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Table of timelines
The "Total payment" column below counts only task-specific payments. If the timeline was written under a stipend, the actual cost could be higher. Funding information is taken from [ Vipul Naik's contract work portal].
The "Monthly pageviews" comes from Google Analytics and reports the total pageviews from the past 30 (or possibly 31) days regardless of when a page was created. Once Issa learns how to work the Google Analytics API better, he will probably do something more interesting for this column. Note that these These pageviews do not necessarily exclude those views from the writers logged in users of the page (unless they explicitly block Google Analytics), which can dominate the pageviews especially for recent timelineswiki.
The "Monthly pageviews on Wikipedia" only applies to pages that were originally created on Wikipedia. Here the pageviews are calculated from at most 12 months of data (i.e. it is the last min{12, number of months since page creation} months worth of pageviews data) and is normalized to 30 days.

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