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* [[Timeline of bicycle sharing systems]] (returned with feedback):
** Some of the rows that should have a country column filled in have it missing** Many of the rows can benefit from having the city entered parenthetically, but don't
** The row "A number of researches relative to bicycle-sharing schemes emerges.[14]" doesn't feel clear enough (also the grammar/sentence structure feels awkward).
** It may be helpful to add more context for the launch of individual bike-sharing systems, e.g., any distinguishing features, and what generation they are. This is done already for a few rows, but it may be worth looking at others to see if any more context can be added. In particular, when a second bike-sharing system launches in a city that already has one, it may be worth explaining how the systems differ and why a second one was needed.
** {{w|Divvy}} in Chicago may deserve a row
** There could probably be more rows on successes/failures of existing bike-sharing systems.

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