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* [[Timeline of bicycle transportationReliance Industries Limited]]: This is almost ready, but a couple * [[Timeline of thoughts:Infosys]] ('''Tentative payment accepted''')** I would like some coverage There are two rows for Infosys moving their corporate headquarters in 1994; remove one of dedicated bike lanes on roads, bike paths, them✔ ** Explicitly mention Jay Palmer and other ways that cities might try to be bike-friendly✔''Palmer v. Infosys'' since this is something people may search for✔ ** I know thereTalk more about competition✔ * [[Timeline of Helen Keller International]] ('''Tentative payment accepted'''s a separate )* [[Combined timeline of malaria organizations]] ('''Tentative payment accepted''')* [[Timeline of bicycle sharing systems, but it may be worth putting a few of the most salient events from that timeline into this one as well✔transportation]]: ('''Tentative payment accepted''')
* [[Timeline of food and nutrition in India]] ('''Tentative payment accepted''')
** Add introduction of potato in India e.g. (there are probably more informative references) ✔
** Anything about tamarind (a key seasoning ingredient) ✔
** Ragi (finger millet) ✔
** Big picture -- I think 20th century should be broken down further, maybe till independence, then till before the green revolution, and post-green revolution. Look at the events and see what the best breakdown is ✔
** Big picture -- I think there should be a row on 17th century as this was the period when many new crops were introduced to India from the New World, like the potato ✔
** Big picture -- switch to present tense ✔
** Any coverage of known dietary deficiencies in Indian diet (e.g., as it's a more vegetarian diet) such as B12, D3, creatine ...? ✔
** What oils were used for cooking -- ghee✔, vegetable oils(sunflower✔, coconut✔, etc.)
** Introduce a bit more related to food preparation methods. Currently we cover food production and nutrition, but food processing, cooking, etc. are the missing link. ('''So far I found some dates related to Dum Pukht, Bukhari cooking and the Punjab Tandoori methods''')
* [[Timeline of Neuralink]] ('''Tentative payment accepted''')
* [[Timeline of WikiLeaks]] ('''Tentative payment accepted''')
** There are two rows from 2010 for Thai government blocking WikiLeaks access to the country (August 18 and November 29). Did this happen twice? Or is one [[Timeline of the dates wrong? ✔ Cloudflare]] ('''November 29 is wrong dateTentative payment accepted''')** It seems like Julian Assange is the only prominent person you mention at WikiLeaks -- are there other people? Probably, more on the team at WikiLeaks may be worth mentioning. It probably isn't all a one-man show, right? ✔ [[Timeline of startup incubators and accelerators]] ('''{{w|Heather Marsh}} and {{w|Daniel Domscheit-Berg}} are also mentionedTentative payment accepted''') ** The domain censorship, and the switch from to✔ should It would be discussed ** Switch good to HTTPS should also be mentioned✘ ('''I couldn't find add a date for this''')column specifying whether the row is about incubators or accelerators✔** What was the software stack they were using, and how is it changing over time?✘ ('''I couldn't find a date for this''')** Some of your leaks only reference defendm wondering if we can make the geographical location column more specific.wikileaks.orgIt should still start with the country, but the state and it's probably better to reference city can be included parenthetically, as with the actual leak files as well as third-party coverage rather than just [[timeline of bicycle sharing systems]]✔** There should probably I think some closure/shutdown-type stuff might be some discussion of Assange's dead man's switch for WikiLeaksworth including (have any accelerators shut down? e.g., Blueseed is suspended, basically, see (I checked the sources, and found no closure so far, other than end of seasons)
=== Expansions ===
