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This is a timeline of Cochrane, a non-profit organization aimed at providing up-to-date, accurate information about the effects of healthcare available worldwide.[1]

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1992 " Funds were provided by the UK’s National Health Service Research and Development Programme to establish the first 'Cochrane Centre', which opened in Oxford in 1992, which collaborated with others in the UK and elsewhere, and facilitated systematic reviews across all areas of medicine."[1]
1992 "In 1992, Chalmers was appointed director of the UK Cochrane Centre,[2] leading to the development of the international Cochrane Collaboration."[3][4]
1993 "Cochrane, previously known as the Cochrane Collaboration, was founded in 1993 under the leadership of Iain Chalmers."[5]
1994 Cochrane Schizophrenia Group is registered with the Cochrane Collaboration Schizophrenia Review Group, and starts collecting relevant randomized control trials and producing and disseminating these within the Cochrane Library.[6]
1997 Cochrane South Africa is established.[7]
1998 "In 1998, the Cochrane Economics Methods Group (CEMG) was established to facilitate the basing of decisions on health economics, evidence-based medicine and systematic reviews."[8]
2004 "In 2004, the Campbell Collaboration joined with the CEMG to form the Campbell & Cochrane Economics Methods Group (CCEMG)."[9][10]
2013 "In 2013 the organization published an editorial describing its efforts to train people in developing nations to perform Cochrane reviews."[11]
2016 "Data published on the Cochrane website suggest that in 2016 there are more than 37,000 contributors from over 130 countries, many of whom are authors of Cochrane Reviews."[1]
2017 "A 2017 editorial briefly discussed the history of Cochrane methodological approaches, such as including studies that use methodologies in lieu of randomised control trials and the challenge of having evidence adopted in practice."[12]
2018 "During its 2018 annual meeting, the Cochrane board expelled Peter Gøtzsche, board member and director of Cochrane's Nordic center, from the organization, telling Nature that it had received "numerous complaints" about Gøtzsche after he co-authored an article in BMJ Evidence-Based Medicine alleging bias in Cochrane's May 2018"[13]

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