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This is Sebastián Sánchez. I am Wikisanchez in both English and Spanish Wikipedia. I work for Vipul Naik as content creator. A diary with notes is being written in User:Sebastian/notes


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New timeline

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  • Timeline of search engine optimization
    • I see two rows for seraphim proudleduck for 2004; combine into one?✔
    • I see two rows for Google starting to use browsing history in 2005; combine into one?✔
    • The last row for Yoast SEO seems superfluous; as I understand it, the June 23, 2020 date is just the date of the latest release rather than any special landmark in the tool's history. I suggest removing it.✔
    • Maybe add a row on the launch of MozCast (the Google Algorithm Weather Report)? You can copy the row from timeline of Google Search.✔


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Other (not requested):

Outside Timelineswiki

  • Wikihow work (Vipul's complete list of pages: [6]):

Works on Subwiki

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Priority work from Vipul

By July 15, 2020

  • New timeline: Timeline of infection control; this timeline should cover ideas in infection control like qurantines, cordon sanitaire, social distancing, contact tracing, hand washing, etc. There will be some overlap with timeline of epidemiology but it will be much more focused on the practical steps involved with infection control, using pandemics and epidemics as illustrative cases for how good the practice is at any given time.

By August 15, 2020

By October 1, 2020

  • Timeline of vaccines (Expansion started on June 1, 2020): Expand, restructure, add columns and in particular make it a more useful timeline for people trying to understand vaccines in order to understand the prospects for a coronavirus vaccine.

By December 1, 2020

By February 1, 2021

By May 1, 2021

By September 1, 2021

Not ready

Moved out of priority work

  • Timeline of Neuralink (Agreed on March 1)
    • Sebastian: Cover staff
    • Sebastian: Add Wikipedia Views and Google Trends data.
    • Sebastian: Add a sample questions section.

Returned with feedback

  • Timeline of SpaceX (Expansion started on June 3, 2020)
    • Vipul: I think the big picture should include a row for the period from 2001 to 2006.
    • Vipul: I suggest restructuring the big picture to have a single row for the 2017 to 2020 period, and then have a "Highlights by year" version of the big picture that has a summary row for each year. Currently the big picture starts off at multi-year granularity, and ends up at single-year granularity, which isn't ideal (I think).
    • Vipul: Can you add Wikipedia views and Google Trends? For Wikipedia Views, I'd like information not just for SpaceX Wikipedia page but also for Wikipedia pages related to SpaceX (I can guide more on this).✔
    • Vipul: Talk more about competition, e.g,, the Jeff Bezos-backed Blue Origin, and possibly others?✔
    • Vipul: Possibly include a few more background events before 2001 on the history of space flight, and the role, or lack thereof, of private companies in space flight?✔
    • Vipul: Perhaps add a row on Musk selling/leaving PayPal in 2001 (which explains him switching to SpaceX) and other companies he is working on (to provide more context on his time-split and conflicts of interest)?✔


Pending expansion

Pending timeline

Other pending work:

To propose

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Subwiki projects

Subwiki purpose: "Mostly for in-depth exploration/understanding of specific topics, but still not in any sequence (so people can jump directly to a specific page)". Read this: [32]

  • Build summaries for organelles based on this model [33]
  • A table of plasmodia

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