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== Visual data ==
[[File:Quora Google Trends.png|700px|thumb|center|Google Trends data from January 2010 (launch of Quora) to January 2020, when the screenshot was taken.<ref>{{cite web |title=quora |url=https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=2010-01-04%202020-01-15&q=quora |website=trends.google.com |accessdate=15 January 2020}}</ref>]]
==Full timeline==
==Full timeline==

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The content on this page is forked from the English Wikipedia page entitled "Timeline of Quora". The original page still exists at Timeline of Quora. The original content was released under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License (CC-BY-SA), so this page inherits this license. This page has been edited significantly on the Timelines Wiki after forking and may differ significantly from the current version on Wikipedia.

This is a timeline of Quora, a question-and-answer website where questions are asked, answered, and organized by its community of users.

Sample questions

The following are some interesting questions that can be answered by reading this timeline:

Big picture

Time period Development summary More details
2010–2011 " January of 2010 and January of 2011, Quora grew a whopping 37,000% in usership, giving the website around 160,000 users at the time."[1] Quora is reviewed extensively by the media in 2010.[2][3][4]
2012 "in 2012, Quora was valued at over $400 million."[1]
2013 "Quora reported 50 percent growth"[5] "Quora released a full-text search of questions and answers"[6] "In 2013, Quora launched a blogging feature, where anyone or writers can share their knowledge"[7]
2014 Quora joins startup accelerator Y Combinator.[8] After drawing an $80 million funding from Tiger Global, the company is valued at $900 million.[6] Quora starts attracting continued controversy for using robots.txt to instruct crawlers such as the Internet Archive's Wayback Machine to not index or archive the site.[9][10]
2015 "In 2015, Quora replaced the credit system with a new mechanic with “more” or “less” high authority for questions and answers in the news feed and expert appeals. This is a simpler system to understand, which automatically ranks all posts depending on several factors: the level of expertise of the author in the desired niche, user activity, the number of direct calls to the presenter or responder, and the like."[11]
2016 "The first ad that Quora had posted was from Uber in 2016"[6] "2016 Quora became a multilingual platform"[12] "Monetization on the site appeared only in 2016, when they introduced the opportunity to advertise goods and services of third-party resources. Since then, advertising has been the only way to monetize a project, except for the sale of personal data (which is not discussed openly, but everyone does it, especially if you have specific surnames with user names)."[11]
2017 Quora reaches 200 million unique visitors every month.[13] "Quora was valued at $1.8 billion following a funding round that raised $85 million"[14] Quora World Meetup starts.[15]
2018 Quora reaches 300 million unique visitors every month.[13][16] The company introduces a program that offers incentives to users that ask questions.
2019 "But Silicon Valley now considers Quora — something of a relic of a quainter era on the internet — a $2 billion company, Recode has learned."[17]

Visual data

Google Trends data from January 2010 (launch of Quora) to January 2020, when the screenshot was taken.[18]

