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Timeline of food and nutrition in China

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| || || "In 1949 population growth and food demands alongside an inadequate food supply created a crisis. In response China implemented a series of policies to improve living standards. In agriculture the government eliminated the private land ownership and undertook a major land redistribution in rural areas, followed later by agricultural collectivization."<ref name="China in the period"/> "The price system for major foods has been controlled by the government since the 1950s."<ref name="and nutritional status"/> The policy of state monopoly for purchasing and marketing grain helped the Chinese people to survive serious natural disasters in the early 1960s."<ref name="and nutritional status"/> In terms of calorie intake, food consumption in Chinese increases steadily since the early 1970s.<ref name="Tubilewicz"/> ". Since the late 70's and early 80’s, many Chinese medical schools have offered Chinese nutrition courses. Some have even set up Nutrition Departments. Thousands of professional Chinese nutritionists provide services in hospitals, factories, schools, and restaurants. At the same time, many new Chinese food supplements and nutrition products have flooded into the market."<ref name="The History Of Chinese Nutrition"/> "Since the 1980s, the nutrition transition in China has been rapidly occurring as the political and economic climates evolve."<ref name="Nutrition Transition">{{cite web |title=Nutrition Transition in Chinese Communities |url= | |accessdate=11 September 2019}}</ref> Vegetable consumption declines substantially during the 1980s.<ref name="Food and Agriculture"/>
| 1949–1977 || Period of central planning || {{w|Great Leap Forward}}. {{w|Great Chinese Famine}}.|-| 1978–1984 || {{w|Socialist market economy}} || {{w|Deng Xiaoping}} institutes significant economic reforms and China transitions to a {{w|socialist market economy}}. Agriculture is decollectivized. |-| || || " Nutritional improvement was uneven, including increased undernutrition in the 1959–1962 period and a remarkable rebound and continued improvement thereafter."<ref name="China in the period"/>

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