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Table of timelines
Welcome to the Timelines Wiki!
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This wiki stores timelines on various topics. You can see a list of timelines in the table below. You can also see a [[Special:ListUsers|list of users who contribute to the wiki]].
Funding information is recorded on This wiki has a [ Vipul Naik's contract work portalgroups/TimelinesWiki/ Facebook group]. The "Payment" column there counts only task-specific payments. If the timeline was written under a stipend, the actual cost could be higher. This wiki has and a [ Facebook groupsubreddit] where you can check out new timelines and give feedback.
[[User:Issa|Issa Rice]] hosts this wiki.
==Table of timelines==
{| class=The "sortable wikitableCreation month"! Timeline subject !! Focus area !! Creation refers to the month !! Number when the first round of rows !! Monthly pageviews !! Monthly pageviews work on Wikipediaa timeline was completed.|-| [[Timeline The "Number of Against Malaria Foundation|Against Malaria Foundation]]| Miscellaneous health| {{dts|April 2017}}| style=rows"text-align:right;counts only rows in the " | 104|| style=full timeline"text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline section of Airbnb|Airbnb]]the page.| Tech company| {{dts|August 2014}}| style="text-align:right;The " | 56|| style=Total payment"textcolumn below counts only task-align:right;" | 1specific payments. If the timeline was written under a stipend,400|-| [the actual cost could be higher. Funding information is taken from [ of Alzheimer's disease|AlzheimerVipul Naik's diseasecontract work portal]]| Disease| {{dts|August 2016}}| style="text-align:right;" | 49|||-| . See also the [[Timeline of Amazon Web Services|Amazon Web Services]]| Miscellaneous technology| {{dts|June 2016}}| style="text-alignhttps:right;" | 88|| style="text-align:right;" | 900|-| [[Timeline of Amazon//|Amazon/]php?venue=Timelines+wiki venue page for Timelines Wiki], which lists only work that appeared first on Timelines Wiki (i.e. does not include the work that first appeared on Wikipedia).| Tech company| {{dts|January 2016}}| style=The "text-align:right;Monthly pageviews" | 48|| style="text-align:right;" | 2,700|-| [[Timeline of animal welfare comes from Google Analytics and rights|Animal welfare and rights]]| Animal welfare and rights| {{dts|April 2016}}| style="text-align:right;" | 69|||-| [[Timeline reports the total pageviews from the past 30 (or possibly 31) days regardless of animal welfare and rights when a page was created. Once Issa learns how to work the Google Analytics API better, he will probably do something more interesting for this column. These pageviews exclude those from logged in Europe|Animal welfare and rights in Europe]]| Animal welfare and rights| {{dts|May 2016}}| style="text-align:right;" | 87|||-| [[Timeline users of animal welfare and rights in the United States|Animal welfare and rights in wiki. For aggregate monthly pageviews, see the United States]]| Animal welfare and rights| {{dts|May 2016}}| style="text-align:right;Timelines Wiki" | 57|||-| row on [[Timeline of Bay Area Rapid Transit|Bay Area Rapid Transit]]|| {{dts|May 2017}}| style="text-alignhttps:right;" | 139| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation|Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation]//].| Miscellaneous health| {{dts|May 2017}}| style=The "text-align:right;" | 68|| style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of Bitcoin|Bitcoin]]| Cryptocurrencies and blockchains| {{dts|June 2017}}||||-| [[Timeline of bladder cancer|Bladder cancer]]| Disease| {{dts|October 2016}}| style=Monthly pageviews on Wikipedia"text-align:right;" | 27|||-| [[Timeline of brain cancer|Brain cancer]]| Disease| {{dts|August 2016}}| style="text-align:right;" | 49|||-| [[Timeline of cardiovascular disease|Cardiovascular disease]]| Disease| {{dts|August 2016}}||||-| [[Timeline of Carl Shulman publications|Carl Shulman publications]]|| {{dts|June 2017}}| style="text-align:right;" | 83| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of cellular agriculture|Cellular agriculture]]| Miscellaneous technology| {{dts|June 2016}}||||-| [[Timeline of cervical cancer|Cervical cancer]] || Disease || {{dts|September 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of Chagas disease|Chagas disease]] || Disease || {{dts|February 2017}}|-| [[Timeline of Chinese immigration only applies to pages that were originally created on Wikipedia. Here the United States|Chinese immigration to the United States]]| Migration| {{dts|May 2017}}| style="text-align:right;" | 29| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of cholera|Cholera]] || Disease || {{dts|April 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of colorectal cancer|Colorectal cancer]] || Disease || {{dts|September 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of CRISPR|CRISPR]]| Biomedical research/miscellaneous health| {{dts|June 2017}}| style="text-align:right;" | 69| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of deworming|Deworming]] || Disease || {{dts|April 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of digital preservation|Digital preservation]]| Miscellaneous technology| {{dts|January 2017}}| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" | 380|-| [[Timeline of diphtheria|Diphtheria]]| Disease| {{dts|May 2017}}| style="text-align:right;" | 47|||-| [[Timeline of DNA sequencing|DNA sequencing]]| Miscellaneous health| {{dts|April 