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* [[Timeline of cognitive behavioral therapy]] (Added information from {{w|Cochrane Library}} and comparisons with other techniques)
* [[Timeline of GiveDirectly]] (GiveWell's 2017 and 2018 listing of GiveDirectly as top charity included. Good Ventures grants also included)
* [[Timeline of Schistosomiasis Control Initiative]] (I added more reviews by GiveWell. The additions do not cover exhaustively all updates/reviews from GiveWell, however, the evaluator figures prominently on the timeline. Please report issues and send back if necessary)
3. For the various other reports of MAP that are not directly related to malaria, it would also be interesting to see more information in the timeline row on their motivation for creating that report (e.g., why are they interested in sickle hemoglobin, or why are they interested in how far people are from cities). There are usually good reasons but these are not obvious to readers. 4. It would also be good to have more discussion of how MAP is used by other projects. For instance, maybe you can use a few examples of how GiveWell references the work of MAP in its evaluation of malaria-related interventions Similarly, you might want to see if other reporting on malaria by other parties cites MAP work)
* [[Timeline of online food delivery]] (expand)
* [[Timeline of Schistosomiasis Control Initiative]] (add a row for each of GiveWell's annual reviews/updates (you have most of them but not all)
* [[Timeline of index funds]]
* [[Timeline of AlphaGo]] (Proposed by Vipul)

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