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Timeline of Animal Charity Evaluators

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| 2014 || May || Charity review || ACE publishes its first review on Top Charity-ranked {{w|The Humane League}} (THL), a nonprofit which engages in a variety of programs that aim to persuade individuals and organizations to adopt behaviors that reduce farmed animal suffering. ACE recommends THL due to its "exceptionally strong commitment to using studies and systematic data collection to guide their approach to advocacy", and finds THL an excellent giving opportunity because of its strong programs and evidence-driven outlook.<ref>{{cite web |title=THE HUMANE LEAGUE |url= | |accessdate=20 July 2018}}</ref>
| 2014 || December || Charity review || ACE publishes its first review on a number of charities. Top Charity-ranked {{w|Animal Equality}}, an international organization which advocates for animals by conducting undercover investigations and promoting them through media outlets. , is recommended by ACE recommends Animal Equality claiming it which states AE does an exceptional job given their level of resources. According to ACE, "They are able to produce and market undercover investigation videos at a low cost relative to other organizations, and their efforts to evaluate and improve their work are strong. They exhibit high levels of transparency and work with many other groups to achieve their goals. Their leadership shows a strong understanding of strategy."<ref>{{cite web |title=Archived Version: December, 2014 |url= | |accessdate=20 July 2018}}</ref> ACE also publishes its first review on German recommends Standout Charity-ranked [[w:Albert Schweitzer Foundation for Our Contemporaries|Albert Schweitzer Foundation]], recommending it for being "extremely smart and strategic about their activities",<ref>{{cite web |title=ALBERT SCHWEITZER FOUNDATION |url= | |accessdate=20 July 2018}}</ref> and Standout Charity-ranked {{w|Vegan Outreach}}, which is recognized for its long track record (over 10 years) of carrying out its leafleting program.<ref>{{cite web |title=VEGAN OUTREACH |url= | |accessdate=20 July 2018}}</ref> Assigning an "Exploratory" status, ACE publishes its first review on the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organizations.<ref>{{cite web |title=FEDERATION OF INDIAN ANIMAL PROTECTION ORGANIZATIONS |url= | |accessdate=6 December 2019}}</ref>
| 2014 || || || ACE begins to pilot a long-term social movement analysis project, with the goal to supplement its animal advocacy research by compiling information about other social movements.<ref name="">{{cite web |title=WE ARE DISCONTINUING OUR SOCIAL MOVEMENT PROJECT |url= | |accessdate=30 July 2018}}</ref>

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