Full timeline

Year Month and date (if available) Event type Details
2009 June 1 Product Quora is founded by ex-Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever.
2010 January 4 Quora first launches in private beta.[19]
2010 March Funding Quora raises $11 million in a series A, with Benchmark Capital as an investor[20] The company reaches a value of US$86 million.[21]
2010 June 21 Product Quora is first launched for user access.[6][22]
2010 September "Quora adds ability to insert images, no longer just a Q&A site."[23]
2010 December As a result of the quick increase of its userbase, Quora sees spikes of visitors five to ten times its usual load—so much that the website has difficulties handling the increased traffic.[24]
2011 January Team Marc Bodnick leaves Elevation Partners to join Quora[25]
2011 February Technology Quora chooses C++ over C for its high performance services[26]
2011 June Quora redesigns the navigation and usability of its website.[27]
2011 July Product Quora introduces video to its Q&A pages[28]
2011 July Product Quora introduces Credits for asking-to-answer questions[29]
2011 August 19 In an answer to the question "How did Adam D'Angelo and Charlie Cheever come up with the name Quora?" written on Quora, Charlie Cheever states, "We spent a few hours brainstorming and writing down all the ideas that we could think of. After consulting with friends and eliminating ones we didn't love, we narrowed it down to 5 or 6 finalists, and eventually settled on Quora."[30]
2011 September Product Quora introduces threaded comments and comment voting.[31][32]
2012 May Funding Quora raises $50 million in a series B, with Peter Thiel and Adam D'Angelo as investors[20]
2012 August 1 "Quora has added a new feature that lets you see which users are reading which posts. The new feature, simply called Views, displays how many views a particular question, answer, or post has received, and you can click on the number to see even more detailed information. You'll be able to see which registered users viewed the post, as well as how they found it, whether through a particular topic or another user."[33][34][35]
2012 August 14 " Quora has changed the way it displays information on users' activity after a flood of complaints about the site's recently-introduced Views feature. When a user views a post, this action will no longer show up in other users' news feeds but views will still be displayed on post pages themselves. The site will continue to exclude adult content and searches from public display and users will still have the option of turning off Views entirely." "Quora added a new feature to its “Views” functionality that displayed data in the main Quora feed about what users were viewing on the web. Another way to say this was that others were being told about what you chose to read."[36][37][38]
2012 August "Quora launches quote embed feature" "Quora has announced what it’s calling Embedded Quotes, which is essentially a widget that makes it easier for web site owners to include Quora content in their blog posts, articles and web pages."[39][40][41]
2012 September Team Co-founder Charlie Cheever moves away from day-to-day operations at Quora and is announced as an advisor to the company.[42][43][44]
2012 November Product Quora introduces Top Writers program as a way to recognize individuals having made especially valuable content contributions to the site and encourage them to continue.[45]
2013 January Product Quora introduces a blogging platform allowing users to post non-answer content.[46]
2013 March Product Quora introduces a policy eliminating image-only answers.[47]
2013 March 20 Quora launches a full-text search of questions and answers on its website.[48]
2013 May Quora extends the feature to mobile devices.[49]
2013 May Quora announces that usage metrics tripled relative to the same time in the prior year.[50]
2013 November Quora introduces a feature called Stats to allow all users to see summary and detailed statistics of how many people had viewed, upvoted, and shared their questions and answers.[51][52]
2014 April Funding Quora raises $80 million in a series C at $900 million valuation, with Tiger Global Management and Y Combinator as investors[20][53]
2014 June Quora becomes one of the Summer 2014 Y Combinator companies.[54]
2015 November "Quora launches Writing Sessions as challenge to Reddit's Ask Me Anything"[55]
2016 January 27 Product Quora announces a bounty system, offering financial bounties for the best answer (selected by the question asker) on select questions.[56]
2016 March 30 Acquisitions Quora acquires Parlio, an online Q&A site started by Wael Ghonim.[57]
2016 April 20 Advertising Quora announces that it will start out testing advertisements, on a small number of question pages.[58]
2016 May 26 Team Marc Bodnick, Quora's public face and leader of its business and moderation team, announces that he is leaving the company.[59]
2016 June 26 "Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s Quora account hacked"[60][61][62]
2016 August Product Quora announces support for the Spanish, its second language.[63][64][65]
2016 November Team Kelly Battles announced as new chief financial officer (CFO).[66][67]
