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This is a timeline of WeWork, an American company which provides shared workspace, community, and services for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups and small businesses.

Big picture

Time period Development summary
2008 – 2010 GreenDesk, the earliest version of WeWork, is established as a coworking business.
2010 onwards GreenDesk is sold and WeWork opens to entrepreneurs with a first location in New York City. At least thirteen funding rounds would be announced by the startup, rainsing a cumulative US$ 9.8 billion.
2014 (October) onwards WeWork goes international after opening a location in London. As of November 2017, WeWork has locations in 20 countries outside the United States.

Visual Data

Funding Rounds for WeWork, in US$.
WeWork expansion as of October 2017.

Full timeline

Year Month and date Event type Details
2001 Prelude Future WeWork CEO and cofounder Israeli–born Adam Neumann moves to the United States after serving as a navy officer in the Israeli military.[1]
2008 May Prelude Adam Neumann owns a baby clothing company, working in the same building in Brooklyn as his future cofounder, Miguel McKelvey, a lead architect at a small firm. The partially vacant building would lead to Neumann and McKelvey team up and establish GreenDesk, an "eco-friendly coworking space", aimed at entrepreneurs. GreenDesk, the earliest version of WeWork, focuses at offering a sustainable coworking space, complete with sustainable office furniture.[2][3]
2010 Creation Neumann and McKelvey sell Green Desk and WeWork opens its doors to entrepreneurs at its first location in [{w:SoHo, Manhattan|SoHo]].[3]
2011 April WeWork Labs is launched. This would function as a startup incubator within WeWork’s network. WeWork Labs provides an open workspace with the goal of encouraging collaboration between entrepreneurial members.[3]
2011 October 25 Funding WeWork receives US$1,000,000 investment in Seed Round.[4]
2012 January 30 Funding WeWork receives $6,850,000 investment in Seed Round.[4]
2012 January 30 Expansion WeWork opens its first space in Los Angeles.[3]
2012 February WeWork Labs relocates at 175 Varick Street, SoHo.[3]
2012 May Expansion WeWork has already four offices in New York and one in Los Angeles. A first space in San Francisco is announced, and would hold approximately 100 entrepreneurs, designers and developers.[3]
2012 July 1 Funding WeWork receives $17,000,000 investment in Series A funding round.[4][3]
2013 May 1 Funding WeWork receives $40,000,000 investment in Series B funding round.[4][3]
2013 October 20 Funding WeWork receives $150,000,000 Series C funding round.[4]
2014 February Expansion WeWork launches two coworking locations in Washington D.C. and one more location in Seattle.
2014 October Expansion (international) WeWork opens its first international location in London’s South Bank.[3]
2014 December 15 Funding WeWork receives US$355,000,000 in Series D funding round. T. Rowe Price, Goldman Sachs. 6 investors.[4][5][6][7]
2015 May Partnership WeWork partners with Chase with the purpose to offer WeWork members discounted rates and premium customer service with Chase Paymentech, whose payment platforms support businesses of all sizes to process payments, including credit, debit, and digital, alternative, mobile payment options.[8][9][10]
2015 June 1 Team WeWork announces Time Warner Cable Chief financial officer Artie Minson Artie Minson as President and Chief Operating Officer.[11][12][13]
2015 June 25 Funding WeWork receives US$433,934,331 in Series E funding round. Glade Brook Capital Partners. 4 investors.[4]
2015 July Partnership WeWork partners with New York real estate developers, Boston Properties and Rudin Management, to build the WeWork’s first ground-up project at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.[3]
2015 August 5 Acquisition WeWork acquires New York–based CASE, a building information and technology consultancy firm.[14][15][16][17]
2015 October Legal WeWork announces it would hire Union cleaners due to pressure from labor organizers after settling a two-month dispute with its janitorial staff and the Service Employees International Union. Previously, WeWork had fired more than 90% of its contracted cleaners in New York city, following a lengthy dispute over pay and working conditions.[18][19][20][21]
