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Timeline of Tumblr

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| 2011–2012 || May 2011–2012 || Competition || {{w|Pinterest}} grows 4,377 percent in the period, while Tumblr grows a much lower 168 percent.<ref name="Pinterest Tops Tumblr in National Popularity?"/>
| 2011–2012 || July 2011–July 2012 || Userbase || Tumblr's monthly unique visitor count increases by 100% to 26.9 million in the period.<ref name="mashable.commobile">{{cite web |title=Tumblr Passes Pinterest in Unique Visitors |url= | |accessdate=24 November 2019}}</ref>
| 2011 || June || Competition || Tumblr counts 20,873,182 blogs, surpassing by about 85,000.<ref name=""/>
| 2012 || May || || Tumblr announces that it would start selling ads on Radar and Spotlight, two features that highlight interesting and new content on Tumblr blogs. Price for an ad starts at US$25,000.<ref name="dsss">{{cite book |last1=Latchana Kenney |first1=Karen |title=David Karp: The Mastermind behind Tumblr |url=}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |last1=Perez |first1=Sarah |title=Cinemagraphs (Animated Gifs) As Ads? Tumblr Experiments With New Advertising Format |url= | |accessdate=24 November 2019}}</ref>
| 2012 || May || || Tumblr enters comScore's list of the top 50 web properties in the United States, surpassing [[w:Target Corporation|Target]] and {{w|Discovery Digital Media}}.<ref name="mashable.commobile"/>
| 2012 || June || || Tumblr released its new and improved [[w:App Store (iOS)|iOS app]], where users can blog from anywhere at anytime on their mobile devices faster and more efficiently.<ref>{{cite web |last1=WEBER |first1=HARRISON |title=Tumblr will be launching a brand new iOS app next week, says David Karp |url= | |accessdate=23 November 2019}}</ref>

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