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This is a timeline of Salesforce, a San Francisco-based enterprise cloud computing company that distributes business software on a subscription basis. Salesforce is best known for its Customer Relationship Management (CRM) products.

Big picture

Time period Development summary
2000 Salesforce launches its web-based service.[1]
2003 Dreamforce, one of the most iconic parts of the Salesforce ecosystem, is launched.[2] Salesforce records its first profitable quarter.[1]
2004 Salesforce completes its initial public offering of stock,[1] and becomes the most highly valued cloud computing company in the United States, with a market capitalization of US$ 50 billion.[3] Salesforce Ohana is launched.[2]
2005 Salesorce develops AppExchange, a service that would have great impact in the business software.[2][3][1]
2012 Salesforce Marketing Cloud is released.[2]
2013 Salesforce takes a focus on mobile, with over 55% of people on earth owning a smartphone in 2013.[2]
2015 Salesforce increases the number of acquisitions. The company ranks as number 2 in the World’s Most Innovative Company ranking by Forbes Magazine.[4]
2016 Salesforce goes on a record buying spree, with a total of twelve acquisitions.
2017 Salesforce slows its pace of acquisition, with the purpose of focusing on generating growth from its prior deals, especially in the artificial intelligence market.[5] Revenues for the year are calculated at US$8.39 billion. Salesforce ranks as number 2 in the World’s Most Innovative Company ranking by Forbes Magazine.

