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This is a timeline of Center for Human-Compatible AI.

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2016 August Organization The UC Berkeley Center for Human-Compatible Artificial Intelligence launches. The focus of the center is "to ensure that AI systems are beneficial to humans".[1]
2016 August Financial The Open Philanthropy Project awards a grant of $5.6 million to the Center for Human-Compatible AI.[2]
2016 November 24 Publication The initial version of "The Off-Switch Game", a paper by Dylan Hadfield-Menell, Anca Dragan, Pieter Abbeel, and Stuart Russell, is uploaded to the arXiv.[3][4]
2016 December Publication CHAI's "Annotated bibliography of recommended materials" is published around this time.[5]
2017 May 5–6 Workshop CHAI's first annual workshop takes place. The annual workshop is "designed to advance discussion and research" to "reorient the field of artificial intelligence toward developing systems that are provably beneficial to humans".[6]
2017 May 28 Publication "Should Robots be Obedient?" by Smitha Milli, Dylan Hadfield-Menell, Anca Dragan, and Stuart Russell is uploaded to the arXiv.[7][4]
2017 October Staff Rosie Campbell joins CHAI as Assistant Director.[8]
2018 March Staff Andrew Critch, who was previously on leave from the Machine Intelligence Research Institute to help launch CHAI and the Berkeley Existential Risk Initiative, accepts a position as CHAI's first research scientist.[9]
2018 April 4–12 Organization CHAI gets a new logo (green background with white letters "CHAI") sometime during this period.[10][11]
2018 April 9 Publication The Alignment Newsletter is publicly announced. The weekly newsletter summarizes content relevant to AI alignment from the previous week. Before the Alignment Newsletter was made public, a similar series of emails was produced internally for CHAI.[12][13] (It's not clear from the announcement whether the Alignment Newsletter is being produced officially by CHAI, or whether the initial emails were produced by CHAI and the later public newsletters are being produced independently.)
2018 April 28–29 Workshop CHAI's second annual workshop is planned for these days.[14]

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