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=== New timeline ===
=== New timeline ===
* [[Timeline of GiveDirectly]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of index funds]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of Animal Equality]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of cognitive behavioral therapy]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of the United States Agency for International Development]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of the World Bank]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of Schistosomiasis Control Initiative]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of pollution in Delhi]] (Tentative payment accepted. Minor addition of 4 rows introduced)
* [[Timeline of pollution]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of Malaria Atlas Project]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of pollution in India]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of pollution in China]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of AlphaGo]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of cloud computing]] (Tentative payment accepted)
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This is Sebastián Sánchez. I am Wikisanchez in both English and Spanish Wikipedia. A diary with notes is being written in User:Sebastian/notes


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New timeline

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Other (not requested):

Works on Wikipedia


Other (not requested, not under contract, not presented for payment update):

Works on Subwiki

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Currently working or in plan to work

- Wi-Fi calling (for both timelines)- The nature of mobile phone voice and data plans, and how these have evolved over time - Cellular connectivity in underground areas, such as subways (I have some example events in https://timelines.issarice.com/wiki/Timeline_of_Bay_Area_Rapid_Transit - Move to IPv6 - tethering and hotspots created by mobile phones are worth mentioning, maybe in both timelines )

Pending expansion

Pending timeline

Other pending work:

To propose

Subwiki projects

Subwiki purpose: "Mostly for in-depth exploration/understanding of specific topics, but still not in any sequence (so people can jump directly to a specific page)". Read this: [31]

  • Build summaries for organelles based on this model [32]
  • A table of plasmodia