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===How the timeline was built===
===How the timeline was built===
The initial version of the timeline was written by [[User:FIXME|FIXME]].
The initial version of the timeline was written by [[User:Issa|Issa Rice]].
{{funding info}} is available.
===Feedback and comments===
===Feedback and comments===

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Big picture

Time period Development summary More details

Full timeline

Year Month and date Topics Details
calculus IB math (calculus)
IB math HL (random topics)
2014 September proof-based calculus math 134
proof-based calculus, math 135
multivariable calculus, linear algebra? math 136
real analysis/point-set topology math 334
real analysis math 335
2016 April complex analysis Complex analysis
2016-2017 long hiatus
2017 October 19 – December 8 Machine learning I went through Andrew Ng's Coursera course.[1]
2018 April Computability, logic First pass through Boolos/Burgess/Jeffrey's Computability and Logic.
2018 May Linear algebra Axler's Linear Algebra Done Right.
2018 June Causal inference
2018 July PCA, multivariable calculus (differentiation, chain rule)
2018 July Michael Nielsen's article about spaced repetition is published,[2] and I begin to incorporate spaced repetition into my study routine.
2018 August logical induction, game theory, Aumann's agreement theorem, information aggregation in markets, belief propagation
2018 September belief propagation, game theory, computability, real analysis
2018 October real analysis, linear algebra

Meta information on the timeline

How the timeline was built

The initial version of the timeline was written by Issa Rice.

Feedback and comments

Feedback for the timeline can be provided at the following places:


What the timeline is still missing

Timeline update strategy

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  1. Issa Rice (December 27, 2017). "Machine learning study log". Issa Rice. Retrieved November 25, 2018. 
  2. http://augmentingcognition.com/ltm.html