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Timeline of bacteriology

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| 1854–1920 || This period is known as the "golden age of microbiology", in which standardized microbiological techniques are developed and most of the disease-causing bacteria are discovered. Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch stand out as the great scientists in the field.<ref name="Textbook of Microbiology"/>German physician Robert Koch introduces the science of microorganisms to the medical field, identifying bacteria as the cause of infectious diseases and process of fermentation in diseases. French Scientist Louis Pasteur develops techniques to produce vaccines.
| 1940s || The genetics of bacteriophage begin to be studied vigorously, after the development of techniques for the study of bacteriophage infection in single bacteria.<ref name="The Evolution of Genetics">{{cite book|last1=Ravin|first1=Arnold W.|title=The Evolution of Genetics|url=}}</ref>

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