggest online retailer in the Middle East.[339][340][341][342]
Souq Logo Primary EN.svg
2017 March 29 Amazon Fresh Subsidiary launch Amazon announces the beta launch of Amazon Fresh Pickup, a drive-in-type grocery store for Amazon Prime subscribers.[343]
Amazon Fresh delivery truck in Seattle
2017 April 3 Amazon Cash Service Amazon launches Amazon Cash, a free service that lets people use cash to add money to their Amazon account online.[344][345][346]
2017 April 5 Plug Power Inc Acquisition Amazon acquires up to 23 percent of Hydrogen fuel cell maker Plug Power Inc, with the purpose to supply batteries to power forklifts used by the online retailer in its warehouses.[347]
2017 April 12 Amazon Fire Product Amazon launches its Fire Kids Edition tablet, a new dashboard that lets parents monitor the content their children consume.[348]
2017 April 25 Subscribe with Amazon Service Amazon launches "Subscribe with Amazon", a self-serve platform aimed at helping companies with subscription services to sell their plans on Amazon.[349][350][351]
2017 May 9 Amazon Echo Product Amazon launches Echo Show, a new Alexa-powered smart speaker that includes a touchscreen display and can be used to make video calls.[352][353][354]
2017 May 9 Free Super Saver Shipping Pricing Amazon drops its free shipping minimum requirement down to US$25, undercutting Walmart.[355]
2017 May 16 Amazon Alexa Program launch Amazon launches a new program that directly pays developers building high-quality Alexa skills.[356]
2017 May 31 Amazon Alexa Product Amazon Alexa adds support for iCloud calendars, giving users the ability to sync their iCloud Calendar information with devices that support Alexa.[357][358][359]
2017 June 6 Amazon Prime Service Amazon announces launch of a low-cost version of Amazon Prime for customers participating in a growing list of government assistance programs, at a discounted monthly price.[360][361][362]
2017 June 16 Whole Foods Acquisition Amazon announces it is acquiring Whole Foods for $13.4 billion. The move is seen as potentially affecting food delivery, combining a huge physical store presence with an online delivery network.[363][364]
Whole Foods Market 201x logo.svg
2017 June 28 Amazon Echo Product Amazon Echo Show (First generation) is released as a smart speaker designed around virtual assistant Alexa.[365][366]
The first-generation Echo Show in white
2017 July 18 Amazon Fresh Service Amazon Fresh starts selling meal kits.[367]
Amazon Fresh truck
2017 July 19 Spark Product Amazon launches Spark, a shoppable product feed with an Instagram-like feel, for Amazon Prime subscribers. The product is compared with Instagram and Pinterest.[368][369][370][371]
2017 July 20 Graphiq Acquisition Amazon acquires Santa Barbara, California-based semantic technology company Graphiq for an estimated US$50 million. Graphiq uses artificial intelligence to rapidly create interactive data-driven infographics.[372]
2017 July 27 Leadership Jeff Bezos becomes the world's wealthiest person with an estimated net worth of just over US$90 billion.[373]
2017 August 2 Staff Amazon conducts massive recruitment for 50,000 empty vacancies by hosting job fairs in a number of cities in the United States and offering full-time and part-time jobs in their fulfilment centers. To be hired, individuals are asked to show up in person at one of these centers.[374][375][376]
2017 August 23 Walmart, Google Competition Google and Walmart partner with the purpose to offer Walmart products to people who shop on Google Express.[377][378][379]
2017 August 24 Amazon Hub Service Amazon Hub, a delivery locker for apartment lobbies, is launched in beta.[380]
An Amazon Hub at an apartment complex
2017 August 27 Competition Amazon spends its first day as the owner of a brick-and-mortar grocery chain cutting prices at Whole Foods Market as much as 43 percent for some products.[381][382][383]
2017 September 20 Amazon Echo Product Amazon announces the Echo Frame, an Alexa-equipped set of smart glasses with no camera or display feature, but allowing wearers to ask their glasses to make a phone call, set a reminder or listen to a podcast.[384][385][386]
2017 October 4 Legal Amazon is ordered to pay nearly 250 million euros (US$294 million) by the European Union over ‘illegal tax advantage’, after the European Commission said the online retailer had received illegal tax benefits.[387][388][389]
Amazon European Headquarters, Luxembourg
2017 October 11 Amazon Kindle Product Amazon releases Kindle Oasis, a waterproof audible-integrated e-reader.[390][391][392]
Kindle Oasis.jpg
2017 October 24 Amazon Business Prime Shipping Service Amazon announces its Business Prime Shipping, a new paid membership program aimed at multi-user businesses in the United States and Germany.[393]
2017 October 25 Amazon Key Service Amazon launches Amazon Key, allowing delivery drivers leave packages inside customers' front doors. Available for Prime members, the new device unlocks the front door for package delivery and other trusted services, and is paired with the Amazon Cloud Cam, a $120 internet-connected security camera built by the company.[394][395][396]
2017 October 25 Staff Amazon reveals having 541,900 employees in the third quarter, up from a little more than 300,000 in the same period a year earlier.[397]
2017 November 1 Service Amazon adds an augmented reality shopping feature to its iOS mobile app that allows users to virtually view a variety of products, including small kitchen appliances, electronics gear and toys, etc.[398][399]
2017 November 13 Acquisition Amazon closes an estimated US$250 million deal to acquire global TV rights to The Lord of the Rings, based on the fantasy novels by J.R.R. Tolkien. The series would be produced by Amazon Studios in cooperation with the Tolkien Estate and Trust, HarperCollins, and New Line Cinema, a division of Warner Bros., which produced the movie franchise.[400][401][402][403]
