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This is a timeline of Stripe, a San Francisco based technology company focusing on online payments and commerce infrastructure.

Big picture

Time period Development summary
2010 – 2011 Stripe is founded. During this early period, the startup raises US$2 million.[1]
2012 Stripe reaches an eight figure funding amount.[1] Its valuation first surpases US$100 million.[2]
2013 Stripe makes its first acquisition after buying Kickoff. The same year, the startup expands into Europe. Partnerships with major companies, like Facebook and Paypal are achieved. The same year, PayPal acquires Braintree, a direct Stripe competitor.
2014 Stripe reaches a nine figure funding amount, at US$ 150 million. The startup also launches in Australia. Support for Bitcoin is announced.
2015 Stripe receives the first US$ 100 million funding transaction. With Pinterest, using Stripe to power its payment processing, and Facebook using Shopify, PayPal falls behind in social commerce.
2016 Stripe first expands into Asia with its launch in Singapore, and expands into more countries in Europe. Atlas, a Stripe service, starts accepting applicants from Cuba.
2017 Stripe keeps acquiring companies. The service is launched in New Zealand. Stripe co-founder John Collison is named the youngest self–made billionaire in the world.

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Stripe coverage as of October 2017.

Full timeline

Year Month and date Event type Details
2009 (October) – 2010 (early months) Prelude Irish brothers John and Patrick Collison begin working on Stripe together, based on their debate about the difficulty to accept payments on the web. They would finally seek to solve the problem and see if it is possible to make it simple. The first transaction is achieved with a Y Combinator company called 280 North, after two weeks of building the prototype. Eventually its founder Ross Boucher (their first customer) would join Stripe as one of the first employees.[3][4]
2010 January Funding Stripe receives seed funding from Y Combinator, an American seed accelerator.[4]
2011 September 29 Founding Stripe launches publicly in the United States after an extensive private beta.[5][6]
2012 February 9 Funding Stripe raises US$18 million at a $100 million valuation from Sequoia Capital and other investors.[2][7][8]
2012 July 9 Funding Stripe receives a US$20 millions funding from General Catalyst, Sequoia Capital and Peter Thiel in Series B investment.[9]
2012 September 11 Upgrade Stripe introduces new features, including customizable billing interval, volume purchase and invoice flexibility, in order to increase competitiveness.[10]
2012 September 19 International expansion Stripe expands its service to Canada, marking its first launch outside of the United States.[11]
2012 September 28 Partnership Stripe partners with Chilling Effects, a database that collects and analyzes legal complaints and requests for removal of online materials. The partnership aims at reporting the legal complaints Stripe receives against users.[12][13][14][15]
2012 October 10 Product Stripe launches Stripe Connect, a new version of its payments service that enables users of any website to accept credit card payments.[16][17][18][19]
2013 February 5 Partnership E-commerce platform Sellfy expands its payment options to include credit card processing via Stripe. The service opens for merchants in the United States and Canada.[20][21]
2013 March 11 Acquisition Stripe makes its first acquisition after buying Kickoff, a chat and task-management app for teams.[22][23][24][25]
2013 March 21 Partnership Stripe integrates with Parse (a service offering cloud-based software developer kits that enable users to create apps for desktop, mobile, and embedded devices) in order to allow mobile developers to easily take advantage of Stripe's payment processing platform. The startup also announces update of its Android and iOS libraries for accepting payments in mobile apps.[26][27][28][29]
2013 April 30 Partnership Walmart’s food subscription service Goodies.co begins using Stripe to process payments.[30][31][32][33]
2013 July 16 Partnership Stripe partners with technology company BigCommerce –a SaaS provider for merchants running an online business, with aims at providing Bigcommerce retailers with another option to choose from to help process transactions on their site easily.[34][35][36]
