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=== New timeline ===
* [[Timeline of food and nutrition in India]]* [[Timeline of 8chan]] (Tentative payment accepted)* [[Timeline of Y Combinator]] ('''tentative Tentative payment accepted''') ('''I only included three accelerators as competitors. I'm planning to go deeper in the subject in the [[Timeline of startup accelerators]]. Let me know if you want more discussion on competition on this timeline''').
* [[Timeline of Médecins Sans Frontières]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement]] (Tentative payment accepted)
 * [[Timeline of pollutionPinterest]] (expansionstarted on 4 August 2019‎): ** Add more on tort law and the role [[Timeline of torts in controlling pollution ]] (this includes both general development of the law and its application in individual legal jurisdictionstentative payment accepted) ** '''Expansion started on 30 July 2019 for Tort law'''** '''Expansion started on 23 July 2019 for Kuznets curve, externalities, tragedy of the commons, etc'''
* [[Timeline of online food delivery]] (Tentative payment accepted)
* [[Timeline of OpenAI]] (Tentative payment accepted)
== Not ready ==
* [[Timeline of 8chan]]** Add a row on 2ch (2chan) the very original inspiration for 4chan ✔** Add more references/details to the discussion and media coverage around August 5 after Cloudflare shut the site down, and make clear that Frederick Brennan explicitly thinks the site should be shut down (there's a tweet by him but that tweet doesn't say everything) ✔** Coverage of the Epik/BitMitigate/Voxility controversy after Cloudflare stopped serving 8chan ✔** Coverage of Tucows as domain registrar for 8chan ✔** Is there more we can say about the kinds of boards and topics that are covered in 8chan, and how they differ from 4chan? In particular, it would be good to have more coverage of the aspects of 8chan that aren't the most controversial
* [[Timeline of startup accelerators]]
* [[Timeline of CloudFlare]]
* [[Timeline of Tumblr]]
* [[Timeline of 5G]]
* [[Timeline of Pinterest]] (expansion)
* [[Timeline of Airbnb]] (expansion)
* [[Timeline of Slack]] (expansion)
** There should probably be some discussion of Assange's dead man's switch for WikiLeaks? ✔
* [[Timeline of bicycle transportation]]
* [[Timeline of food and nutrition in India]]
* [[Timeline of mobile telephony]] (expand):
** Voice over IP calling ✔

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