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Timeline of Neuralink

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| 2019 || May || Funding || {{w|Bloomberg}} reports on Neuralink having raised US$39 million of its planned US$51 million funding target.<ref>{{cite web |title=Elon Musk's Neuralink startup raises $39 MILLION as it seeks to develop tech that will connect the human brain with computers |url= | |accessdate=1 August 2019}}</ref>
| 2019 || July 16 || Presentation || {{w|Elon Musk}} and {{w|Neuralink}} president Max Hodak host a presentation of the company in {{w|San Francisco}}, informing publicly on the latest news about the technology.<ref>{{cite web |title=Elon Musk’s Neuralink Presentation: Live Recap of What Happened |url= | |accessdate=1 August 2019}}</ref>
| 2019 || July || Growth || {{w|Neuralink}} cumulates US$158 million in funding (of which $100 million comes from Musk) and employs a staff of 90 employees.<ref name=":0">{{Cite news|url=|title=Elon Musk’s Company Takes Baby Steps to Wiring Brains to the Internet|last=Markoff|first=John|date=2019-07-16|work=The New York Times|access-date=2019-07-17|language=en-US|issn=0362-4331}}</ref>
| 2019 || August 28 || Notable comment || Elon Musk says during interview that computers are getting smarter, so much so that they could quickly surpass human intelligence "in every single way".<ref>{{cite web |title=Elon Musk says computers will eventually surpass us in every single way |url= | |accessdate=23 September 2019}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |title=Elon Musk: Computers will surpass us ‘in every single way’ |url= | |accessdate=23 September 2019}}</ref>
| 2019 || September 5 || Competition || American Internet entrepreneur {{w|Jag Singh}} publishes a project based on work at the {{w|MIT Media Lab}} to construct a {{w|brain–computer interface}} that allows users to telepathically query {{w|Google Search}}, anticipating Neuralink's BCI.<ref>{{cite web |title=Merging with AI: How to Make a Brain-Computer Interface to Communicate with Google using Keras and OpenBCI |url= | |accessdate=6 September 2019}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |title=Merging with AI: How to Make a Brain-Computer Interface to Communicate with Google using Keras and OpenBCI |url= | |accessdate=6 September 2019}}</ref>
| 2020 || || {{w|Clinical trial}} || According to July 19 {{w|Elon Musk}}'s report, {{w|Neuralink}} human test of brain-computer interface could start around this year.<ref>{{cite web |title=Elon Musk says Neuralink plans 2020 human test of brain-computer interface |url= | |accessdate=1 August 2019}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |title=Elon Musk’s Neuralink targets human trials for brain-machine interface in 2020 |url= | |accessdate=1 August 2019}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |title=Elon Musk Plans to Start Putting Chips in Human Brains Next Year |url= | |accessdate=1 August 2019}}</ref>
| 2029 || || Prediction || According to 2009 {{w|Raymond Kurzweil}} prediction, by this "scientists will have reverse-engineered, modeled and simulated all the regions of the brain. That will provide humans with the software and algorithmic methods to simulate all of the human brain's capabilities including the emotional intelligence."<ref name="Neuralink: How the Human Brain Will Download Directly from a Computer"/><ref name="The Coming Singularity"/>

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