2017}}| style="text-align:right;" | 76| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of DOS operating systems|DOS operating systems]] || Miscellaneous technology || {{dts|October 2008}} || || |||-| [[Timeline of Dropbox|Dropbox]] || Tech company || {{dts|April 2016}}|-| [[Timeline pageviews are calculated from at most 12 months of data (i.e-commerce|E-commerce]] || Miscellaneous technology || {{dts|August 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of electricity adoption|Electricity adoption]]| Miscellaneous technology| {{dts|June 2017}}| style="text-align:right;" | 62| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of . it is the environmentalist movement|Environmentalist movement]]|| {{dts|July 2017}}| style="text-align:right;" | 107| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of Facebook|Facebook]]| Tech company| {last min{dts|July 2010}}| style="text-align:right;" | 153| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of Gavi12, the Vaccine Alliance|Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance]]| Miscellaneous health| {{dts|June 2017}}||||-| [[Timeline number of GitHub|GitHub]]| Tech company| {{dts|July 2016months since page creation}}||||-| [[Timeline months worth of GiveWell|GiveWell]]| Charity evaluator| {{dts|March 2017}}||||-| [[Timeline of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis pageviews data) and Malaria|The Global Fund is normalized to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria]]30 days.| Miscellaneous health| {{dts|May 2017}}| style="textThe table was last generated on 2019-06-align:right;" | 5901.| style="text<!-align:right;" || style="text-alignWARNING:right;" ||-Do not manually edit this table. This table is produced using| [[Timeline of global health|Global health]] || Miscellaneous health || {{dts|April 2016}}an automated script. The script does not check for manual changes|-| [[Timeline of Google Search|Google Search]] || Miscellaneous technology || {{dts|February 2014}} || || |||-| [[Timeline of healthcare in China|Healthcare in China]] || Healthcare by country || {{dts|May 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of healthcare in Cuba|Healthcare in Cuba]] || Healthcare by country || {{dts|July 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of healthcare in Egypt|Healthcare in Egypt]] || Healthcare by country || {{dts|July 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of healthcare in Ethiopia|Healthcare in Ethiopia]] || Healthcare by country || {{dts|October 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of healthcare in France|Healthcare in France]] || Healthcare by country || {{dts|October 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of healthcare in Germany|Healthcare in Germany]] || Healthcare by country || {{dts|July 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of healthcare in India|Healthcare in India]] || Healthcare by country || {{dts|May 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of healthcare in Italy|Healthcare in Italy]] || Healthcare by country || {{dts|October 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of healthcare in Japan|Healthcare in Japan]] || Healthcare by country || {{dts|May 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of healthcare in Kenya|Healthcare in Kenya]] || Healthcare by country || {{dts|July 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of healthcare in Nigeria|Healthcare in Nigeria]] || Healthcare by country || {{dts|July 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of healthcare in Russia|Healthcare in Russia]] || Healthcare by country || {{dts|October 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of healthcare in South Africa|Healthcare in South Africa]] || Healthcare by country || {{dts|October 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of healthcare in to the Democratic Republic of table, so any changes you make will be overwritten the Congo|Healthcare in nexttime the Democratic Republic of the Congo]] || Healthcare by country || {{dts|October 2016}}script runs. The script automatically finds all pages on|-| [[Timeline of healthcare in the United Kingdom|Healthcare in the United Kingdom]] || Healthcare by country || {{dts|December 2016}}|-| [[wiki starting with "Timeline of hepatitis|Hepatitis]] || Disease || {{dts|February 2017}}|-| [[Timeline of hospitals|Hospitals]] || Miscellaneous health || {{dts|September 2016}}" so any timeline you write will|-| [[Timeline of immigrant processing and visa policy automatically be included in the United States|Immigrant processing and visa policy in the United States]] || Migration || {{dts|March 2017}}|-| [[Timeline of immigration enforcement in table the United States|Immigration enforcement in next time the United States]] || Migration || {{dts|March 2017}}script|-| [[Timeline of influenza|Influenza]] || Disease|-| [[Timeline of Instagram|Instagram]] || Tech company || {{dts|April 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of Intel|Intel]] || Tech company || {{dts|February 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of kidney cancer|Kidney cancer]] || Disease|-| [[Timeline of leukemia|Leukemia]] || Disease|-| [[Timeline of LinkedIn|LinkedIn]] || Tech company || {{dts|April 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of liver cancer|Liver cancer]] || Disease|-| [[Timeline of lung cancer|Lung cancer]] || Disease|-| [[Timeline of Lyft|Lyft]] || Tech company || {{dts|June 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of lymphoma|Lymphoma]] || Disease || {{dts|August 