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This is Sebastián Sánchez. I am Wikisanchez in both English and Spanish Wikipedia. I work for Vipul Naik as content creator. A diary with notes is being written in User:Sebastian/notes


Note: Read general policies related to payment for new and existing timelines [1]

New timeline

Remove from list when updated to contract work page [2] and [3].

  • Timeline of 5G (tentative payment accepted)
    • Somewhere in the big picture, maybe talk about the two main bands of 5G: millimeter wave✔, which is faster but has less range, and sub-6GHz, which is quite similar to 4G LTE and only slightly faster.✔
    • Then, in the various rows of full timeline where applicable, clarify whether the 5G rollout uses millimeter-wave or sub-6GHz✔/✘ (Sebastian: Not 100% complete. Probably with more time and research, blank sections could be filled)
    • Talk about dynamic spectrum sharing and its use to recycle 4G spectrum for 5G. Also, talk about how 5G is being built largely on 4G infrastructure and 5G phones often use 4G LTE for some aspects e.g., see✔ (Sebastian: I mentioned this on the big picture due to lack of dates which would allow me to locate events on the full timeline. Return if necessary)
  • Timeline of NTT Docomo (tentative payment accepted)
    • Add charts for stock price✔ and market cap✘ (so far I couldn't find the csv files)
    • The Google Finance chart for stock price shows a drop in 2002; is this because of a stock split or a change in calculation methodology? It would be good to include details of a stock split if there was one✔
    • Add a separate row for the London Stock exchange delisting (it is currently mentioned as an aside in another row)✔



Remove from list when updated to contract work page [4] and [5].

  • Timeline of HTTPS adoption (Due date on March 1, 2020. Late and incomplete) (Tentative payment accepted)
    • Use to give the dates that various Google products moved to 100% HTTPS (exclude Google Drive which appears to have been at 100% HTTPS before the first available date of the report, and exclude things that are still not at 100% HTTPS✔/✘ (Vipul: capture the Json from the network panel to confirm the dates)
    • Cover the launch of✔ (see the launch blog post
    • Cover the launch of sites like and their purposes✔
    • See if there is online discussion of why software sites like,✘(it appears to be already using https), and✘(so far I haven't found discussion on this) still use plain HTTP
    • Add Wikipedia Views✔ and Google Trends✔ data.
  • Timeline of Quora (Expansion started on 11 January 2020‎) (tentative payment accepted)
    • Add the recent Quora layoffs announcement.✔
    • Sebastian: Add a sample questions section.✔
  • Timeline of Bitcoin (Tentative payment accepted)
    • Vipul: What I meant with the Reddit subscriber counts was a little different: rather than having a separate row giving the subscriber count for the main reddit, edit the existing rows for the creation of various subreddits, to give the subscriber count as of today (rather than as of June 12, 2017, or whenever the subscriber count was last updated). So can you remove the row for March 19, 2020 and make updates to the rows for individual subreddits?✔
    • Vipul: Add Bitcoin Core version 0.19.1 row (released March 9, 2020)✔
    • Vipul: I see some values of "Policy" and "Regulation" for the event type. Should some of these be changed to "Official response (regulation)" or something similar, for consistency?✔
    • Vipul: Take a look at the commented-out portion right below the "Full timeline" section header -- perhaps this should be moved to "What the timeline is still missing" if it is still missing? And the rest can be removed.✔ (Sebastian: some of these have been addressed, but they need evaluation by Issa)
    • Sebastian: I added more sample questions.

Other (not requested):

Works on Wikipedia


Other (not requested, not under contract, not presented for payment update):

Works on Subwiki

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Priority work from Vipul

By May 15, 2020

  • Timeline of influenza: Expand to include more comprehensive coverage of flu epidemics and pandemics, and in general cover more events. Interest in influenza (and in pandemics in general) is increasing in 2020 because of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • New timeline: Timeline of infection control; this timeline should cover ideas in infection control like qurantines, cordon sanitaire, social distancing, contact tracing, hand washing, etc. There will be some overlap with timeline of epidemiology but it will be much more focused on the practical steps involved with infection control, using pandemics and epidemics as illustrative cases for how good the practice is at any given time.

By July 1, 2020

  • Timeline of vaccines: Expand, restructure, add columns and in particular make it a more useful timeline for people trying to understand vaccines in order to understand the prospects for a coronavirus vaccine.

By August 1, 2020

By October 1, 2020

Expansions for:

By January 1, 2021

By April 1, 2021

Not ready

Moved out of priority work

  • Timeline of OpenAI (this expansion started on February 23, 2020): Expand to cover recent developments. In particular:
    • Sam Altman becoming CEO of OpenAI
    • This coverage of OpenAI✔ and Elon Musk's reaction
    • Based on the coverage of OpenAI above, see if there are other expansions and edits that should be done to past events in the timeline✔
    • Sebastian: Add a sample questions section.
    • Sebastian: Cover staff. Useful to know not only who is involved but what are the different roles in the organization.✔
    • Sebastian: Add Wikipedia Views✔ and Google Trends✔ data.
    • Sebastian: Cover all research papers[7].
    • Sebastian: Cover all Milestone Releases[8].
    • Sebastian: Cover the blog[9].
  • Timeline of Neuralink (Agreed on March 1)
    • Sebastian: Cover staff
    • Sebastian: Add Wikipedia Views and Google Trends data.
    • Sebastian: Add a sample questions section.

Returned with feedback

  • Timeline of GiveWell (Expansion started on 2 December 2019)
    • Domain names: When talking about the original registration of and, you should mention that these are different organizations than the GiveWell of this page
    • compare this and this it looks like GiveWell acquired the domain between April 23 and May 25, 2010; I can't pinpoint a more precise date, but it would be worth adding this row even with the imprecise time range
    • Similarly, see if you can use the Wayback Machine to find out when GiveWell acquired and set it to redirect to
    • For the 2019 board membership changes it would be good to have a single, consolidated row that describes the controversy around the board membership changes, and discussion of it
    • For other board membership and staff changes, my suggestion would be to only keep changes for which something more can be said than just the name of the person joining. For instance, if GiveWell did a blog post about the role and filling it in. Or if the person would later do something significant, or would end up staying at GiveWell for a long time period. And include more details on why and how it's significant, in the timeline row itself.
    • For citations, rather than having the citation link in a separate row at the bottom, how about having it at the end of the quote, or at the end of the para before the quote? That will make the page a bit more compact.
    • For Wikipedia Views, try to get the chart going back further; I know that only "desktop" data will be available before July 2015 but even that could be illustrative.
  • Timeline of malnutrition
    • The "vitamin deficiency" should go parenthetically under "Undernutrition" in the category column and the event type column could be something like "Discovery"
    • " I'd like to see more coverage of malnutritions and severe nutrient deficiencies, specifically, when they were first identified, and when the nutrient for them was identified (e.g., scurvy being identified as due to vitamin C deficiency✔, rickets being identified as due to vitamin D deficiency✔, etc.)"
    • Sebastian: cover all vitamin deficiencies.
    • Sebastian: cover discoveries of all vitamins.
    • Sebastian: Add Google Scholar table


Pending expansion

Pending timeline

Other pending work:

To propose

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Subwiki projects

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  • Build summaries for organelles based on this model [36]
  • A table of plasmodia

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