2017 November 27 Amazon Sumerian Product Amazon announces Amazon Sumerian, a platform for developers to build and host virtual reality, augmented reality, and 3D apps quickly and with minimal coding, for smartphones and tablets, head-based displays, digital signage and web browsers.[404][405][406]
2017 December 4 International expansion Amazon offically launches in Australia, expanding the local online product range to more than 20 consumer categories, including books, computers, music, clothing, accessories, home improvement, consumer electronics, kitchen goods and baby products.[407][408][409]
2017 December 14 Amazon Mechanical Turk Service A study of 3.8 million tasks completed by 2,767 workers on Amazon's Mechanical Turk shows that "workers earned a median hourly wage of about $2 an hour" with 4 percent of workers earning more than $7.25 per hour.[410]
2017 December 22 Blink Acquisition Amazon acquires smart camera and doorbell startup Blink, a venture-capital backed company that makes home security cameras.[411][412][413]
Blink Home logo.png
2018 January 19 Amazon Prime Pricing Amazon raises the price of monthly Amazon Prime memberships in the United States by US$2 to US$12.99, in a bid to push more people to an annual plan.[414][415]
2018 January 22 Amazon Go Service Amazon opens its first checkout-free grocery store to the public in Seattle. The shop, known as Amazon Go, relies on cameras and sensors to track what shoppers remove from the shelves, and what they put back. Customers are billed after leaving using a credit card on file.[416][417]
Interior of the first Amazon Go Grocery store in Seattle
2018 January 30 Berkshire Hathaway, JPMorgan Chase Partnership Amazon, Berkshire Hathaway and JPMorgan Chase announce partnership to form a not-for-profit health care venture to lower health care costs for their employees in the United States. According to the companies, the initial focus of the independent company would be on technology that will provide their employees and their families with simplified and high-quality health care at accessible costs.[418][419][420]
2018 January 30 Amazon Spheres Facility The Amazon Spheres, a complex consisting in three spherical conservatories, opens to employees and limited public access. It is located at the Amazon headquarters campus in Seattle.[421][422]
Amazon Spheres from the Sixth Avenue side, Seattle
2018 February 9 Shipping with Amazon Service Amazon announces launch of a delivery service for businesses, positioning itself to compete directly with United Parcel Service Inc. and FedEx Corp.[423]
2018 February 27 Ring Acquisition Amazon acquires video doorbell and home security camera maker Ring for a reported US$1 billion.[424][425][426]
The Ring video doorbell, mounted next to the front door of a house
2018 February Amazon Mechanical Turk Service Research shows that while there are over 100,000 workers available on the Amazon Mechanical Turk platform at any time, only around 2000 are actively working.[427][428]
2018 March 2 Google Competition Amazon announces the decision not to sell any of the newer products from Google’s smart home division Nest, in a move to compete over the future of the smart home, in which both Google and Amazon rival in video devices and services.[429][430][431]
2018 March 6 Leadership Jeff Bezos is formally designated the wealthiest person in the world, with a registered net worth of $112 billion by Forbes, becoming the first centi-billionaire.[432][433]
2018 March 9 Amazon Alexa Product Amazon adds follow-up mode for Alexa, which allows users to ask multiple questions in succession without the need to repeat the "Alexa" wake up word.[434][435][436]
2018 March 12 Amazon Alexa Product Amazon introduces feature that lets users place calls through Alexa-enabled tablets.[437][438][439]
2018 March 20 Financial Amazon becomes the second most valuable publicly traded company in the Unted States, surpassing Google for the first time.[440][441]
2018 March 22 Intellectual property Amazon is granted a patent for a delivery drone that can respond to human gestures, including screaming voices, and flailing arms.[442][443][444]
2018 April 16 Staff A survey finds that 74 percent of Amazon workers polled said they are afraid to take bathroom breaks for fear of missing their targets and keep their jobs.[445][446][447]
2018 April 17 International Shopping Experience Service Amazon launches its International Shopping Experience, a feature that allows international customers to browse and shop for over 45 million items which can be shipped to their country from the United States. The service becomes available in the Amazon Shopping App.[448][449][450]
2018 April 18 Amazon Prime Market size Amazon Prime surpasses 100 million members.[451]
2018 April 26 Amazon Smart Home Services Service Amazon starts selling home security services, including installations and no monthly fees. Features include a siren, motion/contact sensors, safety sensors, cameras, an Echo Dot, indoor lighting, video doorbell and outdoor lighting.[452]
2018 May 5 Blue Origin Leadership Jeff Bezos says Amazon is not his "most important work", but Blue Origin, his then secretive rocket company that builds, tests, and launches reusable rockets and spaceships.[453]
2018 May 9 Walmart Competition Walmart completes a US$16 billion investment in Bangalore-based e-commerce company Flipkart, becoming the majority owner of the company, and expanding its rivalry with Amazon in India.[454][455][456]
2018 May 25 Amazon Alexa Consumer privacy An Alexa user from Portland, Oregon says her device recorded a private conversation, and sent it to a random number in their address book without her permission. Amazon later confirms and apologizes.[457][458][459]