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of Machine Intelligence Research Institute|Machine Intelligence Research Institute]]| Miscellaneous technology| {{dts|July 2017}}| style="text-align:right;" | 156| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of machine learning|Machine learning]] || Miscellaneous technology || {{dts|June 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of machine translation|Machine translation]] || Miscellaneous technology || {{dts|February 2014}}|-| [[Timeline of malaria|Malaria]]| Disease| {{dts|April 2016}}| style="text-align:right;" | 144| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of malaria vaccine|Malaria vaccine]]| Miscellaneous health| {{dts|May 2017}}| style="text-align:right;" | 27| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of measles|Measles]] || Disease|-| [[Timeline of melanoma|Melanoma]] || Disease|-| [[Timeline of Microsoft|Microsoft]] || Tech company || {{dts|January 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of Monsanto|Monsanto]] || Other company || {{dts|August 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of mosquito net distribution|Mosquito net distribution]]| Miscellaneous health| {{dts|April 2017}}| style="text-align:right;" | 43| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of runs. For more information, see the National Institutes of Health|National Institutes of Health]] || Miscellaneous health || {{dts|March 2017}}|-| [[Timeline of Netflix|Netflix]] || Tech company || {{dts|May 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of nonprofit evaluation|Nonprofit evaluation]] |||-| [[Timeline of Nordstrom|Nordstrom]] || Other company || {{dts|July 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of online advertising|Online advertising]] || Miscellaneous technology|-| [[Timeline of online dating services|Online dating services]] || Miscellaneous technology || {{dts|June 2015}} || || |||-| [[Timeline of online food delivery|Online food delivery]] || Miscellaneous technology|-| [[Timeline of online job search and professional networking|Online job search and professional networking]]| Miscellaneous technology| {{dts|May 2017}}| style="text-align:right;" | 33script repository at| style="text-alignhttps:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of online video|Online video]] || Miscellaneous technology|-| [[Timeline of optical character recognition|Optical character recognition]] || Miscellaneous technology|-| [[Timeline of pancreatic cancer|Pancreatic cancer]] || Disease|-| [[Timeline of PayPal|PayPal]] || Tech company || {{dts|August 2014}}|-| [[Timeline of Pinterest|Pinterest]] || Tech company || {{dts|August 2014}} || || |||-| [[Timeline of plague|Plague]] || Disease|-| [[Timeline of poliomyelitis|Poliomyelitis]] || Disease|-| [[Timeline of Quora|Quora]]| Tech company|| style="text-align:right;" | 20| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of Reddit|Reddit]] || Tech company || {{dts|May 2015}}|-| [[Timeline of senescence research|Senescence research]]| Miscellaneous health| {{dts|May 2016}}| style="text-align:right;" | 31| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of site search|Site search]]| Miscellaneous technology| {{dts|May 2017}}| style="text-align:right;" | 8| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of Snapchat|Snapchat]] || Tech company || {{dts|September 2014}}|-| [[Timeline of social media|Social media]] || Miscellaneous technology|-| [[Timeline of sovereign states in North America|Sovereign states in North America]] |||-| [[Timeline of sovereign states in Oceania|Sovereign states in Oceania]] |||-| [[Timeline of speech and voice recognition|Speech and voice recognition]] || Miscellaneous technology|-| [[Timeline of Square|Square]] || Tech company || {{dts|November 2015}}|-| [[Timeline of stroke|Stroke]] || Disease|-| [[Timeline of TempleOS|TempleOS]]| Miscellaneous technology| {{dts|March 2017}}| style="text-align:right;" | 83| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of Tesla Motors|Tesla Motors]] || Tech company || {{dts|November 2015}}|-| [[Timeline of tetanus|Tetanus]]| Disease| {{dts|May 2017}}| style="text-align:right;" | 41| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of tuberculosis|Tuberculosis]] || Disease|-| [[Timeline of Twitch//|]] || Tech company || {{dts|June 2016}}|com/riceissa/timelines-| [[Timeline of Twitter|Twitter]] || Tech company || {{dts|January 2014}}|wiki-| [[Timeline of typhoid fever|Typhoid fever]] || Disease|main-| [[Timeline of typhus|Typhus]] || Disease|page-table| [[Timeline of Uber|Uber]]| Tech company| {{dts|June 2015}}| style="text-align:right;" | 70| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||->| [[Timeline of UNICEF|UNICEF]]| Miscellaneous health| {{dts|May 2017}}| style="text-alignUser:right;" | 77|||-| [[Timeline of Valve Corporation|Valve Corporation]] || Tech company || {{dts|August 2016Issa/Main page automated}}|-| [[Timeline of web analytics|Web analytics]] || Miscellaneous technology|-| [[Timeline of web search engines|Web search engines]] || Miscellaneous technology|-| [[Timeline of WhatsApp|WhatsApp]] || Tech company || {{dts|May 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of Wikimedia analytics|Wikimedia analytics]]|| {{dts|September 2016}}| style="text-align:right;" | 50| style="text-align:right;" || style="text-align:right;" ||-| [[Timeline of Xiaomi|Xiaomi]] || Tech company || {{dts|June 2016}}|-| [[Timeline of yellow fever|Yellow fever]] || Disease|}

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