Full timeline

Year Month and date Event type Details
1999 March Foundation salesforce.com is founded in a one bedroom apartment in Telegraph Hill, San Francisco, by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez as a company specializing in software as a service (SaaS).[6][2][2] The purpose is to sell Customer relationship management software to customers over the internet, using central servers to store customer data rather than sell them packaged goods.[3]
1999 April 1 Funding Salesforce receives US$517,000 in its first funding round, with Marc Benioff as lead investor.[7]
1999 June 1 Funding Salesforce receives US$3,776,504 in its second funding round, with technology entrepreneur Halsey Minor as lead investor.[7]
1999 November 1 Funding Salesforce receives US$13,171,620 in its third funding round.[7]
2000 February 7 Salesforce launches its namesake SFA (sales force automation) application and kicks off "The End of Software" campaign.[6][8][3][1]
2000 November Salesforce moves to One Market Street in San Francisco.[2]
2001 June 1 Funding Salesforce receives US$46,910,000 in its fourth funding round.[7]
2001 Marc Benioff assumes role as Salesforce CEO after John Dillon is fired. Salesforce adds marketing and customer support to the SFA system. Customers grow to 3,500 with 53,000 users.[6]
2002 Salesforce introduces the Enterprise Edition, Online Edition and the E-Business Suite. Customer acquisitions grow to 5,700 customers and 76,000 subscribers.[6]
2003  ? Event Salesforce’s biggest event, Dreamforce, is first held, with around 1,300 people attending.[3]
2003 Salesforce grows to over 400 employees in the United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Germany, Spain, France and Australia and grows customer base to 8,700 customers and 127,000 subscribers.[6]
2004  ? Launch Salesforce Ohana is launched.[2]
2004 June Salesforce goes public on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock symbol CRM, raising $110 million.[6][3][9]
2005 January 31 Salesforce reaches 675 employees, 13,900 customers and 227,000 subscribers.[6]
2006 Launch Salesforce launches Apex, an object oriented programming language for Salesforce developers.[3]
2006 April 11 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Sencia, a wireless infrastructure provider. Salesforce also announces the launch of AppExchange Mobile using Sendia’s technology.[10][11][12][13][14]
2006 August 22 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Kieden, a San Francisco-based search marketing software firm.[10][15][16][17][18][19]
2007 September Launch Salesforce announces Force, a new platform aimed at allowing developers to create database driven applications and deploy them as services. VisualForce is also announced as a set of tools that would allow developers to build applications for multiple devices (tablets, iphone, etc.) and add HTML, AJAX and Flex to Force applications.[3][20]
2007 April 10 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Koral Technologies, a company that delivers content-management applications for the business Web.[10][21][22][23]
2007 November A series of successful phishing attacks on Salesforce compromises contact information on a number of customers. The phishing breach is cited as an example of why the CRM industry needs greater security for users against such threats as spam.[24][25][26]
2008 January Launch Salesforce announces force.com Cloud Computing Architecture, a platform designed to simplify the development and deployment of cloud based applications and websites.[3][27]
2008 August 19 Acquisition Salesforce acquires InStranet for $31,500,000, and integrates its technology with its existing CRM customer service and support offering. InStranet provides knowledge management software for call centers.[10][28][29][30][31][32]
2009 January Salesforce services become unavailable for at least 40 minutes, affecting thousands of businesses.[24]
2009 November Launch Salesforce launches Chatter, a service aimed at allowing companies to collaborate in real time with a secure, private social network for their business.[3][33][34][35]
2009 December 11 Acquisition Salesforce acquires GroupSwim, a provider of on-demand social software for businesses.[10][36][6]
2009 December Acquisition Salesforce acquires Informavores, a United Kingdom-based company that specializes in simplifying process management. Salesforce Force.com Visual Process Manager is based on technology acquired from Informavores.[10][37][38]
2010 December 7 Launch Salesforce launches database.com, a cloud database for its web-based app developers. The service enables users to focus on building apps, instead of managing databases.[3][39][40][41][42]
2010 April 21 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Jigsaw –a Wikipedia-style crowd-sourcing model service that delivers up-to-date business contact data, for US$ 142 million.[10][43][44][45][46]
2010 May 28 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Vancouver–based Sitemasher, a cloud-based website platform that enables developers, large organizations, and service providers to offer cost-effective, data-driven, custom websites to their customers.[10] [47][48]
2010 September 24 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Activa Live, an enterprise chat startup. Activa Live is the developer of Activa Live Chat, an enterprise, on-demand live chat software that offers live site visitor interaction.[10][49][50][51][52]
2010 December 8 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Heroku, a cloud platform that powers Ruby on Rails apps, for $212 million.[10][53][54][55][56]
2010 December 21 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Etacts, an e-mail contact management startup, for an undisclosed amount.[10][57][58][59][60]
2011 January 6 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Dimdim, a web conferencing platform, for approximately US$31 million. The purchase is aimed at using DimDim’s real-time communication technologies in Salesforce's social collaboration platform, Chatter.[10][61][62][63]
2011 February 1 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Manymoon, a company that adds additional productivity and collaboration tools to web apps like Gmail and Google Apps.[10][64][65][66][67]
2011 March 30 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Radian6, a social media monitoring and marketing application company, for US$ 340 million.[3][68][69][70][10]
2011 August 26 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Israeli SaaS encryption provider Navajo Systems, for US$30 million.[10][71][72][73][74]
2011 September 21 Acquisition Salesforce acquires help desk service firm Assistly, for US$50 million. Assistly is focused on letting small businesses set up and deliver social enabled customer service.[10][75][76][77][78]
2011 November 14 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Model Metrics, a consulting firm that helps enterprise organizations accelerate the adoption of cloud computing.[10][79][80][81]
2011 December 15 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Rypple, a web-based social performance management platform that helps managers and employees improve performance.[10][6][82][83][84]
2012 September Product Salesforce releases Marketing Cloud, a suite that combines the social media analytics and social media marketing technologies gained through the acquisitions of Radian6 and Buddy Media.[3][85][86]
