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New timeline
=== New timeline ===
* [[Timeline of Y Combinator]] ('''tentative payment accepted''')** "Jessica's 2007 book" ✔** "it may be worth adding a row on how Paul Graham defended Airbnb as nice ppl when there was a controversy" ✔** Row for openai mentioning Sam Altman too, who is more Central to openai than Jessica ✔** Maybe a few rows on the pre-YC life of the key partners, esp. Paul Graham and Jessica Livingston ✔** Row for Sam Altman joining as a YC partner? ✔** The launch of Hacker News ( and more information on its role in the Y Combinator ecosystem ✔** Row for Y Combinator batch that had Reddit ✔** Row for Quora being a late YC joiner ✔** You mention that ACLU is a YC consultant but not that ALCU joined the YC batch as a nonprofit too ✔** More on nonprofits that joined YC (80,000 Hours, Centre for Effective Altruism) ✔** Imagine K12 ✔** Rows for competition? i.e., other startup accelerators that have similar models, or models that are different in some key ways ✔ ('''I only included three accelerators as competitors. I'm planning to go deeper in the subject in the [[Timeline of startup accelerators]]. Let me know if you want more discussion on competition on this timeline''').
** Y Combinator's release of application videos ✔ at and there's also a fuller list at ('''Most of the rows under Advice for startups type of event come from sources given in the latter link''').
** '''I included a row for each school batch except the ongoing Winter 2019. I think I named all the non-profits. I named also the top rated YC companies according to valuation [], and others with article on Wikipedia'''.

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