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Speculative timeline of future malaria events

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| 2022 || Eradication || Costa Rica expects to eliminate malaria nationwide by this year.<ref name="Costa Rica hopes to eliminate malaria in country by 2022">{{cite web |title=Costa Rica hopes to eliminate malaria in country by 2022 |url= | |accessdate=11 November 2019}}</ref>|| {{w|Costa Rica}} || Costa Rican Ministry of Health || November, 2019
| 2022 || Eradication || The {{w|West Java}} administration aims to be malaria-free by this year.<ref name="West Java aims to be malaria-free by 2022">{{cite web |title=West Java aims to be malaria-free by 2022 |url= | |accessdate=11 November 2019}}</ref> || {{w|Indonesia}} ({{w|West Java}} || West Java health agency || May, 2019
| 2040 || Eradication || Study finds that achieving malaria eradication by this year would prevent approximately 841 million cases of malaria and thereby decrease the number of lost workdays among agricultural households by approximately 3.2 billion days. It would also increase the number of school days attended by children by 1.5 billion days while also reducing the number of caregiving days provided by women for malaria cases by approximately 1.1 billion days.<ref>{{cite journal |last1=Willis |first1=Derek W. |last2=Hamon |first2=Nick |title=Eliminating malaria by 2040 among agricultural households in Africa: potential impact on health, labor productivity, education and gender equality |doi=10.12688/gatesopenres.12843.2 | url= |accessdate=10 November 2019}}</ref> || {{w|Worldwide}} || ||

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