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This is a timeline of the rationality community (sometimes also called the "rationalist community").

Big picture

Full timeline

Year Month and date Event type Details
1998 January 15 Wei Dai announces the creation of the "everything" mailing list, a mailing list for the discussion of modal realism.[1][2]
1996 November 18 Eliezer Yudkowsky writes the first version of "Staring into the Singularity".[3]
2000 February 6 The first email is sent on SL4 ("Shock Level Four"), a mailing list about transhumanism, superintelligent AI, existential risks, and so on.[4][5]
2000 July Machine Intelligence Research Institute is founded as the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence.[6]:3
2006 November Robin Hanson starts Overcoming Bias.[7]
2009 February Eliezer Yudkowsky starts LessWrong using as seed material his posts on Overcoming Bias.[8]
2010 July 23 The LessWrong user Roko publishes "Solutions to the Altruist's burden: the Quantum Billionaire Trick". The ideas in this post came to be known as "Roko's basilisk".[9][10]
2012 The Center for Applied Rationality is founded.
2013 February 13 Scott Alexander publishes the first post on his new blog, Slate Star Codex.[11]
2015 August 28 The subreddit r/SneerClub is created as a place to "sneer" at the rationality community. (Connection to RationalWiki?)[12]
2016 Vaniver, Anna Salamon, et al. begin the "LessWrong revival"
2016 May The Open Philanthropy Project awards a grant of $304,000 over two years to CFAR's Summer Program on Applied Rationality and Cognition (SPARC).[13]
2016 July The Open Philanthropy Project awards a grant of $1,035,000 over two years to CFAR.[14]
2016 August The Open Philanthropy Project awards a grant worth $500,000 to Machine Intelligence Research Institute. The grant writeup notes, "Despite our strong reservations about the technical research we reviewed, we felt that awarding $500,000 was appropriate for multiple reasons".[15]
2017 June 18 The "Welcome to Lesswrong 2.0" post is made on the lesserwrong.com domain.[16]

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