2018 June 19 Amazon Alexa Service Amazon announces Alexa for Hospitality, a new program aimed for hotel chains to place Amazon Echo devices in guest rooms.[460][461][462]
2018 June 21 Controversy Amazon employees write a letter to Jeff Bezos asking Amazon to stop selling its facial recognition tool to American law enforcement. The letter states "In the face of this immoral US policy, and the US's increasingly inhumane treatment of refugees and immigrants beyond this specific policy, we are deeply concerned that Amazon is implicated, providing infrastructure and services that enable ICE and DHS."[463][464][465]
2018 June 26 Amazon Alexa Product Amazon adds voice control to its Alexa iOS app allowing users to control the app with their voices.[466][467][468]
2018 June 28 PillPack Acquisition Amazon acquires Boston-based online pharmacy PillPack for US$1 billion, in an attempt to increase its position in the e-health market sector.[469][470][471]
2018 July 18 Financial Amazon stock market value reaches US$900 billion.[472]
2018 August 8 Whole Foods Service Amazon introduces a new curbside pickup service at some Whole Foods stores for Amazon Prime members, allowing customers to place orders via Amazon’s Prime Now app and have groceries loaded into their car upon arrival at a Whole Foods store.[473][474]
2018 August 15 Amazon Alexa Partnership Amazon Alexa completes its integration with virtual assistant Microsoft Cortana almost a year after deal.[475]
2018 August 22 Walmart Competition Walmart partners with Japanese company Rakuten to launch Walmart eBooks, an online e-book and audiobook store, competing with Amazon’s Audible.[476][477][478]
2018 August 22 Amazon Alexa Investment Amazon increases its investment in voice technology by expanding its Alexa Fund Fellowship to 14 new universities, up from only 4 in 2017, the Fellowship’s first year.[479][480]
2018 August 29 Amazon Pay Acquisition Amazon Pay acquires Indian personal assistant platform Tapzo, with the purpose to widen the scope of its payment offering.[481][482]
2018 August 30 International expansion Amazon starts experimenting with a Hindi interface for its mobile website, its first move in vernacular languages.[483][484][485]
2018 September 4 Apple Inc. Financial Amazon becomes the second company to be valued at US$1 trillion, just a few weeks after Apple Inc. reached the milestone first.[486][487][488]
2018 September 5 Legal United States senator Bernie Sanders introduces the "Stop BEZOS" bill, a legislation aimed at taxing companies with employees who earn low wages and receive federal benefits like food stamps, public housing and Medicaid.[489][490][491]
2018 September 12 AbeBooks Acquisition Amazon acquires Canadian e-commerce global online marketplace AbeBooks, including the acquisition of vertical search website[492]
2018 September 17 Storefronts Service Amazon introduces Storefronts, a new store for customers to shop exclusively from U.S. small and medium-sized businesses selling on Amazon.[493][494][495]
2018 September 18 Audi Partnership Audi partners with Amazon and Electrify America as the automaker prepares to deliver its first all-electric SUV to U.S. dealerships over the next year.[496]
2018 September 21 Amazon Alexa Product Amazon announces a series of new lines and Alexa skills, among them the extension of Alexa functionality to most cars by the Echo Auto dongle, an easy-setup smart plug which allows users to control whatever is plugged into it via Alexa, plus a low-cost, Alexa-enabled microwave.[497]
2018 September 27 Plant PreFab Investment Amazon invests in Rialto, California-based home-building start-up Plant PreFab, which builds prefabricated, custom single and multifamily homes.[498][499][500]
2018 October 2 Staff Amazon raises minimum wage to US$15 for all employees in the United States.[501]
2018 October 5 Security A report by Bloomberg states that a Chinese military unit inserted tiny hidden microchips into computer servers used by companies including Apple and Amazon, giving China unprecedented backdoor access to computers and data.[502][503][504]
2018 October 10 Infrastructure Amazon scraps secret AI recruiting tool after having found that it consistently downgraded female candidates. The software was created by an Amazon team at Edinburgh in 2014 to automatically sort CVs.[505][506][507]
2018 October 10 Amazon Alexa Intellectual property Amazon is granted a patent for an Alexa technology that could analyze users' voices to detect physical or emotional abnormalities, in order to determine whether they are sick or depressed and sell them products based on their physical or emotional conditions.[508][509][510]
2018 October 11 Amazon Echo Product The Amazon Echo Show (second generation) is released, with a bigger screen, and improved peaker system, and design.[511]
2018 October 26 Microsoft Competition Microsoft overtakes Amazon as the second most valuable tech company in the United States.[512]
2018 October 29 AmazonSmile Charity Amazon announces having donated more than US$100 million to charitable organizations through the AmazonSmile program.[513][514][515]
2018 November 7 Amazon Echo, Amazon Alexa International expansion Amazon launches Echo and Alexa in Mexico.[516][517][518]
2018 November 9 Apple Inc. Partnership Amazon makes a deal with Apple Inc. allowing the latter sell its products – including iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches — directly on Amazon.[519][520][521]
2018 November 14 Amazon Echo Consumer privacy A Judge in New Hampshire orders Amazon to turn over two days of Amazon Echo recordings with the purpose to find clues to the killer in a double murder case.[522][523][524]
