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* [[Timeline of Y Combinator]] (returned with feedback): "**For timeline of YC it would be good to add timeline rows for the batches where various top YC companies were accepted. List at []" ** "For Michael Seibel, also mention him becoming CEO of the Y Combinator core unit" "** The evolution of Y Combinator's request for startups page should be recorded" ** "And didn't yc have startup school for many years, not just in 2017" ** "For Peter Thiel you have a row on him joining YC but not on him leaving it" ** "When talking of the departure talk of the reasons and context (Trump support)" ** "The timeline of YC should mention Jessica Livingston's role more prominently" ** "There were a few blog posts where she and Graham both said that she did most of the character-vetting for YC)
* [[Timeline of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement]]
* [[Timeline of Médecins Sans Frontières]]

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