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SRD = search ranking-driven. We will only check for SRD for slight and large increases and decreases. Negligible changes won't be diagnosed.
* LI = large increase (more than 2x the previous data point)* SI = slight increase (1.15-2x the previous data point)* NI = negligible increase (1-1.15x the previous data point)* NN = neutral (same as previous data point)* ND = negligible decrease (0.9-1x the previous data point)* SD = slight decrease (0.5-1x the previous data point)* LD = large decrease (less than 0.5x the previous data point)
* Online food delivery: SRD SI * SpaceX: SRD SI* Samsung: SRD SI* Bioethics: SRD LI* Cloud computing: SRD SI (also, some increase in non-search-driven traffic)* WeWork: SRD SD. I believe this may be because our timeline has not kept pace with the recent developments, so it is not being shown that much in Google Search.* Spotify: SRD SI* Diabetes: SRD SI* Wi-Fi: SRD SI* Netflix: NI* Environmentalist movement: SRD SD* Uber: NN* Nokia: NI* Sanitation: SRD SI* SRD SI* Cognitive behavioral therapy: SRD LI* Universal healthcare: SRD SI* DNA sequencing: SRD SI* Radiology: NI* Antibiotics: SRD LI* Lyft: NI* TempleOS: SI* Surgery: LI* Roads: ND
=== Overall summary ===

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