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Timeline of global health

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| 1893 || Publication || The International List of Causes of Death, a predecessor to the [[wikipedia:International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems|International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems]], is adopted. It is based on the classification of causes of death that was used by the City of Paris, which represented German, English, and Swiss classifications.<ref name=ghh/> || ||
| 1887 || Organization || A one-room laboratory is created as an experiment within the Marine Hospital Service (MHS), which is charged with preventing people with cholera, yellow fever, and other diseases from entering the United States. This would eventually morph into the [[wikipedia:National Institutes of Health|National Institutes of Health]] (NIH), a group of institutes and centers that funds $30 billion annually in biomedical research as of 2016. It is the world's biggest funder of biomedical research.<ref name="Encyclopedia of Epidemiology">{{cite book|last1=|first1=|title=Encyclopedia of Epidemiology|edition=Sarah Boslaugh|url=|accessdate=20 March 2017}}</ref><ref>{{cite web|title=History|url=||accessdate=20 March 2017}}</ref
| 1902 || Organization || The [[wikipedia:Pan American Health Organization|Pan American Health Organization]] is established as the Pan-American Sanitary Bureau in response to [[wikipedia:yellow fever|yellow fever]] epidemics.<ref name=markel /><ref name=ghh/> || [[wikipedia:Yellow fever|Yellow fever]] (initially) ||

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