2017 January 12 Competition "Zhihu, a Quora clone, is now worth a billion dollars" "Quora, that Q&A site you used a few years back and then forgot about, is not having as much luck as its Chinese clone. Zhihu, launched two years after Quora, is now a start-up “unicorn” after it secured $100 million in series D funding."[68] "Zhihu, also known as China’s Quora, has closed a US$100 million round of funding, the company said on Thursday."[69]
2017 January 30 "We are excited to announce the first in what we plan to be a series of public dataset releases. Our dataset releases will be oriented around various problems of relevance to Quora and will give researchers in diverse areas such as machine learning, natural language processing, network science, etc. "[70]
2017 February 10 Product Quora announces major changes to how anonymity works on the site. Anonymous answers would now be delinked from the user's main account, and anonymous users would now be able to only post questions and answers and not take other actions like upvote, comment, merge questions, suggest edits, etc. Previously anonymous answers would stay up, but get delinked (users would receive an email with the anonymous edit links for their anonymous answers). Anonymous content would also be reviewed now before being circulated widely.[71][72]
2017 February 23 Quora announces it is officially using and contributing to Wikidata, a knowledge base run by the Wikimedia Foundation that is collaboratively edited like Wikipedia.[73]
2017 March Quora launches in French, its third language.[74][75]
2017 April 21 Funding Quora raises $85 million Series D at a $1.8 billion valuation, double of its Series C valuation of $900 million (where it raised $80 million). The increased valuation is attributed to hitting userbase growth goals (almost doubling from 100 million to 190 million). Investors include Sam Altman and YC Continuity, Collaborative Fund, Tiger Global, and Dustin Moskovitz.[76][77] The funding would help the company expand internationally and develop its ad business.[78]
2017 April Quora claims to have 190 million monthly unique visitors, up from 100 million a year earlier.[79]
2017 May 11 Quora launches beta versions in German and Italian.[80]
2017 May 22 Product Quora starts running with a limited number of people a beta test of video answers. Authors in this group would be able to record videos on mobile devices for their answers using the Quora iOS and Android apps.[81][82]
2017 May 23 Advertising Quora launches a self-serve ad platform. Previously, advertising on Quora was open only to a small number of select partners.[83][84][85] Initial advertiser feedback praises the interface and the cost-effectiveness but asks for larger reach and more granular targeting options.[86]
2017 August 17 Advertising Quora announces support for website retargeting on its ad platform. To avail of this, advertisers would need to install the Quora Conversion Pixel on their site (for Quora to know if a user visited their site).[87][88]
2017 August Quora is highly criticized for removing question details. According to some users, the removal of question details limits the ability to submit personal questions and questions requiring code excerpts, multimedia, or complexity of any sort that could not fit into the length limit for a URL.[89][90]
2017 September 25 Japanese Quora launches.[91]
2017 September 29 Quora rolls out Video on Quora in beta to all users. From any question, users would be able to tap the record button from the iOS and Android apps to record a new video answer.[82]
2017 October Competition "Brainly raises $14 million for its Quora-for-kids education tech" "Brainly already has 10% of the market of kids in that age group, using the company's Quora-like service to help each other learn"[92]
2018 March "Quora’s ad pixel now supports multi-event conversion tracking"[93]
2018 March "Quora launches List Match Targeting for reaching audiences based on email lists"[94]
2018 April 24 Quora announces the Quora Partner Program, with the purpose to "compensate participants for adding good questions that many people in the world may have".[95]
2018 April Quora announces beta versions in Hindi, Portuguese, and Indonesian.[96]
2018 May "Quora launches Video Answers" "Back in May, they started playing with native videos in a closed beta release. Only users in the certain groups like beauty, cooking, fitness, and parenting had access to it."[97]
2018 May 22 "Quora, the Q&A platform, is expanding its advertising offerings with the launch of image ads. Announced Tuesday, the new format is available on mobile and desktop."[98][99]
2018 June "Quora's founding CEO Adam D'Angelo on Tuesday announced a lineup of Japanese leaders in various fields, including an astronaut, an archaeologist and an expert in artificial intelligence, who are willing to become involved in the online question-and-answer forum run by his company. He made the announcement at the Global Digital Summit in Tokyo, a technology event hosted by Nikkei."[100]
2018 June 5 Quora launches service inHindi, Portuguese, and Indonesian.[101][102]
2018 August Quora introduces the ability for users to share links.[103]
2018 September Quora introduces Broad Targeting, a targeting option that relies on machine learning to optimize ad delivery to reach users most likely to take the desired action.[13]