2012 May 1 Acquisition Salesforce acquires collaboration tool company Stypi, whose realtime editor allows multiple users to make changes to a document at the same time.[10][87][88][89][90]
2012 June 4 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Salesforce Buddy Media for US$ $649,000,000.[10][6]
2012 June 18 Acquisition Salesforce acquires enterprise perks management startup ChoicePass, which allows smaller companies to access corporate perks, such as entertainment and shopping discounts.[10][91][92][93][94]
2012 June 25 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Seattle-based Thinkfuse, a startup that allows companies to send regular progress reports to managers, executives and other stakeholders.[10][95][96][97][98]
2012 July 9 Acquisition Salesforce acquires GoInstant for US$ 70 million. GoInstant allows people to surf the web with each other without having to download an extra plugin or software.[99][100][101][10]
2012 November 23 Acquisition Salesforce acquires predictive analytics company Prior Knowledge.[10][102][103][104]
2013  ? Launch Salesforce releases Salesforce1, which allows a user to wrap all customer related information within a consistent platform.[3]
2013 Salesforce rolls out the Salesforce1 platform, with the goal to open up access to as much information that the user access on a computer. The platform gives access, in addition to favorite Salesforce Apps, to custom applications and integrations, as well as AppExchange Apps.[2]
2013 February 6 Acquisition Salesforce acquires French-based EntropySoft, a startup that offers content integration solutions.[10][105][106][107][108]
2013 May 9 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Clipboard, a web content clipping and sharing service, for US$ 12 million. Clipboard lets users highlight things from around the web and “clip” them into a digital storage locker for later perusal.[10][109][110][111]
2013 June 4 Acquisition Salesforce acquires ExactTarget for US$ $2,500,000,000.[10][6]
2013 June 7 Acquisition Salesforce acquires business intelligence and analytics company EdgeSpring, whose technology helps build analytics applications for business intelligence data such as sales and financial performance.[10][6][112][113][114]
2014 October 13–16 Event With 135,000 attendees from over 91 countries registered, Dreamforce 2014 becomes the largest and most sought-after software event in the world.[3][115]
2014 October 13 Launch Salesforce launches Wave, an Analytics Cloud package. The service lets companies link data from different business departments, like sales, operations or management, into Salesforce's system, then lets them analyze it visually on mobile devices and computers via the internet.[3][116][117][118][119]
2014 July 11 Acquisition Salesforce acquires RelateIQ for US$ $390,000,000.[10]
2014 October Update Salesforce announces the development of its Customer Success Platform to tie together Salesforce's services, including sales, service, marketing, analytics, community, and mobile apps.[120]
2015 April 1 Acquisition Salesforce acquires mobile authentication firm Toopher, an Austin, Texas-based security software startup. Toopher developed a mobile app for two-factor authentication that people can use to successfully log in to web services.[10][121][122][123]
2015 May 29 Acquisition Salesforce acquires smart calendar startup Tempo AI, whose app connects to a user’s calendar, contacts, and other apps to provide helpful information and suggestions.[10][124][125][126][127]
2015 July 31 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Paris-based company Kerensen Consulting for US$ $24,200,000. Kerensen is a leading cloud consulting firm in Europe, which has helped hundreds of European Companies move to the cloud.[10][128][129][130]
2015 September 2 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Chicago digital-design firm AKTA, which specializes in user experience and user interaction, helping companies think through technology and product strategy.[10][131][132][133]
2015 September 15 Salesforce announces new internet of things cloud.[134][135]
2015 December 14 Acquisition Salesforce acquires MinHash, a company that specializes in marketing intelligence.[10][136][137][138][139]
2015 December 23 Acquisition Salesforce acquires quote-to-cash vendor SteelBrick for US$ $360,000,000. SteelBrick sells software for automating quote-to-cash tasks, including Configure Price Quote.[140][141][142][143][10][6]
2016 January 22 Acquisition Salesforce acquires YOUR SL.[10]
2016 February 19 Acquisition Salesforce acquires PredictionIO.[10]
2016 April 4 Acquisition Salesforce acquires MetaMind for US$ $32,799,999.[10]
2016 May 9 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Implisit.[10]
2016 June 1 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Demandware for US$ $2,800,000,000.[10][6]
2016 July 21 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Coolan.[10]
2016 August 1 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Quip for US$ $750,000,000.[10][6]
2016 August 15 Acquisition Salesforce acquires BeyondCore for US$ $110,000,000.[10]
2016 September 7 Acquisition Salesforce acquires HeyWire.[10]
2016 September 30 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Gravitytank.[10]
2016 October 3 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Krux for US$ $800,000,000.[10][6]
2016 December 14 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Twin Prime.[10]
2017 January 25 Acquisition Salesforce acquires Sequence.[10]
2017 March 6 Partnership Salesforce announces partnership with IBM. The deal would give Salesforce customers direct access to structured and unstructured data from Watson's artificial intelligence platform. In another component of the deal, IBM is expected to begin using the Salesforce Service Cloud internally.[144][145][146]
2017 August 11 Recognition Salesforce is ranked as number 1 in the World’s Most Innovative Company ranking by Forbes Magazine.[147]
2017 August 22 Revenue Salesforce announces having breached the $10 billion revenue run rate, becoming the first enterprise cloud company to do so.[148][149][150][151]
2017 August 30 Partnership Salesforce deepens partnership with IBM after unveiling new set of joint products that brings more data integration to customers.[152][153][154]
2017 October 2 Launch Salesforce launches Impact Fund, a $50 million initiative aimed at accelerating the growth of startups that are using Salesforce technology to address problems.[155][156][157][158]
2017 October 3 Update Salesforce updates Financial Services Cloud for the retail banking segment. The addition of retail banking capabilities are aimed at creating a product that is more focused on a bank's customer-facing staff.[159][160][161]
2017 November 5 Partnership Salesforce and Google sign collaboration with aim at providing easier integration between Salesforce tools and Google’s G Suite and Google Analytics.[162][163][164][165]
2017 November 6 Update Salesforce adds predictive capabilities and automated chatbots to its Einstein AI platform. The new features are aimed at users rather than programmers, and can be configured with a few clicks. The Einstein platform allows users to click through a setup guide to build, train, and deploy AI models.[166][167][168][169]

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