2018 November 21 Security Amazon suffers a major data breach days before Black Friday, revealing the names and email address of several of its users. By this time, Amazon remains a constant target for hackers.[525][526][527]
2018 December 21 Amazon Air Infrastructure Amazon Air expands its fleet with 10 more cargo aircraft, reachiong a total fleet of 50 planes, further reducing reliance on third-party air carriers.[528][529]
2018 Fourth quarter Financial Amazon reports profits of US$3 billion on revenue of US$72.4 billion for the fourth quarter.[530]
2019 January 4 Amazon Alexa Product Amazon announces having sold 100 million Alexa devices.[531][532]
2019 January 4 Amazon Showroom Service Amazon introduces Showroom, a visual design tool that allows the user to place furniture into a virtual living room, customize the decoration, and shop the look.[533][534][535]
2019 January 7 Microsoft Competition Microsoft and American retail company Kroger partner to provide online shopping to brick-and-mortar grocery stores, with Kroger expecting to roll out the cloud-based system it developed with Microsoft in all of its 2,780 supermarkets.[536][537][538]
2019 January 7 Microsoft Financial Amazon becomes the world's most valuable public company, surpassing Microsoft in market value, which is reported to be about US$797 billion.[539][540][541]
2019 January 10 IMDb Service Amazon online movie and television database IMDb launches IMDb Freedive, a free streaming video channel that provides access to a variety of content, including film and television, at no cost.[542][543][544]
2019 January 15 Microsoft Competition Microsoft partners with Walgreens with the purpose to work on solutions to lower health care costs, battling Amazon in the sector.[545]
2019 January 23 Amazon Scout Infrastructure Amazon announces Scout, an autonomous-delivery robot about the size of a drink cooler aimed to travel on sidewalks to customers' homes at a walking pace.[546][547][548]
Amazon Scout.jpg
2019 January 25 Product A research finds that an Amazon facial-identification software used by police falls short on tests for accuracy and bias.[549]
2019 January 31 Amazon Alexa Market size Amazon Alexa skill count surpasses 80,000 worldwide.[550]
2019 February 4 Walmart Leadership Amazon hires former Walmart executive Rosalind Brewer as its new board member.[551][552][553]
2019 February 7 Aurora Investment Amazon invests in California-based self-driving vehicle startup Aurora, as part of the firm's recent US$530 million funding round.[554][555][556]
2019 February 11 Eero Acquisition Amazon announces acquisition of mesh router company Eero.[557][558][559]
2019 February 14 Western Union Partnership Amazon partners with Western Union with the purpose to set up a service called PayCode, which lets people shop and pay for Amazon items using local currencies that would not have been accepted on the site before. The service launches first in 10 countries: Chile, Columbia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Peru, Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand.[560]
2019 February 19 Shipment Zero Program launch Amazon announces “Shipment Zero,” a commitment aiming to attain 50% of all Amazon shipments to be net zero carbon by 2030.[561][562][563]
2019 February 21 Amazon Future Engineer Program launch Amazon announces it would fund computer science courses through its Amazon Future Engineer program in more than 1,000 high schools across all the United States with the purpose to reach students from "underprivileged, underrepresented, or underserved communities".[564][565][566]
2019 February 25 PepsiCo Leadership Indian-American business executive Indra Nooyi joins Amazon’s board of directors after stepping down from PepsiCo as Chief executive officer.[567][568][569]
2019 March 6 Shut down Amazon announces it would close all of its 87 pop-up locations in the United States.[570]
2019 March 6 Berkshire Hathaway, J.P. Morgan Partnership Amazon, J.P. Morgan and Berkshire Hathaway announce Haven as a joint health care venture, with the purpose to "change the way people experience health care so that it is simpler, better, and lower cost".[571][572][573]
2019 March 7 Amazon Amplify Program launch Amazon announces Amazon Amplify, a program aimed to increase women in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) roles.[574][575]
2019 March 7 Jargon Investment Amazon invests in Seattle-based startup Jargon, which offers a voice application content platform for developers.[576]
2019 March 12 Pricing Amazon announces ease of price restrictions on third-party vendors, no longer dictating how sellers price their products.[577][578]
2019 March 13 Policy Amazon removes books promoting autism "cures" as part of an effort by several big tech companies to cut down on the spread of misinformation about vaccines.[579]
2019 April 3 Facebook Consumer privacy Researchers find that a vast collection of data on Facebook users was exposed to the public on Amazon's cloud computing servers. The leak was originated at two third-party companies that had collected Facebook data on their own servers.[580][581][582]
2019 April 3 Legal The Government of Brazil announces that should share web domain name rights, and proposes a compromise to a seven-year battle in order to let the nations bordering the world's largest rainforest co-govern the digital address with[583][584][585]
2019 April 4 Jeff Bezos biography Jeff Bezos divorces MacKenzie Bezos, with the former retaining his interest in The Washington Post and Blue Origin, and getting 75% of his original Amazon shares and voting control of the rest of his original shares. MacKenzie Bezos receives 25% of Jeff's Amazon shares, valued at approximately US$36 billion at the time, making her the third richest woman in the world.[586][587]
