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Timeline of Tumblr

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| 2015 || November || || Tumblr introduces a new function known as instant messaging, which lets bloggers connect with followers privately and contact friends. This function would lead to many collaborations between bloggers.<ref name="a Breif History of tumblr"/><ref>{{cite web |last1= |first1= |title=Tumblr launches instant messaging on Android, iOS, and the web |url= | |accessdate=22 November 2019}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |last1=Perez |first1=Sarah |title=Tumblr Rolls Out Instant Messaging On Both Web And Mobile |url= | |accessdate=22 November 2019}}</ref><ref>{{cite web |title=Tumblr adds instant messaging: Here's how the threaded conversations work |url= | |accessdate=22 November 2019}}</ref>
| 2015 || December || || "Tumblr was a home for all kinds of subcultures, including religious ones. It also was a home for “call-out posts,” where one user would put another on blast for a crime real or imaginary. One of the most epic call-outs of all time came in December of 2015 when user pastel-prouvaire issued a warning about a woman named Ender Darling for… wait for it… stealing human bones from a flooded cemetery in Louisiana. This was allegedly for use in witchcraft ceremonies, but the moral repercussions of just grabbing another human’s remains were very explicitly explained to them."<ref name="8 Insane Moments on Tumblr That Will Go Down in History"/>
| 2016 || March 28 || || After having removed the ability for users to reply to posts on their blogs back in October 2015, Tumblr reintroduces Replies, a tool equipped with more features. The company also introduces a redesigned appearance for notes on posts.<ref>{{cite web |title=David's blog |url= | |accessdate=25 November 2019}}</ref><ref name="Tumblr users rejoice: Replies are back!"/>

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