2013 August 15 International expansion Stripe becomes available in the United Kingdom, the first European country.[37]
2013 August 20 Partnership Stripe partners with Atlanta-based Kabbage, a leading online provider of working capital for small businesses. Under the agreement, Stripe customers can get loans from Kabbage based exclusively on their Stripe payment processing data.[38][39][40][41]
2013 September 23 Partnership Stripe partners with Facebook, along with PayPal and Braintree in order to autofill billing info in mobile commerce apps.[42]
2013 September 26 Competition PayPal acquires Chicago-based payments gateway Braintree, a direct competitor to Stripe, for US$ 800 million.[43][44][45]
2014 February 11 Upgrade Stripe announces being available in 130 currencies. Previously, merchants could only receive money in dollar and Canadian dollars, the euro, and the British pound.[46][47][48]
2014 March 27 Upgrade Stripe CEO Patrick Collison announces that the service would support bitcoin transactions.[49][50][51]
2014 January 22 Funding Stripe raises US$80 million in funding. Investors include Founders Fund, Khosla Ventures, and Sequoia Capital, at A US$ 1.75 billion valuation.[52][53][54][55]
2014 June 22 International expansion Stripe launches in Australia.[56]
2014 December 2 Funding Stripe receives US$70 million in investment at a valuation of US$3.5 billion, with Thrive Capital joining previous investors Sequoia Capital, General Catalyst, Founders Fund and Khosla Ventures.[57][58][59][60]
2015 January 14 Upgrade Stripe introduces a machine learning-based fraud detection system.[61]
2015 January 26 Partnership Stripe partners with business and financial software company Intuit, in order to integrate its iteration of cloud accounting software QuickBooks Self-Employed, with aims at simplifying taxes for self-employed workers.[62][63][64][65]
2015 February 14 Acquisition Stripe acquires Instagram marketing firm TOTEMS.[66][67][68][69]
2015 June 9 Product Stripe launches iPhone app for monitoring payment activity.[70][71]
2015 June 17 International expansion Stripe announces expansion to Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.[72][73][74]
2015 August 20 Service Stripe announces that the tool its consumers can use to check out and make purchases online can now work, in addition to English, in Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish.[75]
2015 September 14 Product Stripe partners with Twitter and releases Stripe Relay, a set of tools meant to help retailers build native buying experiences in apps.[76][77][78][79][80]
2015 October 22 Partnership Stripe partners with German-based POS payment platform provider Payworks in order to enable Stripe users to accept payments via chip and PIN card readers in the United Kingdom.[81][82][83][84]
2016 February 24 Product Stripe launches Atlas, a platform aimed at letting startups incorporate more easily with services that include incorporation, share issuance, adding directors, setting up bank accounts and Stripe payment accounts. For US$500, Stripe will register overseas startups as a Delaware corporation, letting anyone in the world start their own business in the United States.[85][86][87][88]
2016 March 1 Partnership Stripe partners African incubators (Flat6Labs in Egypt, Knife Capital in South Africa, L5Lab in Nigeria, iSpace and MEST in Ghana, Nailab and Savannah Fund in Kenya, and Uganda’s Outbox in Uganda) to help startups incorporate in the United States, through Atlas service.[89][90][91]
2016 March 18 International expansion Atlas starts accepting applicants from Cuba, so that Cuban startups can incorporate in the United States.[92][93][94][95]
2016 June 21 Partnership Stripe expands partnership with Payworks, in order to allow Stripe merchants in Finland, France, and the United States to accept in-person EMV and contactless card payments using the Payworks platform and API.[96][97][98][99]
2016 June 25 Recognition United States President Barack Obama names Stripe CEO Patrick Collison a Presidential Ambassador for Global Entrepreneurship.[100][4]
2016 August Upgrade Stripe launches support for Apple Pay.[4]
2016 September 12 Acquisition Stripe acquires Tonic, an app development and prototyping service, with aims at boosting Stripe's developer offering. It's also revealed that Tonic would be rebranded to RunKit and would continue to operate independently.[101][102][103][104]
2016 September 19 Product Stripe launches Instant Payouts, a service aimed specifically for marketplaces to pay their contractors “within minutes” to a contractor’s existing Visa Debit or Debit MasterCard.[105][106][107][108]
