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This is a timeline of Tumblr. "Often described as Twitter meets YouTube and WordPress, Tumblr lets its users curate pictures, videos and text in one place online."[1]

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"Tumblr was founded by David Karp in 2007 as a method for people to post “tumblelogs” — essentially short-form blogs — featuring links, short paragraphs and a stream of consciousness style. It rapidly grew a wild and fractious user base, split into dozens if not hundreds of communities united by niche interests."[1]
2009 Rise to popularity Tumblr releases its first app “tumblrette” with which app users have the freedom to post to their blog whenever they want. This is considered the start of tumblr becoming very popular.[2]
2013 Acquisition Acquired by Yahoo

Full timeline

Year Month and date Event type Details
1986 ". David Karp was born in 1986"[3]
2005 March "In March 2005, a 17-year-old German high school student named Chris Neukirchen invented this tumblelog system, specifically for super-short blogging. He even used the term "tumblin'" on his site Anarchaia: The only rule for tumblelogs was that they be a single paragraph — a rule that persists on many Tumblr formats today." "Anarchaia was then followed by "Projectionist," a blog project from two Americans, Marcel Molina and Sam Stephenson"[4]
2006 June "In June of 2006, the development of tumblr began. tumblr was founded by young David Karp. tumblr became public less than a year later."[2]
2007 "In 2007, Molina received a message from Karp that he was publishing his first "Tumblr" tumbleblog, inspired by Projectionist:" "It's important to point out that Karp didn't "steal" Tumblr. His format was new and advanced the short-form blogging format in several ways."[4]
2007 February 19 Service launch In his mother's small apartment located in Manhattan, David Karp launches Tumblr as a free, simplified microblogging service that facilitates the creation of tumblelogs (a sort of short-form blogs), useful for featuring links, short paragraphs and a stream of consciousness style. It becomes useful for users who want to setup quick and easy link blogs or photo blogs.[2] The service is co-founded with Marco Arment.[5][1]
2007 November 1 Service launch Tumblr website is fully launched.[3]
2008 Late "Karp did sell 25% of his one-year-old company as part of a $4.5m funding round from Union Square Ventures and Spark Capital in late 2008."[6]
2009 February Tumblr releases its first app “tumblrette” with which app users have the freedom to post to their blog whenever they want. This was the start of tumblr becoming very popular.[2]
2009 July Growth Tumblr receives over 50 million views a month. The site reports 6 posts every second and 2 reblogs for every second and a half. Every day tumblr receives 5,000 new users and they have 9 book deals.[2]
2009 ". In 2009, Molina was hired as Twitter's 20th engineer and continues to work there. "[4]
2009 Leadership Tumblr’s CEO David Karp is named the Best Young Tech Entrepreneur by Businessweek.[7]
2011 January Tumblr reaches more than 7 million individual blogs.[8]
2011 Mid-year Financial Tumblr secures venture capital worth over $40 million.[3]
2011–2012 May 2011–2012 Competition Pinterest grows 4,377 percent in the period, while Tumblr grows a much lower 168 percent.[9]
2011 June Competition Tumblr counts 20,873,182 blogs, surpassing WordPress.com by about 85,000.[8]
2012 January 29 As of date, Tumblr hosts more than 42 million blogs, ranging from politics to music and pictures.[6] In the same month, Tumblr announces a milestone 15 billion page views every month, from the site's 120 million unique viewers.[9]
2012 February Tumblr launches in North America ‘highlighted posts’, a feature that lets users pay to get more visibility for their work.[10]
2012 March Userbase Tumblr attracts 21.8 million unique visitors in the month – a million more than February – and over 2.5 times its visitors a year earlier.[10]
2012 June Tumblr released its new and improved iOS app, where users can blog from anywhere at anytime on their mobile devices faster and more efficiently.
2012 June "tumblr had its first big ad deal with adidas. Now with big companies wanting to be featured tumblr was able to bring in more money. This proved the extent of the popularity of tumblr"[2]
2012 "There are plenty of shipping battles and canon wars, but the 100% best Homestuck-related Tumblr post came in 2012, when a user shared a story from Anime Expo that will blow your mind."[1]
2012 Year round Financial Tumblr makes about US$13 million in revenue in the year.[11]
2013 February Tumblr releases real-time notifications on user dashboards, a feature designed to increase user engagement, very similar to Facebook’s News Ticker.[12][13][14]
2013 May "In may of 2013, tumblr was purchased by the Yahoo! ceo Marissa Mayer. At this time tumblr was receiving 100 million users a day with 90 million posts to follow. Mayer scored tumblr for $1.1 billion cash and her first words were “we promise not to screw it up.”"[2] ". The site was acquired by Yahoo in 2013 and declined along with the rest of that corporate entity, and is now owned by Verizon’s Oath division. But in its prime, Tumblr was a hotbed for Weird Internet, generating unforgettable memes, crazy stories, and legendary posts. Here are some of the most notorious. Thanks to tumblr memedocumentation and Twitter user 3liza for research help."[1]
2013 May "In may of 2013, tumblr was purchased by the Yahoo! ceo Marissa Mayer. At this time tumblr was receiving 100 million users a day with 90 million posts to follow. Mayer scored tumblr for $1.1 billion cash and her first words were “we promise not to screw it up.”"[2]
2014 February Tumblr introduces Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption, a cryptographic protocol designed to provide secure communication on the web, making it harder for hackers to get users' data.[15]
2014 "One more historic event: In 2014 the President of the United States and David Karp talked about how to pronounce the word GIF"[5]
2014 "There comes a point in the life cycle of every online community when it reaches a critical mass and users make the leap into congregating online. This is always a mistake. Case in point: DashCon, created in 2014 to allow Tumblr users to meet some of their favorite content creators and enjoy special programming and performances. That… did not happen."[1]
2015 January Tumblr launches Creatrs Network, an advertising platform aimed at helping connect Tumblr bloggers with brands and other organizations that want to use Tumblr artist content in their ads and marketing.[16][17][18]
2015 November Growth Tumblr reaches over 261 million blogs and over 123 billion posts.[2]
2015 November Tumblr introduces a new function known as instant messaging, which lets bloggers connect with followers privately and contact friends. This function would lead to many collaborations between bloggers.[2][19][20][21]
2015 December "Tumblr was a home for all kinds of subcultures, including religious ones. It also was a home for “call-out posts,” where one user would put another on blast for a crime real or imaginary. One of the most epic call-outs of all time came in December of 2015 when user pastel-prouvaire issued a warning about a woman named Ender Darling for… wait for it… stealing human bones from a flooded cemetery in Louisiana. This was allegedly for use in witchcraft ceremonies, but the moral repercussions of just grabbing another human’s remains were very explicitly explained to them."[1]
2017 April 18 Tumblr launches video chat app "Cabana", which lets up to six users video chat together at the same time and stream YouTube videos to watch while chatting.[22][23][24]
2018 January In a survey by the Korea Communications Standards Commission, Tumblr is branded one of the most visited websites containing obscene material among South Korean adolescents, with 465 out of the 10,000 respondents spending 14 minutes per session on the website on average.[25]
2019 November Tumblr launches group messaging threads designed to connect people of different fandoms, a feature expected to provide a more direct bridge for users looking to discuss interests outside of the re-blogging a post. Unlike other similar community features on platforms like Facebook, which has various 'Groups' where users gravitate around interests, this group is programmed to last only 24 hours after being created.[26]

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