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This is Sebastián Sánchez. I am Wikisanchez in both English and Spanish Wikipedia. A diary with notes is being written in User:Sebastian/notes


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Priority work from Vipul

By the beginning of next year (January 1, 2020)

By February 15, 2020

Expansions for:

Include themes such as the changes to the relative costs and benefits of recycling versus trash, the introduction of single-stream recycling, China's "National Sword" policy and its impact on global recycling, the UN's work on solid waste management, impacts of plastic waste on ocean plastic pollution. See also Our World in Data on plastic pollution and plastic pollution on Wikipedia for some data on the latter.

For the timeline of recycling, it would be good to add a separate column on the type of material being recycled (metal, plastic, glass, paper/cardboard) so that it's easier to understand trends by the type of material.

Not ready

Returned with feedback

  • Timeline of NTT Docomo:
    • Add coverage of Mydaiz, the digital assistant
  • Timeline of 5G: I added some section headers and made a slight update to the sample questions. A few further requests:
    • Add Wikipedia Views data: across devices at and maybe also a comparison of generations:[0]=1G&pages[1]=2G&pages[2]=3G&pages[3]=4G&pages[4]=5G&allmonths=allmonths-api&language=en&drilldown=human
      (look at the chart that does not break down by device; did the chart July 2015 onward because some of the data before that is missing for some of the pages and we can't fill that in)
    • Add Google Trends data: again, it may be worth comparing the generations on Google Trends as well
    • In the "Summary of all cellular network generations" maybe add a column for the spectrum range (the upper and lower frequencies in the band) so that the quantitative comparison of the generations is clearer
  • Timeline of malnutrition
    • " I'd like to see more coverage of malnutritions and severe nutrient deficiencies, specifically, when they were first identified, and when the nutrient for them was identified (e.g., scurvy being identified as due to vitamin C deficiency, rickets being identified as due to vitamin D deficiency, etc.)"
  • Timeline of Bitcoin: Really great work on this! A few minor points
    • Add a column in the full timeline for country or region, so that we can sort by it and get groups of events by country. Many events won't be country-specific, so this field will be blank for those rows.✔
    • Add a section in the big picture that gives a big picture by country, which gives a summary of how Bitcoin evolved in each of the main countries of action (United States, Japan, South Korea, China).
    • For the full timeline rows involving subreddits, the subscriber counts should be updated to reflect current values, rather than the counts as of June 12, 2017. Please include the date (e.g., January 5, 2020, if that's when you do it) and replace June 12, 2017 by that date.
    • Update the Mentions on Google Scholar and GitHub repositories sections to go up to 2019
    • Add charts for Bitcoin price, Bitcoin Wikipedia pageviews, and Google Trends
  • Timeline of GiveWell
    • You can defer this to the end, but I'm listing it first because you may want to keep it in mind as you make the other changes: I think the big picture might be too detailed, and also has a non-uniform structure. What I'm thinking is to have two sections in the big picture, one for the really big picture and one for highlights by year (the latter is like what you currently have). For the really big picture, I am thinking of these time periods: 2006-2008 (founding, controversies, initial struggles), 2009-2010 (site visits, growth in money moved, stabilization), 2011-2012 (injection of Good Ventures money, standardization of annual cycles), 2013-2014 (move to San Francisco, growth of GiveWell Labs), 2015 onward (separation of GiveWell Labs, renaming as Open Phil, more growth of GiveWell the organization (minus GiveWell Labs/Open Phil)). Basically I want this big picture to give a zoomed-out story and not be too bogged down in specifics of money moved.
    • I suggest removing the growth of GiveWell tables for now, because we should ultimately get a newer version of this table from the data in Org Watch. But we can wait till we have better data from Org Watch before removing.
    • It might be worth adding Wikipedia view and Google Trends✔ data similar to that in timeline of Bay Area Rapid Transit.
    • Using guidance at domain names in timelines, add rows for the registration/transfer to GiveWell of,, and I believe GiveWell first started out at only, then acquired and moved to that as their main domain, and more recently acquired which they redirect to
    • Maybe add a row for creation of the Wikipedia page✔
    • GiveWell used to have a wiki -- talk about the launch and later removal of the wiki?
    • Cover the 2019 board membership changes
    • Maybe cover more past board membership changes
    • More staff changes should be included. In particular, the joining of Alexander Berger and Natalie Stone, the joining of Chelsea Tabart, the eventual departure of Holden and Alexander as they switch fully to the Open Philanthropy Project, the departure of Chelsea Tabart. Also departure of Chelsea Tabart.
    • Cover the October 2019 office move from San Francisco to Oakland (unfortunately the only reference for the date of move is the GiveWell November 2019 newsletter, but this doesn't seem to be visible on the web).
    • Cover more of the discussion/debate with Giving What We Can, particularly in the initial years
    • Cover the evolution of GiveWell's cost-effectiveness analysis (there may also be some more blog posts not linked from that page)
    • Cover to a greater extent the recognition of GiveWell by donors of various sizes, when they donate using GiveWell recommendations. For instance, Mr. Money Mustache and maybe Jeff Kaufman/Julia Wise, Allan Saldanha also perhaps mainstreaming of GiveWell recommendations through their inclusion in holiday giving guides in mainstream media publications
    • Cover the launch of the GiveWell mailing list on Yahoo! groups✔, and the eventual sunsetting of that and moving to Google Groups, and then the launch of the GiveWell newsletter (which I think is a separate mailing list)


Pending expansion

Pending timeline

Other pending work:

To propose

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Subwiki projects

Subwiki purpose: "Mostly for in-depth exploration/understanding of specific topics, but still not in any sequence (so people can jump directly to a specific page)". Read this: [31]

  • Build summaries for organelles based on this model [32]
  • A table of plasmodia

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