2016 September 19 International expansion Stripe enters Asia with its official launch in Singapore, after being in beta in the country for nearly one year.[109]
2016 October 3 International expansion Stripe officially launches in Japan, with Sumitomo Mitsui Card Company as investor.[110][111][112]
2016 October 19 Product Stripe launches Radar, a fraud prevention technology that uses machine learning algorithm.[113][114][115]
2016 October 24 Acquisition Stripe acquires identity verification app developer Teapot.[116][117][118]
2016 November 7 Product Stripe launches Works With Stripe, a directory of about 300 apps that integrate with its payments by bringing them together. This would allow the hundreds of thousands of businesses that already use Stripe in their services can in turn use these other apps to query and analyse that data.[119][120][121]
2016 November 25 Funding Stripe raises around US$150 million in new round of funding that values the startup at about US$9 billion.[122][123][124][125]
2017 April 11 Acquisition Stripe acquires Indie Hackers, a website and community focusing on helping entrepreneurs become profitable while remaining independent.[126][127][128][129]
2017 June 1 Product Stripe launches Sigma, a new analytics tool aimed at helping businesses track payments data. Sigma would eliminate the need for Stripe customers to build their own data analytics tooling.[130][131][132][133]
2017 June 20 International expansion Stripe launches its services in the BeNeLux.[134][135]
2017 June 23 International expansion Stripe launches in six more European countries, making all of its products fully available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg.[136]
2017 July 10 International expansion Stripe launches in Hong Kong.[137][138][139][140]
2017 July 11 Partnership Stripe partners with digital payment providers Alipay and WeChat Pay with aims at enabling merchants using its platform globally to accept payments from consumers in China. With the partnership, it is expected for Chinese consumers to have a much easier way of paying for purchases from vendors in any of the 25 countries in which Stripe operates.[141][142][143][144][145][146][147]
2017 July 26 Acquisition Stripe acquires Payable, –a platform for paying contractors and handling the related tax forms–; with aims at bolstering the tax reporting tools available to its on-demand and marketplace business customers.[148][149][150][151][152]
2017 August 1 Partnership New Zealand-based software company Xero partners with Stripe in order to match transactions, helping Xero’s more than 1 million subscribers get paid faster.[153][154][155]
2017 August 1 Partnership Stripe partners with Amazon, with the purpose of allowing the online retailer process some e-commerce transactions.[156][157][158]
2017 August 22 International expansion Stripe launches in New Zealand.[159]
2017 August 24 Partnership Swedish e-commerce company Klarna partners with Stripe in order to scale its offering in the United States.[160][161][162]
2017 August 25 Partnership Transaction analytics Control partners with Stripe with aims at securing merchants transactions, by offering alerts and transaction analytics.[163][164]
2017 September 12 Partnership Actility, the provider in IoT network enablers, announces having selected Stripe as a payments partner, in order to accelerate the global roll-out of ThingPark Market.[165][166][167][168]
2017 September 25 Partnership Virto Commerce, an open source Microsoft ASP.NET based e-Commerce platform, releases module that would allow for integration with the Stripe payment API (Stripe Checkout payment module). The aim is for Virto Commerce users to take full advantage of the Stripe functionality, including customizing onboarding, setting payout timing, supporting complex money movements, and integrating with financial reporting.[169][170]
2017 October 3 Product Stripe launches Elements, a set of tools for developing and integrating checkout forms with E-commerce businesses.[171][172][173][174]
2017 October 10 John Collison, the co–founder and President of Stripe, is named the youngest self–made billionaire in the world.[175][176][177]
2017 October 31 Service Stripe automates the complicated process of doling out stock to company cofounders. The service is launched as a part of Atlas.[178][179] [180]

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