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* [[Timeline of GitHub]] (Expansion since 24 April 2019. See the discussion page for Issas' "what the timeline is still missing" additions)
* [[Timeline of pollution]]
* [[Timeline of pollution in Delhi]] (Last request by Vipul added) (Column distribution rearranged)
* [[Timeline of cloud computing]] (returned with feedback)
* [[Timeline of GitHub]] (Expansion since 24 April 2019. Returned)
* [[Timeline of mobile telephony]] (expand: Voice over IP calling (for timeline of mobile telephony)
- Wi-Fi calling (for both timelines)- The nature of mobile phone voice and data plans, and how these have evolved over time - Cellular connectivity in underground areas, such as subways (I have some example events in - Move to IPv6 - tethering and hotspots created by mobile phones are worth mentioning, maybe in both timelines )

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