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Full timeline

Year Month and date (if available) Event type Organization type Industry or target demographic Details
1990 Launch Job portal/search engine Information technology Dice.com, a service for job search in the information technology industry, launches as a bulletin board system (this is before the World Wide Web).[1]
1994 January Launch Job portal/search engine Monster.com, an online job portal and job search engine, launches. It is based in and primarily serves the United States. (Launch date is from the Wikipedia page, but that page includes no reference).
1995 Launch Job portal/search engine CareerBuilder, an online job portal and search engine, launches with the name Netstart in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. It would be renamed CareerBuilder three years later.[2]
1996 Launch Job portal/search engine Nonprofits and volunteering Idealist.org is launched by Ami Dar. The website would include information on jobs and internships in the nonprofit sector, as well as volunteering opportunities.[3] An earlier version, called the Contact Center Network, had been launched in 1995.
1996 Launch Job portal/search engine Information technology Dice.com, a website for job search in the information technology industry, launches. The service previously existed as a bulletin board system.[4]
1996 Launch Job portal/search engine Academia HigherEdJobs.com is launched as a job portal for higher education (college/university) jobs.[5] It would become a leading general-purpose academic jobs portal.[6][7]
1996 September 12 Launch Job portal/search engine Government jobs USAJobs, a job portal by the United States government that allows for searching for open jobs across federal government agencies, launches.[8]
1997 Launch Job portal/search engine Architecture Archinect, a website for architects, that incudes a job board, launches.[9]
1997 March Launch Job portal/search engine Naukri.com, an online Indian job portal, launches in Noida, India.[10]
1999 Launch Contract work matching Elance, a website that matches companies with independent professionals to do contract work, launches.[11]
2000 Launch Job portal/search engine Mathematics The American Mathematical Society, in collaboration with the Mathematics Department at Duke University, launches mathjobs.org, a portal for mathematics jobs, that facilitates the process of applying for jobs, submitting recommendation letters, and reviewing job applications. This is focused on jobs in academic mathematics in the United States.[12]
2003 Launch Contract work matching oDesk, a company that helps companies connect with independent contract workers for (usually remote) tasks, launches.[13][14]
2003 May 5 Launch Professional networking LinkedIn, a professional social networking website, launches (the company was founded on December 28, 2002). LinkedIn would grow to become one of the most important means for people to discover and contact each other professionally, both for job search and business collaboration, and a person's LinkedIn profile would serve as a de facto resume.
2003 July 1 Launch Job portal/search engine High-paying jobs TheLadders.com, a job portal for high-end jobs ($100K+ annual salary) launches.[15]
2004 Launch Job portal/search engine Indeed.com, an online job portal and job search engine, launches. Originating in America, it would eventually serve a worldwide audience.
2005 Launch Job portal/search engine SimplyHired, an online job portal and job search engine, launches.
2005 Launch Job portal/search engine LinkUp, a job search engine that scrapes available jobs from company employment pages directly (and therefore covers jobs not explicitly posted or advertised to its service) launches as Fetscher.
2007 Launch Job portal/search and job information/review site Glassdoor, a website that provides job reviews and information and allows people to search for jobs, launches.
2008 Launch Contract work training and matching Low-income workers Leila Janah founds Samasource.
2009 (?) Launch Job advertising Information technology Stack Overflow starts showing job ads tailored to applicant's interests. (uses Adzerk?).
2009 Launch Contract work matching Freelancer.com, a global crowdsourcing marketplace website, which allows potential employers to post jobs that freelancers can then bid to complete, launches.