2019 April 9 Amazon Alexa Product Amazon introduces a new way to listen to the news on Alexa-enabled devices, offering long-form news coverage in addition to Flash Briefings.[588][589]
2019 April 11 Amazon Alexa Consumer privacy Amazon reportedly employs thousands of full-time workers and contractors in several countries to listen conversations recorded by Alexa devices, with the purpose to feed voice commands back into the software to help improve Alexa’s grasp of human speech so it can respond more efficiently in the future.[590][591][592]
2019 April 18 Amazon Alexa Service Amazon launches free, ad-supported music service for Alexa-enabled devices.[593][594][595]
2019 April 18 Google Partnership Amazon reaches an agreement with Google to bring their respective streaming video apps to each others’ platforms.[596]
2019 April 23 Amazon Prime Service Amazon Prime starts delivering packages directly to its customers' locations in the United States.[597]
2019 April 23 Casino Group Partnership Amazon expands partnership with retail company Casino Group in France, with Amazon installing pick-up lockers in Casino stores and more of the French company’s products to be available on Amazon.[598][599][600]
2019 April 29 Service Amazon launches, a digital freight brokerage site, with a pricing of around 30% below market rate.[601][602][603]
2019 May 1 International expansion Amazon launches its first Arabic language website in the United Arab Emirates to reinforce its presence in the Middle East, while in process of rebranding the popular regional ecommerce platform it had bought in 2017.[604][605][606]
2019 May 2 Amazon Managed Blockchain Policy Amazon turns its Amazon Managed Blockchain into a generally available service platform. The service facilitates the connection of multiple AWS accounts with blockchain technology, which allows for transactions to be stored in an unchangeable infrastructure.[607][608][609]
2019 May 2 Amazon Mechanical Turk Service Research shows that, as of date, approximately 60% of Amazon Mechanical Turk workers are located in the United States and 40% are located elsewhere in the world, with approximately 30% in India.[610]
2019 May 7 Amazon Go Service A new Amazon Go store in New York becomes the first to accept paper money, as legislators across the United States push for laws that ban cashless retail.[611][612][613]
2019 May 9 Amazon Alexa Consumer privacy A group composed of US Senators and 19 consumer and public health advocates accuses Amazon of violating children's privacy with kid-friendly smart speakers. Advocates say the kids' version of Alexa doesn't forget what children tell it, even after parents try to delete the conversations.[614][615][616]
2019 May 15 Walmart Competition Amazon surpasses Walmart as the largest retailer worldwide.[617][618][619]
2019 May 16 Amazon Fire Product Amazon announces the Fire 7 Kids Edition, which provides access to kid-friendly books, Audible books, educational apps, games, and videos.[620]
Amazon Kindle Fire 7 Kids.
2019 May 16 Berkshire Hathaway Investment American investor Warren Buffett reveals more than US$900 million stake in Amazon, and proclaims admiration for Jeff Bezos' business skills, and his success creating both the online retailing powerhouse and its cloud computing business Amazon Web Services.[621][622][623]
2019 May 17 Deliveroo Investment Amazon invests in U.K.-based meal delivery company Deliveroo in a boost to the service as it takes on rivals such as Uber Eats and Just Eat in a competitive market.[624][625][626]
2019 May 17 Cleartrip Partnership Amazon partners with Mumbay-based Cleartrip with the purpose to offer a flight booking feature through Amazon Pay in India.[627][628][629]
2019 May 31 Sizmek Acquisition Amazon announces agreement to acquire parts of ad tech company Sizmek, consisting in Sizmek Ad Server and Sizmek Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), a tool that helps personalize ads using data.[630][631][632]
2019 June 5 Infrastructure Amazon announces having deployed more than 200,000 robotic drives globally by this time. The company also announces two new warehouse robots called Xanthus and Pegasus.[633][634][635]
2019 June 13 Controversy Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden criticizes Amazon for not paying federal taxes in 2018. Biden tweets: "I have nothing against Amazon, but no company pulling in billions of dollars of profits should pay a lower tax rate than firefighters and teachers. We need to reward work, not just wealth".[636][637][638]
2019 June 16 Controversy An investor group representing nearly US$10 trillion in funds accuses Amazon of lack of transparency on climate impact, along with other large companies like Facebook and Alibaba Group.[639][640][641]
2019 June 20 Intellectual property Amazon is granted a patent in the United States for drone technology that would perform what the company calls "surveillance as a service". The new patented system provides security surveillance through unmanned aerial vehicles that "may perform a surveillance action at a property of an authorized party", recording video to gather data that can be analyzed to look out for irregularities, like a broken window, or a fire or if a garage door was left open during the day, etc.[642][643][644]
2019 August 2 Infrastructure By this time, Amazon owns nearly half of the world's public-cloud infrastructure market, which is worth over US$32 billion.[645][646][647]
2019 August 7 Scout Ambassadors Infrastructure Amazon starts rolling out the “Scout Ambassadors”, its delivery robots, in a testbed in Irvine, California.[648][649][650]
2019 August 7 Amazon Alexa Product Amazon introduces Alexa speed controls, letting customers control the speed of Alexa’s speech when the voice assistant responds to a message.[651][652][653]
