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Timeline of Neuralink

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| 2017 || April 20 || || {{w|Wait But Why}} editor Tim Urban posts the first deep look at {{w|Neuralink}}, after Musk petition from about a month and a half before.<ref>{{cite web |title=Neuralink and the Brain’s Magical Future |url= | |accessdate=29 July 2019}}</ref> Musk confirms plans for the company, revealing he will be the chief executive of a startup that aims to merge computers with brains so humans could one day engage in “consensual telepathy.”<ref>{{cite web |title=Elon Musk Lays Out Plans to Meld Brains and Computers |url= | |accessdate=29 July 2019}}</ref>
| 2017 || July 19 || || {{w|Elon Musk}} talks about {{w|Neuralink}} in an interview at the ISS R&D Conference in {{w|Washington, DC.}}<ref>{{cite web |title=Elon Musk - A.I., Biology, Neuralink |url= | |accessdate=1 August 2019}}</ref>
| 2017 || February || Notable comment || {{w|Elon Musk}} claims “that people would need to become cyborgs to be relevant in an artificial intelligence age.“<ref>{{cite web |last1=Isackson |first1=Peter |title=The Daily Devil’s Dictionary: Will “Everyone” Benefit? |url=| |accessdate=29 July 2019}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |title=Elon Musk says plan to merge humans with machines is aimed at stopping a ‘Terminator’-style scenario |url= | |accessdate=29 July 2019}}</ref>

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