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* [[Timeline of Reddit]] ('''Expansion started Tentative payment accepted''')* [[Timeline of Airbnb]] ('''Tentative payment accepted''')* [[Timeline of mobile telephony]] ('''Tentative payment accepted''')* [[Timeline of Slack]] ('''Tentative payment accepted''') * [[Timeline of malaria in 2018]] ('''Tentative payment accepted''')** Expand to include Malaria Summit✔** Any updates related to Malaria No More that happened in 2018?✔** Also, the World Malaria Report is not mentioned explicitly (though WHO's December update on August 24progress of malaria seems to be part of the WMR) and probably should be✔** Also, 2019mention that Malaria Consortium and Against Malaria Foundation continue to be listed as GiveWell top charities and get Good Ventures funding as part of end-of-2018 Giving Season✔* [[Timeline of The Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria]] ('''Tentative payment accepted''')** 2019 funding commitments, as well as any relevant lobbying or discussion leading up to that.✔ See also ✔
Other (not requested):
==== Devec ====
== Priority work from Vipul ==
=== By the start of Giving Season (December 8, 2019) ===
* [[Timeline of Against Malaria Foundation]]: Recent-events-expansion
* [[Timeline of GiveWell]]: Recent-events-expansion
* [[Timeline of Animal Charity Evaluators]]: Recent-events-expansion
=== By the beginning of next year (January 1, 2020) ===
* [[Timeline of WeWork]]: Recent-events-expansion. The timeline goes up to November 2017, so two years ago. It looks like a lot has happened at WeWork since then, and it's in the news of late for having business troubles and needing to shut down all its non-core businesses. I think it'll be good to expand it soon so that we can capture more of the interest people have in the company's fate (but not too soon, so we should wait for some of the news to settle down so we can get all the recent events when we expand).
* [[Timeline of Bitcoin]]
* New timeline: [[Timeline of malnutrition]]
== Not ready ==
* [[Timeline of Tata Group]]** "Instead of one "Category" column, there should be three columns, for event type, domain (e.g., education versus beverages versus manufacturing versus transport), and a column for the subsidiary name"** Include information on {{w|Singur Tata Nano controversy}}✔** I think the 20th century part of the big picture should be broken down into the period till independence of India (1947) and the 1947 to 1991 period (1991 was the year of liberalisation). I think the 21st century can be extended to the period starting 1991✔** With this big picture breakdown, there should be more discussion of the impact of the Indian government and government policy on Tata. e.g., after independence, the impact of the goverrnment taking over Tata Airlines, and the high tax rates. Similarly, the impact of liberalisation and how Tata Group was one of the conglomerates in India that were able to benefit from liberalisation✔* [[Speculative timeline of future malaria events]]* [[Timeline of startup incubators and acceleratorsNTT Docomo]]
* [[Timeline of Brookings Institution]]
* [[Timeline of Airbnb]] (expansion)
* [[Timeline of Slack]] ('''expansion started on 4 October 2019‎''')
* [[Timeline of mobile telephony]] (expand):
** Voice over IP calling ✔
** Wi-Fi calling (for both timelines) ✔
** The nature of mobile phone voice and data plans, and how these have evolved over time.
** Cellular connectivity in underground areas, such as subways (see some example events in ✔
** Move to IPv6
** tethering and hotspots created by mobile phones are worth mentioning, maybe in both timelines ) ✔
** '''Expansion started on 25 June 2019'''‎
* [[Timeline of Helen Keller International]]
* [[Timeline of food and nutrition in China]]
* [[Timeline of CloudFlare]]
* [[Timeline of Tumblr]]
* [[Timeline of Docomo]]
* [[Timeline of Reliance Industries]]
* [[Timeline of Infosys]]
* [[Timeline of Tata Group]]
* [[Timeline of Cochrane]]
* [[Timeline of 5G]]
* [[Timeline of veganism]]
Note: Vipul use ✘ for works you are not interested in (quicker than using strikes).
* [[Speculative timeline of future medical developments]]
* [[Speculative timeline of future HIV/AIDS events]]
* [[Social networking services]]?
* [[Timeline of the Chan Zuckerberg Initiative]]?
* [[Timeline of data science]]?
* [[Timeline of mobile applications]]?
* [[Timeline of the Food and Drug Administration]]?
* [[Timeline of x food]]? (chocolate, potatoes, sugar, wheat, etc)
* [[Timeline of online shopping]]?
* [[Timeline of science and technology in X country]]?
* [[Timeline of higher education in X country]]?(describing college foundings, administration, rankings, accreditation, entollment, etc.)
* [[Timeline of education in X country]]?
* [[Timeline of encyclopedias]]?

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