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This is a timeline of Felicifia, an online forum about theoretical and applied utilitarian ethics.


Number of (public, surviving) posts on Felicifia.org by year


Year Month and date People involved Details
2006 September 3 Seth Baum Seth Baum publishes the first post on felicifia.blogspot.com, his personal blog about utilitarianism, explaining that the name of the site derives from Bentham's felicific calculus.[1]
2006 (late?) Seth Baum, David Pearce, others The first iteration of the Felicifia.com forum was launched. The site ran on the SoapBlox platform.[2]
2008 August Seth Baum Seth Baum starts a discussion on Felicifia.com about the future of the site, noting that activity has died down.[3] Several options were discussed, including launching a new site on a different platform.
2008 September Sasha Cooper Felicifia user Jinksy (Sasha Cooper) discusses different forum software options that could be used for a new version of the site.[4]
2008 October? Sasha Cooper, Ryan Carey The phpBB iteration of the Felicifia.org forum is launched.
2010 December Ryan Carey Ryan Carey proposes creating a Felicifia wiki. [5]
2011 April Ryan Carey, James Evans Ryan Carey announces the launch of Wiki Felicifia, originally hosted at felicifia.org/wiki.[6]
2011 July Ryan Carey Wiki Felicifia is moved to Felicifia.com, in lieu of the old forum.[7]
2013 April 18 The domain name for the Effective Altruism forum is first registered.[8]
2014 October Peter Hurford Peter Hurford announces that Felicifia is no longer accepting new users.[9]

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