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* [[Timeline of DeepMind]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of content delivery networks]] (included Apple and Netflix in-house CDNs: check [])
* [[Timeline of bicycle sharing systems]]
Remove from list when updated to contract work page [] and [].
== Not ready ==
* [[Timeline of bicycle sharing systems]] (returned with feedback):
** Some of the rows that should have a country column filled in have it missing
** Many of the rows can benefit from having the city entered parenthetically, but don't
** The row "A number of researches relative to bicycle-sharing schemes emerges.[14]" doesn't feel clear enough (also the grammar/sentence structure feels awkward).
** It may be helpful to add more context for the launch of individual bike-sharing systems, e.g., any distinguishing features, and what generation they are. This is done already for a few rows, but it may be worth looking at others to see if any more context can be added. In particular, when a second bike-sharing system launches in a city that already has one, it may be worth explaining how the systems differ and why a second one was needed.
** {{w|Divvy}} in Chicago may deserve a row
** There could probably be more rows on successes/failures of existing bike-sharing systems.
* [[Timeline of Y Combinator]] (returned with feedback: "For timeline of YC it would be good to add timeline rows for the batches where various top YC companies were accepted. List at []" "For Michael Seibel, also mention him becoming CEO of the Y Combinator core unit" "The evolution of Y Combinator's request for startups page should be recorded" "And didn't yc have startup school for many years, not just in 2017" "For Peter Thiel you have a row on him joining YC but not on him leaving it" "When talking of the departure talk of the reasons and context (Trump support)" "The timeline of YC should mention Jessica Livingston's role more prominently" "There were a few blog posts where she and Graham both said that she did most of the character-vetting for YC)

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