2019 August 8 Amazon Alexa Staff Newspaper investigation reaveals that schoolchildren in China work overnight to produce Amazon Alexa devices, with children as young as 16 being recruited by Amazon supplier Foxconn to work "gruelling and illegal hours".[654][655][656]
2019 August 18 Fulfillment by Amazon Donations Program launch Amazon launches Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) Donations, a new program to donate unsold products, after reports that millions were being destroyed.[657]
2019 August 20 Controversy Amazon is criticized by environmental groups and customers after introducing a range of plastic packaging that cannot be recycled in the United Kingdom.[658]
2019 August 21 Infrastructure Amazon opens its largest campus building globally in Hyderabad, India.[659][660][661][662]
2019 August 21 International expansion Amazon launches Hebrew language site in a bid to get Israeli vendors to sell through the company in the country.[663][664][665]
2019 September 4 International expansion Amazon introduces counter in France, with the country becoming the fourth market for Amazon’s Counter click-and-collect service in partnership with local bricks-and-mortar retailers.[666]
2019 September 17 Amazon Music Service Amazon launches Amazon Music HD, a music streaming service, competing with Spotify and Apple Music.[667][668][669]
2019 September 19 Rivian Automotive Infrastructure Amazon orders 100,000 electric delivery vehicles from start-up Rivian Automotive, in an attempt to make the company’s fleet run entirely on renewable energy.[670][671][672]
2019 September 24 Amazon Care Service Amazon launches Amazon Care, a virtual and in-person healthcare service offering both virtual and in-person care, with telemedicine via app, chat and remote video, as well as follow-up visits and prescription drug delivery in person directly at an employee’s home or office. The service is initially available to its employees in and around the Seattle area.[673][674][675]
2019 September 25 Amazon Alexa Product Amazon launches 8 new Echo devices, including All-new Echo, the Echo Flex (a plug-in smart speaker), the Echo Dot with clock, the Echo Show 8, the Echo Studio, Echo Buds (wireless earbuds), Echo Frames (all-day glasses with hands-free access to Alexa), and the Echo Loop (a smart ring that provides quick access to Alexa on-the-go).[676][677][678]
2019 October 3 Amazon Alexa International expansion Amazon expands Alexa Voice Service capabilities adding Brazilian Portuguese Echo products in Brazil.[679]
2019 October 4 Amazon Alexa Product Amazon introduces two invite-only products, an Alexa-enabled ring called Echo Loop and a pair of Alexa-enabled glasses frames called Echo Frames.[680].[681][682]
2019 October 7 Amazon Kindle Product Amazon introduces a Kindle for kids, its first-ever e-reader aimed at children.[683][684][685]
2019 October 8 Amazon Alexa Education American MOOC provider Coursera introduces Amazon Alexa skill to support learning goals. This skill give learners the ability to access course assignment and quiz scores, due dates, and progress updates by simply asking Alexa.[686]
2019 October 8 Ring Controversy Over 30 civil rights groups call on government officials to investigate Amazon Ring’s business practices and demand an end to the company’s numerous police partnerships, after these raised concerns with privacy advocates and civil liberties organizations, which claim the agreements "turn neighbors into informants and subject innocent people to greater risk and surveillance".[687][688][689]
2019 October 9 International expansion Amazon launches, giving online shoppers in Singapore access to a wider selection of offerings, and more ways to shop with Amazon on desktop, mobile browser and shopping app.[690][691][692]
2019 October 10 Sidewalk Technology launch Amazon introduces Sidewalk, a long-range wireless network designed to help customer devices work better both at a location and the neighbourhood. The system uses Bluetooth to pass signals between compatible devices, allowing share of bandwidth among neighbors, and creating a sort of network of networks that would make sure functions like outdoor smart lights and smart garage door openers stay connected when a user's Wi-Fi can't reach them.[693][694][695]
2019 October 16 Amazon Alexa Service Amazon combines its digital payments platform with Amazon Alexa to let users in India pay their utility, cable and cell phone bills through the digital assistant.[696][697][698]
2019 October 22 Amazon Fire Product Amazon introduces Fire TV and tablet app that curates news reports for the user based on his/her interests.[699][700]
2019 October 23 Amazon Alexa Service BBC launches a service allowing Alexa users to ask for specific news reports from the BBC and customize their news builletins.[701]
2019 October 29 Dash Smart Shelf Product Amazon announces the Dash Smart Shelf, a Wi-Fi-connected auto-replenishment system that can sense when supplies are running low, and automatically place an order to replenish them.[702]
2019 October 31 Amazon Alexa Product Amazon launches Alexa skill personalization features, enabling developers to provide personalized experiences, greetings, and prompts for recognized users.[703][704][705]
2019 November 19 Amazon Fire Product Amazon introduces its US$35 Fire TV Blaster, a new infrared device that works with Amazon's other gadgets to give users more voice control over their TVs.[706][707][708]
2019 November 19 Amazon Music Service Amazon introduces ad-supported free version of Amazon Music for Alexa users on Echo devices.[709]
