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Table of timelines: document procedure simplification
an automated script. The script does not check for manual changes
to the table, so any changes you make will be overwritten the next
time the script runs. To make manual changes, The script automatically finds all pages onthe underlying CSVwiki starting with "Timeline of" so any timeline you write willfile must automatically be editedincluded in the table the next time the scriptruns. For more information, see the scriptrepository at
If you want Issa to add a timeline to the table, you can do one of
four things:
1. Have the timeline appear at
and wait at least one month. Issa usually updates the table near the
start of each month. He will check the link above for new timelines
completed for that month. This method is the easiest as it requires
no work on your part. The downside is that only paid timelines will
appear there.
2. Create an issue at
containing a list of timelines you would like to be added.
You can see an example at
3. Leave a message at
containing a list of timelines you would like to be added.
4. Create a pull request at
with changes made to pages.csv. This method is trickier because
you will have to find the correct alphabetical location and also
add columns other than the timeline name.
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