2015 December Expansion WeWork has 54 coworking spaces in New York City, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Miami, Chicago, Austin, Berkeley, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle. International locations include London and Amsterdam, along with new locations in Tel Aviv and Herzliya in Israel.[3]
2016 March 9 Funding Chinese firms Legend Holdings and Hony Capital invest US$430 million in WeWork Series F funding round, putting the company’s new valuation at US$16 billion. Both firms would facilitate WeWork’s access to the Chinese market.[22][23][24][25]
2016 March 18 Acquisition WeWork acquires Welkio, a digital sign-in system for guests at an office.[26][27][28][29]
2016 April 4 Service WeWork launches WeLive in New York city, a service under termed co–living concept – analogous to coworking, by renting out shared living spaces.[30][31][32][33]
2016 October 12 Funding Shanghai Jin Jiang International Hotels, one of China’s largest hotel companies, puts up US$260 million towards WeWork’s Series F round of financing, bringing its total venture capital to $1.7 billion and valuing WeWork at US$16.9 billion. The investment completes a US$690 million funding round started in March 2016.[34][35][36][37]
2017 February 26 Funding Japanese telecommunications company Softbank invests US$ 3 billion in WeWork Private Equity Round and Secondary Market investment round.[4]
2017 April 25 Service WeWork partners with global customer service software company Zendesk and launches WeWork Service Store, a software-only platform that aggregates business software and services for members.[38][39][40][41]
2017 June 1 Investment WeWork invests in Brave Initiatives, a non-profit organization that provides programs for high school girls.[42]
2017 June 7 Acquisition WeWork acquires Fieldlens –a mobile communication system for the construction industry, in order to help manage construction operations.[43][44][45][46][47]
2017 June 13 Investment WeWork invests in Victor Tech inc., a Chicago-based company that developed an app to connect former soldiers to a mental health program, job services and other veterans groups and meetups.[42][48]
2017 July 5 Expansion (international) WeWork enters India, opening a 2,200-seater community workspace in Bangalore.[49][50][51][52]
2017 July 10 Funding WeWork raises US$760 million in a new Series G funding round, putting the coworking company's valuation at US$20 billion according to sources close to the deal.[4][53][54][55]
2017 July Expansion (international) WeWork announces debut in Japan with 10 to 20 Tokyo workspaces.[56][57][58][59]
2017 July 14 Expansion (international) WeWork opens space in São Paulo, its first in Brazil.[60]
2017 August 6 Acquisition WeWork acquires Singapore-based counterpart Spacemob, with the purpose ox expanding in South East Asia.[61][62][63][64][65]
2017 August 11 Acquisition WeWork acquires Tel Aviv based company Unomy, in order to help its team sell enterprise clients on the idea of opening offices in its workspaces around the world.[66][67][68][69][70]
2017 August 25 Funding Japanese telecommunications company Softbank announces a US$4.4 billion investment in WeWork, with US$3.3 billion to buy WeWork shares, and the rest towards fueling the company’s expansion in Asia.[71][72][73][74]
2017 September 12 Legal WeWork files a complaint with New York’s Southern District Court, alleging that China-based UrWork is guilty of trademark infringement, under the argument is that UrWork is a name that is far too similar to WeWork given that both companies operate in the coworking industry.[75][76][77][78]
2017 October Partnership Wework partners with Airbnb with aims at allowing business travelers using Airbnb for housing to also use WeWork to book a desk, conference room, or other office amenities nearby.[79][80][81][82]
2017 October 17 Partnership WeWork announces partnership with real estate firm, Embassy, with the purpose of expanding the co-working brand into India.[83][84]
2017 October Service WeWork opens first permanent gym, in Manhattan.[85][86][87][88]
2017 November 5 Service WeWork opens kindergarten in New York with aims at teaching entrepreneurship. The students, all between five and eight years old, have already taken classes on sales techniques, brand-building, and supply and demand.[89][90][91][92]

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