2019 November 20 Amazon Alexa International expansion Amazon introduces its in-skill purchasing option in France, Italy, and Spain, extending the ability to monetize Alexa skills by allowing developers in those countries to create premium content that users can buy through the voice assistant while using the skill.[710][711][712]
2019 November 24 Dash Smart Shelf Product Amazon introduces a Dash Smart Shelf, aimed at small businesses.[713]
2019 December 3 Infrastructure Amazon announces several new fully managed machine learning services, including Amazon Fraud Detector, which detects anomalies in transactions, and CodeGuru, which automates code review while identifying the most "expensive" lines of code.[714][715][716]
2020 January 8 Apple Inc., Google Partnership Amazon teams up with Apple Inc., Google, and others to define a connectivity standard for smart home products and improve the ecosystem of internet-connected homes and smart home devices.[717][718][719]
2020 January 17 International expansion Jeff Bezos announces Amazon plans to create one million new jobs in India by 2025 through continued investments in technology, infrastructure, and logistics network.[720]
2020 January 20 Infrastructure Amazon rolls out a fleet of electric rickshaws in India, with the purpose to tackle climate change.[721][722][723]
2020 January 21 Infrastructure By this time, Amazon has 200,000 robots working in its warehouses.[724]
2020 February 1 Workforce By this time, Amazon employs 798,000 people worldwide, with 500,000 of them in the United States.[725]
2020 February 1 Market size Amazon reaches 150 million Prime members worldwide.[726]
2020 February 3 Subsidiary launch Amazon University Esports launches as a European collegiate esports partnership headquartered in Alicante, Spain. Founded with the support of Amazon, it includes collegiate hosts GGTech, the NUEL, and PG Esports, of Spain, the United Kingdom and Italy respectively.[727][728]
2020 February 4 Financial Amazon reaches US$1 trillion valuation after reporting earnings for its fourth quarter.[729][730][731]
2020 February 22 Policy Amazon announces ban on third-party merchants from advertising products claiming to treat or cure COVID-19, and removes fake products promising to 'kill' the virus.[732][733][734]
2020 February 24 Dematic Partnership Amazon Partners with Dematic, an American supplier of integrated automated supply chain technology, software and services. The partnership has the purpose to introduce micro-fulfillment areas to Amazon's grocery stores.[735][736][737]
2020 February 25 Service Amazon opens its first cashierless grocery store in Seattle.[738][739][740]
2020 February 28 Business model By this time, Amazon operates seven different kinds of physical stores.[741]
2020 March 3 Amazon Alexa Product Amazon Alexa introduces feature that lets users ask questions about 1,500 of the most widely prescribed drugs in the United States.[742]
2020 March 6 Price gouging Amazon announces having removed hundreds of thousands of "high-priced offers" and suspends thousands of sellers who have engaged in price gouging amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.[743][744]
2020 March 9 Product Amazon starts selling its cashier-less technology to other retailers.[745][746][747]
2020 March 12 Staff Amazon issues a guidance in response to the COVID-19 outbreak recommending all employees to work from home, if they can.[748][749][750]
2020 March 19 Staff Amazon hires 100,000 more workers to help meet a massive surge in customer demand related to the COVID-19 pandemic.[751]
Amazon distribution center in Madrid, Spain
2020 March 21 Policy Amazon announces halt of shipping non-essential products to consumers in Italy and France, as a response in regions hard hit by the COVID-19 outbreak.[752]
2020 April 2 Policy Amazon blocks sale of N95 masks and COVID-19 diagnostic kits on its site, prioritizing shipping those items to hospitals and government agencies.[753]
2020 April 15 Service Amazon launches waitlist for food deliveries amid growing demand during the COVID-19 pandemic.[754][755][756]
2020 April 20 Alibaba Group Competition Alibaba Group announces US$28.2 billion investment in cloud infrastructure, pushing competition with Amazon and Microsoft.[757][758][759]
2020 April 21 Investment Amazon invests US$10 million to help conserve or restore forests in the Northeastern United States, as part of climate change plan.[760][761][762]
2020 April 22 Infrastructure Amazon launches data center operations in South Africa.[763]
2020 April 23 Controversy An investigation finds that Amazon reportedly used data about independent sellers on the company’s platform to research and launch its own products, a practice against the company’s stated policies. The company has long stated that it doesn't use its advantage as the operator of a massive marketplace to compete with third-party sellers.[764][765][766]
2020 April 29 Pay Later Service Amazon launches Pay Later service in India. This service gives zero-interest credit to customers to buy products on the platform, as well as pay bills.[767][768]
2020 First quarter Financial Amazon records sales of US$75.4 billion in the first three months of the year, equivalent to $10,000 per second.[769][770]
2020 May 13 Amazon Fire Product Amazon launches two Fire HD 8 tablets as people are stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.[771]
2020 May 15 Amazon Lumberyard Technology launch Amazon releases freeware cross-platform game engine Lumberyard, which features integration with Amazon Web Services to allow developers to build or host their games on Amazon's servers, as well as support for livestreaming via Twitch.[772][773]
2020 May 18 Microsoft Competition Microsoft and FedEx Corporation partner to deliver packages, rivaling Amazon.[774][775][776]
2020 May 21 Amazon Food International expansion Amazon launches Amazon Food in India, a service offering online food-delivery in select pin codes of Bangalore.[777][778][779]