2009 November 20 Job portal/search engine Government jobs The first Wayback Machine snapshot of sarkariexam.com, a website that provides information on Indian government jobs, is from this date.[16]
2010 Launch Job portal/search engine Jobs2Careers, a service that bills itself as a "programmatic marketplace to find talent", launches.[17]
2010 Launch Job advertising, job portal/search engine ZipRecruiter launches as a tool to help small businesses distribute job postings affordably.[18]
2011 February Launch Job matching Bright.com, a company and eponymous website that uses a computer algorithm to determine a potential employee's fitness for an advertised position, launches.[19][20][21]
2011 – 2012 Launch Job portal/search engine Philosophy The PhilPapers Foundation launches PhilJobs, a job portal for philosophers at any level of training. PhilJobs would later merge with Jobs for Philosophers, a long-standing publication of the American Philosophers Association, to form PhilJobs:JFP.[22]
2012 Launch Job portal/search engine The first Wayback Machine snapshot of the 80,000 Hours High Impact Job Board is from this day.[23] It appears that the job board gets taken down some time between late 2012 and 2014, and the next snapshot of it after 2012 is from May 13, 2017, with a new design.[24]
2012 April/May Launch Job matching Information technology Hired.com, a job matching site focused on the information technology industry, launches with the name Developer Auction.[25] The platform allows job-seekers as well as companies to create profiles, and hides a job-seeker's profile from his or her own company, so that people who already have jobs can seek new ones. It offers a 1% annual salary per month payment plan, to allow young, cash-strapped startups to hire and to better align its own incentives with those of employers.[26]
2013 January Launch Job-seeker credential building Information technology TalentBin launches. It is a "search engine" for talented people that picks up their digital tracks (on sites like Stack Exchange) to sell to recruiters.[27]
2013 December 18 Merger Contract work matching Elance and oDesk announce a merger, creating Elance-oDesk.[28][29]
2014 February Acquisition Job matching LinkedIn acquires Bright.com, a job matching website, for $120 million.[30]
2014 August 26 Launch Job portal and job distribution platform Job platform ZipRecruiter takes its first outside funding, of $63 million in a Series A round led by Institutional Venture Partners.[31] ZipRecruiter facilitates employers distributing jobs to multiple job sites such as Indeed, Monster, Glassdoor, as well as social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and to monitor the results from all of them on ZipRecruiter.
2014 September Launch Job portal/search engine College students Wayup, a service that helps college students find side jobs, launches its website and service. It is initially called Campus Job.[32]
2015 May 5 Relaunch Contract work matching Elance-oDesk relaunches its product with the name Upwork.[33][34]
2015 Launch Job matching Information technology Triplebyte, a job matching site initially catering to Y Combinator startups but later expanding to other technology companies, launches. It has a similar payment model as Hired, but differs in that it does extensive pre-screening of candidates and provides the potential employer with a report of the candidate's strengths and weaknesses, thereby reducing the need for initial screenings by employers. The company also focuses on using its knowledge of candidates as well as employers to improve efficiency and reduce bias in the hiring process.[35][36][37]
2016 February 4 Acquisition Job matching LinkedIn acquires Connectifier, a web application that helps companies with their recruiting.[38]
2016 March 3 Launch Job portal/search and job information/review site Comparably launches its platform for employment and salary information, that is billed a "Glassdoor competitor".[39]
2016 October 6 New product Indication of job interest People discreetly looking for a job LinkedIn launches Open Candidates, a feature that allows users to signal to recruiters that they are looking for a job. The feature allows only those recruiters using LinkedIn's premium-tier service to see whether a user is using Open Candidates.[40]
2017 February 15 New product Job advertising In the United States and Canada, Facebook launches a feature to search for jobs. The feature allows businesses to post job openings through the status update composer, and allows users to apply to those job postings.[41][42][43][44]
2017 June 20 New product Job search engine Google launches an "AI-powered" job search engine that searches across online job boards such as LinkedIn, Monster, WayUp, DirectEmployers, CareerBuilder and Facebook and others.[45]
2017 July 18 New product Job applicant tracking tool Companies hiring workers Google announces the launch of Hire as part of its G Suite for companies. The tool helps companies keep track of applicants in the hiring process.[46][47]

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