2018 September Userbase As of date, Quora has 300 million unique users.[6]
2018 December 3 Security "Quora says 100 million users hacked"[104][105][106][107] "In December 2018 there was a security breach that damaged 100 million users of Quora."[6]
2018 November Quora ends support of user blogs and introduces a new feature called "Spaces".[108]
2019 January "Quora adds search-like keyword targeting, Auction Insights for advertisers. Keyword targeting offers the intent targeting of search and can be more granular than topic targeting. Auction Insights offer competitive visibility."[109][110]
2019 January Userbase Quora reports userbase composed of a 43/57 female to male ratio.[111]
2019 January 16 Quora announces support for Finnish, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Bengali, Marathi, and Tamil languages.[112][113]
2019 January 31 Quora launches Action Insights, a tool to help marketers understand the competitiveness of a brand’s ads in the Quora platform. The tool is composed of three new metrics, including Auctions Lost to Competition, which shows the percentage of auctions that the marketer's ad set entered but did not win an ad impression in one of the ad slots available. A second feature, Impression Share, is the percentage of auctions the ad set entered and won an ad impression. A third feature, Absolute Impression Share, is the percentage of auctions that the ad set entered and won.[114]
2019 February 27 Quora introduces the ability to bulk edit and bulk create ads within the Quora Ads Manager.[115][116]
2019 April Quora announces the integration of the Quora Pixel with Google Tag Manager, streamlining the process of adding the Pixel to a website.[117]
2019 May "Quora Launches New Business Podcast, Google Tag Manager Integration" "Quora has announced a new integration with Google Tag Manager to help streamline its data tracking tools, while its also launching a new podcast which will focus on how businesses are using Quora's ad tools to reach engaged audiences."[118]
2019 May "in May 2019, it was valued to be $2 billion in a round of investors which counted to be $ 60 million sponsored mainly by Tesla and SpaceX. "[6]
2019 August Competition "Chinese Q&A website Zhihu has reportedly completed a USD 434 million (or more than RMB 3 billion) series F funding round, the largest sum it has raised to-date, as reported by 36Kr."[119]
2019 August Quora integrates LiveRamp IdentityLink in Quora Ads Manager, enabling the advertisers to onboard people-based audiences.[120]
2019 September According to Alexa Internet, India makes up the largest user base at 38%, followed by the United States at 26%, with an overall global site ranking of 233.[121]
2019 October "Quora adds 3 new targeting options for advertisers" "Keyword history targeting. This is a blend of the existing keyword targeting and question retargeting options on Quora. You can reach people who have shown an interest in subjects related to your business based on the keywords you’re using. Your ads will target who have visited groups of question pages in a given time period, such as the past 20 days, for example. Ads display on users’ feeds, topic feeds, and question pages." "Gender targeting. If your company produces products designed specifically for men or women, this option can help you direct spend to your target customers. Quora also notes that some businesses may see improved results from messaging tailored to male and female audiences. Quora said that during the beta, some advertisers saw conversion rate lifts of up to 40% over campaigns without gender targeting. You’ll find this option located at the ad set-level under Demographic Targeting." "Browser targeting. Quora already offers the ability to target by device and mobile platforms, but now you can now target ad sets to specific desktop browsers, including Chrome, Safari and Firefox. This capability is ideal for software that is designed to be browser-specific, for example."[122]
2019 November Quora hires former Yahoo India Managing Director Gurmit Singh to lead business growth in India, one of its fastest growing markets with over 70 million monthly unique visitors in English. The company also announces the establishment of its first India office.[123][124][125]
2019 December 9 Quora announces launch in Arabic, Gujarati, Hebrew, Kannada, Malayalam, and Telugu languages.[126]
2019 December Quora announces that it would open its first international engineering office in Vancouver, which would deal with mechanical learning and other engineering functions.[127]
2019 December "Quora launches Lead Gen Forms Ads"[128]
2019 December 17 In a bid to attract the rising number of internet users in India, Quora adds Malayalam, Telugu, Gujarati and Kannada for its users in the country. With the addition, the service reaches a total of 24 languages.[129]
2020 January 1 A retired Palestinian American professor files a lawsuit against Quora at the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, alleging that she has been wrongfully banned from the website and accused of posting hate speech for her pro-Palestinian views and anti-Zionist views.[130]

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