2020 May 21 Infrastructure Amazon opens in China its first solar energy facility, one of five renewable energy projects the company plans around the world.[780]
2020 May 25 JioMart Competition Reliance's JioMart expands to 200 Indian cities, pushing competition with Amazon and Flipkart.[781]
2020 June 23 Investment Amazon announces launch of US$2 billion climate venture capital fund to invest in climate technologies, after facing criticism about its environmental record in previous years.[782][783][784]
2020 June 25 Zoox Acquisition Amazon announces acquisition of autonomous driving startup Zoox for over US$1.2 billion.[785][786]
2020 June 26 Amazon Pay International expansion Amazon Pay launches Smart Stores in India, an initiative aimed to let offline retailers enable contactless discovery of products and online payments.[787][788][789]
2020 June 29 Amazon Prime Video Service Prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns, Amazon Prime Video introduces Watch Party, a service that provides social co-viewing experience letting up to 100 people watch a TV show or movie together in one virtual room.[790][791][792]
2020 June 30 Financial Amazon increases its worth to US$415.9 billion, boosted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and maintainins its position as the world’s most valuable brand.[793][794]
2020 July 7 Amazon Prime Video Service Amazon Prime Video launches user profiles to all customers worldwide. With profiles, Prime Video users would have access to their own Watchlist, personalized recommendations, and they'll be able to track their own viewing progress, similar to rival services, like Netflix[795][796][797]
2020 July 14 Staff Amazon launches primary care centers for warehouse workers and their families in a handful of cities in the United States. While the clinics would serve Amazon employees, they would be operated and staffed by healthcare startup Crossover Health.[798][799][800]
2020 July 23 Service Amazon begins offering auto insurance to cover two and four-wheelers in India, after making deal with Mumbai-headquartered Acko General Insurance.[801][802][803]
2020 August 10 Amazon Prime Rebranding Amazon rebrands its Twitch Prime subscription service as Prime Gaming, available at[804][805][806]
2020 August 20 DoorDash Competition DoorDash launches grocery delivery in California and parts of Midwestern United States to compete with Amazon and Instacart.[807][808]
2020 August 31 Amazon Prime Air Infrastructure Amazon is granted approval by the Federal Aviation Administration to operate its fleet of Prime Air delivery drones for unmanned package delivery services.[809][810][811]
2020 September 3 Amazon Alexa Service Amazon launches "Alexa for Residential", a new service that enables property managers to centrally manage Alexa-enabled smart home devices making it easier to offer these features to renters as added amenities.[812][813][814]
2020 September 10 Amazon Alexa Product Amazon launches Alexa Print, a printing feature that lets Echo device owners use voice commands to print out common items such as lists, recipes, games, and educational content.[815][816][817]
2020 September 15 Luxury Stores Service Amazon launches Luxury Stores on its mobile app, an online luxury department store, with Oscar de la Renta as first brand partner.[818][819][820]
2020 September 15 Walmart Competition Walmart launches Walmart+, a paid subscription service akin to Amazon Prime, for purchasing groceries along with the products Walmart carries online and in-store.[821][822]
2020 September 23 Climate Pledge Friendly Program launch Amazon launches Climate Pledge Friendly, a new climate program for certified sustainable products, helping shoppers select items that are deemed more environmentally friendly. Products would earn the “Climate Pledge Friendly” label if they have been approved by one of 19 certification programs, including Amazon’s own Compact by Design designation.[823][824][825]
2020 September 24 Ring Product Amazon's smart home security division Ring launches a range of new spherical Echo devices, a new motorized smart display, and a camera drone.[826][827][828]
2020 September 24 Amazon Luna Service Amazon announces Amazon Luna, a cloud gaming service with an initial library of around 100 titles. Users are able to stream titles wirelessly without downloading the games and can play across PC, Mac and iOS (via the web). The service has an introductory price of US$5.99 per month.[829][830][831]
2020 September 29 Amazon One Product Amazon launches Amazon One, a palm scanning system aimed to facilitate secure payments. The new palm reader is introduced as “a fast, convenient, contactless way for people to use their palm to make everyday activities like paying at a store, presenting a loyalty card, entering a location like a stadium, or badging into work more effortless. The service is designed to be highly secure and uses custom-built algorithms and hardware to create a person’s unique palm signature.”[832][833][834][835]
2020 September 29 Amazon Explore Service Amazon launches Amazon Explore, a new service that allows customers to book live, virtual experiences led by local experts. The platform utilizes its own live-streaming tools so people can take virtual tours with guides, have one-on-one lessons, and buy clothes with personal shoppers, among other activities.[836][837][838]
2020 October 12 Amazon Augmented Reality Product Amazon launches an augmented reality app that lets customers use their smartphone cameras to scan QR codes on shipping boxes and unlock an augmented reality experience.[839][840][841][842]
2020 October 13 Product Amazon launches its own COVID-19 virus testing.[843]

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